December 1st - a RECAP Of November in the BITCOIN CASH ecosystem

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The month of November was exciting for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, on the 12th and 13th, a large meeting was held between members of the community in the paradisiacal ST KITTS, where topics related to the present and future of Bitcoin Cash were discussed.

The Bitcoin Cash Conference, also known as Electronic Cash CONFERENCE, was attended by members of the community, guests, developers and the general public from more than 30 countries who had the privilege of experiencing all the incidents of the event.

Note that there has been a lot of good news regarding Bitcoin Cash, but, the two main ones being the announcement by Prime Minister Terrance Drew , who is also Minister of the Economy, that the government is considering making Bitcoin Cash LEGAL TENDER in St Kitts and Nevis in March 2023.

Another great novelty, which has already been launched on the market, was the CEO of the Zapit_io wallet who declared that it will be possible in India for consumers to pay in Bitcoin Cash and merchants to receive in INR thanks to a unified payment system (UPI).

Thanks to the UPI system, Unified Payments Interface, around 60 million merchants across India will be able to be paid in Bitcoin Cash and receive in Indian rupees as a form to avoid volatility issues.

It was also during the Conference that attendants had the 'know how' to obtain a second citizenship through investment in ST Kitts, a project that has been running since 1984 and that can be paid in Bitcoin Cash through credible partnerships that the government has with real state projects on the island.

Rolando Brison , one of the keynote speakers at the event and member of parliament from Sint Maarten once again showed interest in making the country a pro Bitcoin Cash nation in an interview with one of the local media bodies.

Brison is also the first politician worldwide to receive his salary in Bitcoin Cash after asking the government of Sint Maarten to convert his entire salary into the currency, making room for more people to follow their path towards acceptance as a LEGAL currency in the territory .

The growing movement of Bitcoin Cash in ST KITTS and NEVIS is increasing the use and adoption of the currency in that territory where throughout the island it is possible to observe a circulating economy all focused on Bitcoin Cash.

In ST KITTS Bitcoin Cash is just Bitcoin , and everyone there knows, uses and improves their lives around the currency. Merchants accept Bitcoin Cash in exchange for the products they offer and users spend Bitcoin for what they are looking for.

Hotels, taxis, supermarkets, gas stations, casinos and an infinite range of businesses accept Bitcoin Cash, making the territory the largest country globally where citizens live and improvise their modus vivendi geared towards the decentralized economy of Bitcoin Cash.

The electronic Cash CONFERENCE was the biggest milestone of last month & year, it had a range of luxury panelists, such as JOHN NIERI (emergent_reasons), ROGER VER, RYAN GIFFIN , FIENDISH CRYPTO, TERRANCE DREW, SUNNY GEHANI, ROLANDO BRISON and more.

BITCOIN CASH privacy boost

Chris troutner , a renowned developer in the Bitcoin Cash community since 2018, successfully led a Flipstarter that aims to create a desktop tool for increasing privacy in Bitcoin Cash.

The tool will make it simpler to obtain privacy in Bitcoin Cash using conjoin , a method of trust that is based on the combination of several spenders to make a single transaction making it difficult to decipher which spender paid which recipient without having to modify the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

The Flipstarter was very popular and had more than sixty people making the pledge, justifying that the vast majority would like to use Bitcoin Cash privately, after all, it is a fundamental right that is often violated.

It should be noted that there is a CashFusion privacy tool that can currently be found in the Electron Cash wallet and pokket , and there is a desire by developers to expand the service to support more wallets.

Smart contracts On BITCOIN CASH

Bitcoin Cash can support Smart contracts using BCHBULL 's innovative service Allowing users to Leverage up to 5x, and Hedge Bitcoin Cash in a decentralized, non-custodial and no middleman manner.

The service saw in just one month the creation of 1100 contracts and a volume of 6000 BCH around the protocol.

BCHBULL is a service that uses anyhedge technology , is supported by the Bitcoin Cash community and is managed by General Protocols.

Good news for BITCOIN CASH - Brazil passes law that makes it legal to pay using cryptocurrencies

Already at the end of the month, precisely on the last day of November, the crypto ecosystem was galvanized with the news of the approval of the Law that makes payments using cryptocurrencies LEGAL throughout Brazil.

The Law that has already had the approval of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, lacking only the signature of Lula Da Silva, Brazilian President, will make Bitcoin Cash to facilitate payments using thru the Brazilian territory.

Bitcoin Cash is low-fee peer-to-peer money that will allow Holders living in Brazil and beyond, to be able to spend the currency in the best possible way by purchasing consumables or even paying for services they want.



  • A Good News For All BITCOIN CASH Holders - Brazil Legalize Crypto as method of Payment

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