BCHBULL - DeFi smart contracts running On BITCOIN CASH Chain

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The Bitcoin Cash network is very sophisticated and evolved, allowing not only transfers or payments to be made between addresses connected with the ecosystem, but also ensuring that smart contracts can be built on top of the blockchain.

One of the first decentralized finance (DeFi) smart contracts is BCHBULL, a General Protocols product that uses anyhedge technology allowing consumers to Leverage and Hedge Bitcoin Cash.

By using BCHBULL , Bitcoin Cash holders can secure a return on the invested amount without having to sell the Bitcoin Cash they HOLD.

BCHBULL is the only protocol running on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that allows consumers/users to Leverage [take long positions up to 5x] or Hedge against FIAT currencies, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Core (BTC) , Ethereum (ETH) & precious metals like Gold (XAU) all done using smart contracts.

It is a unique decentralized, non-custodial, no middleman smart contract application that allows operations to be performed on chain using UTXO technology.

The BCHBULL is the confirmation of excellence that the Bitcoin Cash blockchain holds, it is capable of supporting smart contracts that interact within the network and allow decentralized finance to be deployed, ensuring that consumers have one more source of use for the Bitcoin Cash held by them without having to get rid of it.

BCHBULL Main Features

  • Use of Anyhedge Technology

Anyhedge is the technology that powers bchbull and ensures that users can Leverage Bitcoin Cash, allowing to take long positions up to 5x, using a range of Fiat, Crypto and Precious Metals.

Smart contracts are created by two involved parties who agree to use Bitcoin Cash and who do not need permission for the operation to be carried out - PermissionLess Contracts.

BCHBULL is decentralized , does not hold any Bitcoin Cash from users [all users control the Bitcoin Cash invested] the application does not hold any user information and only serves as a link between the parties involved, * not maintaining any risk to the parties .

BCHBULL, in addition to allowing those involved to Leverage positions by up to 5x using Bitcoin Cash as the basis for a set of assets (Fiat, cryptocurrencies and precious metals) also equates on bringing more coins to help users invest with they preferred currency against Bitcoin Cash.

In one month of release, the Bchbull web application has already registered an investment flow of 6000 BCH and the creation of 1100 smart contracts in operations made completely on-chain. The application was developed with the community in mind and has community support also technical aspects carried out by General protocols.

** Bchbull opens a new page in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, a game changer in which it is possible to create smart contracts in a decentralized way on top of Bitcoin Cash and these interact to revolutionize non-custodial finance without human intermediation.

In addition to being able to make payments and also purchase immediate consumer goods at merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash, using Bitcoin Cash it is possible to create an industry guided by smart contracts to Leverage and Hedge the currency without having to dispose of the currency.

***Investment is risky, just invest what you can afford to lose.

Important LINKS:

Website: https://bchbull.com

App: https://app.bchbull.com

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/bch_bull

Read more about anyhedge - https://anyhedge.com

General Protocols : https://generalprotocols.com


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