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My Family's Battle With Covid-19 (Sunday Ramblings)

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1 month ago

October 11, 2021

Sometimes The Insanity Of Bringing Home The Bacon would literally make me insane thinking about the safeness of the people behind these hustles and bustles. All I want is to see them happy and healthy and every time I learn something that puts them in a risky situation, I feel like my endeavor would go wasted.

And just this Sunday, I heard the bad news that my entire family's lives were put at stake caused by this invisible monster roaming around the world silently devouring every life it wanted to take. I am willing to stick my neck out just to save my family from any risk by any means, but if the enemy is invisible, I have no power to beat it up. Maybe prayers, because even if I throw caution to the wind, it would be useless and I can't do anything as I am too far away from them.

Seems like My Greatest Fears have come as the covid-19 invaded our home, it is always something about my family just like the fears of Khing14. The symptoms are contagiously transferring from one family member to another until everyone was infected. And all I could do is to worry and give advice about all possible means to eliminate the virus from their system as I am miles away from them. Fever has subsided from some of my family members, but others still suffering from cough, cold, and loss of taste and smell.

Meanwhile, my strong father is like incapacitated as he is confined to bed due to discomforts brought by this virus, and my two youngest siblings ages 11 and 14 are still battling with their fevers. My worries can not be contained when I heard this sad news from my mother but I was mad at the same time as they were suffering for weeks already but they kept the situation from me. And I would have not known about it if I did not do the initiative to call them.

While eating my delicious lunch, seemed like I can't taste it too hearing the complaints from my siblings about losing their sense of taste and smell. Even what salty, sweet, sour, and spicy seasoning flavors they added to their foods, they're all useless. I gathered all information about ways to treat covid symptoms from my friends inside and outside the digital world who suffered the same issue. Thinking about my family situation reminded me of Elyz2021 story when her family also suffered the same. And I hope her family is fine now.

Since they fear being forcibly quarantined inside the quarantine facilities, they opted to keep the situation from others and just isolate themselves inside our home doing some traditional herbal treatment - body steaming and drinking lemon, oregano, or ginger tea with diluted salt - and taking anti-fever medicines and ascorbic acid to boost their immune system.

Struggles arise

Since my mother got sick as well, doing the household stuff has been a struggle for her as she can't execute things well. But as one of the heads of the family, she strengthened her mind and body to get well soon as she needs to serve her family. Her fever has been cured fast but her sense of taste and smell aren't regained yet so cooking is still a struggle for her since she can't taste the food well.

Meanwhile, my little siblings are struggling with answering their modules that are too thick and it sometimes takes them a week to finish their modules. How much more if they are sick?

Can't they just submit the modules late? Is it even allowed?

If I would be asked, what is happiness to me?

Happiness Is when I see my family healthy and happy savoring the fruit of my labor. But just like what FarmGirl said, "happiness should be found in ourselves first," because we can't feel the joy brought by other people and things if we don't feel happy in ourselves. It's the same thing when eating delicious food when you are sick or have no appetite, you can't taste anything good at all. But I do feel the taste of joy when I can see people behind my hard work are healthy and happy too.

However, it is subjective and It Is Different For Everyone as well. And just like what Olasquare said, "some things hit differently and the realization of it makes you re-evaluate and stick to what you feel is important to you."

This situation made me think to truly take care and love myself too, because if something wrong happens to me, who will make my family happy? How will I continue my purpose in this world? Just like what my mother did, she strengthened her mind and body just to get well soon because my family needs her the most.

We Can Be Whatever We Want To Be just like what Jinifer said. I can Stay Single, Why Not? And Never To Love Again just like the title of George's article stated. I can have real freedom anytime I want to. I can be who I want to be if I want to. I can cross the world if I want to. I can channel my ideal path if I want to. However, at this moment all I want is to be different and I just want to continue the path I have chosen.

And if I were covid-19, I would stop myself from spreading and I would end my life so the world and my family would be at peace and Jane would be at ease. I would bring back the harmony and peace that I robbed from this world and normalize everything just like two years ago, and I promise to myself not to step into this world again.

All I could do now is to pray and hope that all the remedies would work and my entire family would be fine soon so they could continue their normal daily lifestyles and do things comfortably.

And these were my Sunday ramblings and sorry for including some articles by different authors above. I felt like your titles suits my story. I opted to share it with you because I need your prayers too for my family's fast recovery. I've read different stories about covid-19 cases and I felt bad about the victims of the virus. And now that my family is battling with the virus, I just can't take but to worry about them too. After learning about their situation, my mind was filled with fear for my family, and many what-ifs clouded as well. But I need to strengthen myself too and don't think of the what-ifs so I can continue my endeavor. I really need your prayers for their fast recovery 😢🙏🙏.

Thank you for reading.

Time of writing: 5 pm 10/11/21

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Written by   1643
1 month ago
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