ST MAARTEN MP wants BITCOIN CASH to Become LEGAL TENDER -echoes from the electronic cash conference

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Reports about the latest Bitcoin Cash conference held in ST KITTS still make headlines on average.

Rolando Brison, who was one of the important guests at the Conference and also a Member of Parliament for ST MAARTEN told SKN Newsline that he intends for Bitcoin Cash to be adopted as a LEGAL TENDER in that island territory.

Brison, who became the first government official in the world last March 2022 to openly state that he intended his entire salary to be converted into Bitcoin Cash is a tremendous supporter of the use of Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment.

The Member of Parliament in ST MAARTEN believes that the use of Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment is an asset to the Caribbean territory, and one of the basic things for his other peers to analyze is how much the currency can mean so much for local commerce as well the modernization of the means of transaction in the local economy.

The use of Bitcoin Cash in ST KITTS, St Maarten, Antigua as well as other islands is booming making sense to take a top position and adopt the currency now a move that will provide better clarity in terms of currency legislation and regulations for it to work correctly as another traditional currency in the territory.

Therefore, it is necessary for people to understand how currency works, that it is fully decentralized, being peer-to-peer in that the economy is based on cryptography (no one interferes with its use) it does not need government issuance and it rests with the will of an individual only wanting to trade with another using a non-refundable direct transaction.

Rolando Brison received mentorship from Roger Ver when he decided to convert his entire salary into Bitcoin Cash, and Ver became the voice of Bitcoin Cash throughout most of the Caribbean nations. In a recent interview Roger Ver mentions that he will, for example, help the Central Bank of ST Kitts and Nevis to understand what Bitcoin Cash is, how it works and how it can make its use essential to help the local and global economy.

Bitcoin Cash is a currency that works all over the world, it is not restricted to the use on the domestic forum and can be useful in remitting money between individuals or even companies much faster than MoneyGram for example. It is a cheap means of payment, charging fractions of a dollar for each transaction made on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash can be used right after it is received as it does not require confirmation for the recipient to use it.

Rolando Brison aims to see Bitcoin Cash as legal tender in ST MAARTEN, a desire that depends largely on the acceptance, understanding by Legislators who have the power to pass Bitcoin Cash the bill as a legal means of payment in the territory.

The Prime Minister of ST KITTS who, by the way, is the Minister of Economy, was in favor of transacting Bitcoin Cash as LEGAL TENDER in the country and also mentioned that the currency could be mined locally and if all goes well by March 2023 this Non-centralized payment method could become the first currently peer-to-peer cryptocurrency to be used on an OFFICIAL sovereign nation.

The Caribbean is a collection of many islands, most of which are governed by PRINCE CHARLES of England, allowing passport holders for example from St Kitts and Nevis to have access to England with Visa Free, which also makes it an open door for expansion of Bitcoin Cash across Europe, after all, if it is LEGAL TENDER will have greater usability and visibility within the local domestic economy and across the world.

Bitcoin Cash is a currency that allows people to transact freely giving a sense of ownership of the currency and can be used for payments anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin Cash WORKS and soon the world will surrender to its usability!



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