A NEW Block and Mempool EXPLORER Is Out For The Bitcoin Cash Community

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3 months ago

The Block and Mempool EXPLORER was released three days ago by Bitcoin Cash developer and software engineer Melroy .

Melroy is a Dutch citizen and a lover of open-source projects with several active projects besides Bitcoin Cash Explorer .

Among the various projects, in addition to Bitcoin Cash Block and Mempool Explorer, Fake user-agent , GNU/Linux game search , MoneyTips , Stock index bot  and many others a part of projects he developed.

What is Bitcoin Cash block And Mempool EXPLORER?

Block and Mempool EXPLORER is an open-source project, with free software to be redistributed or even modified (obeying the terms of use), the project is focused on the multi layer ecosystem and the market rate transaction without any third party involved and completely self-hosted.

The tool only provides data about the Bitcoin Cash network, but it does not help in recovering any funds or helping in the transaction confirmation process more quickly.

Bitcoin Cash Blockchain is understood to be a distributed ledger that records all transactions that occur on the Bitcoin Cash network where miners involved with the network, amend the ledger to mine new blocks.

Block Explorer refers to a tool that allows the real-time visualization of information and also the history about the Blockchain, in this case, the Bitcoin Cash network.

The tool allows to view data inherent to wallet addresses, blocks, transaction hashes, transaction history and much more.

The Mempool is the queue of pending and yet to be confirmed transactions that it contains in a certain node of the Bitcoin Cash network.

Mempool EXPLORER is the tool that allows to view in real time information contained in a particular Mempool node, observing and also looking for transactions that they may have.

Bottom Line

The Bitcoin Cash Block and Mempool EXPLORER filled a gap that was needed in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem in terms of tools that can verify and consult Bitcoin Cash network transactions with a variety of information.

Of course, there are many Explorers out there, but in my opinion, it has a more modernized interface, easy to understand and with a lot of detailed useful information for those who use the tool.

Using EXPLORER, it is possible, for example, to see who are the biggest miners in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, how much is left for the next halving, what are the Bitcoin Cash market fees, which miners received the latest rewards and much more.

It is still in the BETA development phase but with information being updated automatically, Bitcoin Cash EXPLORER comes to enhance as well as providing yet another tool for the Bitcoin Cash community to verify and consult data when needed.


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3 months ago


Thank you for writing an article about my bch explorer. I was planning to do the same. But you beat me 😛

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3 months ago

Its my pleasure to write up for "Melroy BCH Explorer" as it will benefit all the community whom are looking for better BCH Block and Mempool search results 😎

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