CASHFUSION - a Decentralized Privacy TOOL for BITCOIN CASH

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Every individual has the right to privacy to choose and control what kind of information can be accessed by third parties or even can be recorded and shared.

Privacy is a natural acquired right, but it is often violated without the individual's consent, leading to vital information being disclosed, hurting sensibilities mainly with the evolution of online media.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a set of tools that can enhance and guarantee more and more privacy to online users, and, CASHFUSION plays an important role in keeping the amount of value that a Bitcoin Cash address has away from the spotlight.

CASHFUSION ensures that online tracking companies cannot identify how much a Bitcoin Cash address spends.

Using a basic definition, Cashfusion is a fully decentralized privacy tool that allows users to create multiple transactions with other participants in the network, making it difficult to know the real amount that a given Bitcoin Cash address has spent. Thus, no singular or blockchain analytics company can track the wallet address spent value.

This tool is important because it makes confidential, for example, personal purchases, increasing the privacy of the individual, making the Bitcoin Cash currency more fungible.

One of the biggest problems in the crypto space is that anyone can in real time see how much a Bitcoin address has, allowing everyone to have access to their address information. It is an innate characteristic of blockchain (transparency) but also an embarrassment for those who prioritize privacy.

Individuals, for example, like to spend online or donate without being tracked, and CASHFUSION emphasizes privacy.

CashFusion aims to provide a functional service over the Bitcoin Cash protocol and although it does not offer privacy by default (like Monero) it is an optimal solution for privacy.

The integration of CashFusion into Bitcoin Cash wallets allows the ecosystem to have a privacy solution that is practical and user friendly, making more people to adopt Bitcoin Cash for payments (not fearing tracking) in a more openly way. The tool also values ​​anonymity.

The CASHFUSION privacy solution is currently only available on Electron Cash and pokket Wallets.

CashFusion is a secure tool and has been audited by a leading company and has not found any viruses or malware that could allow users to lose value during the currency " obfuscation " process guaranteed to be fully usable as a state-of-the-art privacy solution.

It comes integrated with TOR which hides the user's IP not allowing the server not to be spied on and transactions cannot be connected to users based on their IP addresses.

Unlike the "coin mixing" solution that allows users to replace coins with a set of other currencies, charging a fee for it, CashFusion allows users to combine transactions with other network participants to create obfuscation and has NO additional fees for doing so.

Therefore, CashFusion is a tool that adds another dynamic for anyone looking to use Bitcoin Cash without having to fear tracking from individuals or even chain-analysis companies and making payments, donations and a range of online activities worry-free.

It is a crucial tool for those who prioritize privacy, and many more other wallets could support the Bitcoin Cash private use service.



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