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Facts, Activity Bonus Update and Tips

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1 year ago

I read a lot of posts lately about authors not getting tips from the bot, The Random Rewarder. They are disappointed, unmotivated and some say if they don't get a tip they will leave.

Let me share my journey as I can only speak for myself. I respect how others feel and say and they are entitled on their account. But as you read this I hope you can look at the positive side.

You know, I'm on my 7 weeks here in I'm still happy and enjoying writing and meeting new fellow authors. I started with 0 subscriber. And as you can see below after 5 days, I'm blessed with 1 awesome subscriber. Thank you whoever you are.

No sponsor yet.

I tried my best to write what I think is a good article. Before the bot came, I earn points which makes me happy to see my account having digits beside the $ sign lol. Then here comes the random rewarder on my second week. I didn't expect anything. Time to time it visited me and gave me tip.

Then from a day becomes week up to 10 days I didn't get a tip! Not even a cent from the Random Rewarder Bot! And I was thinking where did I go wrong? Did I do something? What's wrong with my articles? I was upset. I'm upset because I expect something in return for my hard work. I'm upset because I don't know if I break some rules or anything and as a consequence, I will not get any tip.

I can't take it anymore. I wrote a post.

And look at what happens!

The bot gives me a tip! Isn't it funny? Did you know I laugh so hard when I saw the notification? Like the bot didn't appreciate all my articles but it did tip my complaint/query. Just to show you the bot tip random articles. It didn't know you wrote a good article or not.

It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of subscribers, how many upvotes or how many authors leave a comment in your post. Look at my posts and you'll see some of it don't get a tip from the bot. You can get lucky but you will not always get what your articles truly worth.

And it doesn't matter if you write a long article like this. 12 mins. I wrote it for 3 nights. I shouldn't have done it but I did. I want to show people what I see!

69 views 34 likes and 52 comments Thank you for all those who give me tips. That $.17 are from my fellow author maybe you who reading this gave that. I really appreciate it.

From then on I just keep writing and socializing with other authors. I forget about the bot. If he comes thank you if not I have my subscribers. I thank them. I give tips from my little money no matter how small still counts.

And some days are happy days! Like I was so excited to tell my husband, that gave me money lol. I'm serious. He laughs at me.

This was the biggest tip I received from the bot!


Should they feel disappointed? In my opinion? Yes. You see, we sign up in here to write a blog/article/post whatever you call it hoping that we can make money out of it. And you will feel more disappointed when you know that you wrote a good article pour your heart and efforts and it ends up with few cents from other authors but nothing from the Random Rewarder. And you go to the homepage and see other articles and compare your article to theirs and told yourself I also deserved that tip they've got. And you think it's unfair.

It is unfair but to tell you the reality is fairness don't exist in here. The bot is so random that it may not tip you for a day or two and worst for a week or more. You can write a good article and get lucky. The bot isn't perfect. I don't even know how he knows which is which and who is to give tip. He's just RANDOM.

But to feel unmotivated, No. I say NO. I will complain but I will still do my job and keep writing. I will keep writing because I'm not just motivated by the tip but for sure a tip will boost me more. I can't be a hypocrite to say that I don't need money but I know I have to work hard for it. But then I had the subscribers that boost my confidence and keep me going. (Thank you)

And if you're going to give up and leave because you didn't get a tip one thing is for sure, will not be chasing after you to tell you to stay. So whatever you feel like doing is completely up to you.

Activity Bonus Update

This is a game-changer for me. I really am grateful for this.

It's real. I claimed my points and still accumulating. What do I know about it? NOT MUCH. I don't know who's eligible for it, who has it or why do I have it. Those were the questions I cannot answer.

It's been 19 days when I noticed the new feature which is the Activity Bonus. How much I get for activity bonus? Here you go.

After 10 days whatever points you accumulate, a blue claim option will appear. It's almost instant, it will go to your balance.

After the 9th day of claiming. This is what I've got. As you can see I accumulated $40 on my first 10 days and I can claim my points every day but not all at once.

October 30

October 31

November 1

November 2

November 3

November 4

November 5

November 6

November 7

And that's just now. You see, it pays off! I'm thankful for this. Keep on being awesome!


Most especially to the new ones.

  1. Write a good article.

Write the things you want to share. Something that you are passionate about. Think of an article that others might be interested in. The length of an article doesn't matter as long as it's a good article. Don't plagiarise or you might face the consequence of being banned.

  1. Interact with Others.

No man is an Island. We need each other here. You cannot just write, publish and wait for the bot for the tip. Socialize with other authors. Read and comment on their posts. Write a genuine comment, not need to belong but make sure it's relevant. And you will see when they read your comment, they will check your account and you got a new subscriber! Yey!

  1. Build your Subscribers

The number of subscribers has nothing to do with the tip giving.

As I have said after 5 days I am blessed with 1 awesome subscriber! And now I'm blessed with 145 wonderful people! Thank you so much. 😘 🥰 That's how it all starts, from 0-1 and you work it out and they will grow. You have to work it out. Sitting still and wishing makes no person great. The good Lord sends the fishing but you must dig the bait. Remember that!

  1. Tip Other Authors

I'm proud of this. I was one of the 200 top tippers in I know that's not much but I'm happy that I'm also doing something for this platform. Tip others and it will come back to you. If you want to receive a tip, give tip. But if you don't want, it's your money, you can do whatever you want to do. We all need money after all.

  1. Be a Sponsor.

Don't just wish for others to sponsor you, be a sponsor! Did you know as little as .01 you can be a sponsor? You should take advantage of this! Think of it as if your advertising yourself. As if the sponsor's block is a billboard for you. Every time other sees you in there they'll be curious and check you out. I didn't say just sponsor randomly. Of course, you should know who deserves it. We sponsor because they deserve it and that it's our pleasure to be their sponsor.

I hope that helps! Cheers!

Thank you so much!

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Written by   892
1 year ago
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