The STRONG Ingredient of Bitcoin Cash is to BUILD & ONBOARD BCH2022: SUCCESS will knock the DOOR!

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  • Find the YouTube Video with the best Questions asked to the panelist of the BITCOIN CASH CONFERENCE 2022 on the Bottom of this article, a courtesy from BitcoinMap.


The Bitcoin Cash Conference held between the 12th and 13th in St Kitts this November showed why Bitcoin Cash is the best decentralized digital money in the world. The strong ingredient of Bitcoin Cash is the bet on the continuation of building on top of the Blockchain and onboard, both from common people and most crucially from merchants.

Unlike other crypto projects, Bitcoin Cash is focused on building applications that work in everyday life for people and merchants by facilitating their mass use for the benefit of users.

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is committed to giving participants in the decentralized economy a unique viable way to use the currency without having to rely on financial institutions or even third parties to make payments.

Here is an important thing to note, when mentioning that Bitcoin Cash does not need to depend on third parties to make payments, I do not fall into inconsistency, but rather remember that the purpose of Bitcoin itself is to work from person to person and never depend, for example, on use of bank cards and/or banking institutions to assist in the use of the currency by first selling the currency by Fiat and then being able to pay using that same amount as Bitcoin Cash!

The use of Bitcoin Cash in St Kitts can be observed by reports from members of the entourage that went there to participate that all of payments were made from person to person (peer-to-peer) without relying on conventional means such as credit cards to purchase what they wanted or intended to pay.

Everywhere they went, there was a warning sign that "Bitcoin Cash is accepted here" and participants only had to use their mobile means to make payments and obtain the requested good quickly, dynamically and safely paying absolutely lower fees.

BITCOIN CASH bets more on making use of the currency in a broad, inclusive and independent way allowing everyone to trade freely with each other.

This facility is important for adoption to be an imminent reality both in St Kitts (which in March 2023 it plans to use as a legal tender) as well as providing people with an important tool in which they are their own bank and control their personal finances.

Another aspect is that in St Kitts and Nevis citizens can obtain citizenship, for example, by making investments (CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT) in the territory using crypto, opening a range of opportunities for those who want to use the asset they have grabbing a second nationality and with that guarantee employment and enhance the territory's economy.

It is, therefore, a crypto Hub in the Caribbean paradise, a territory that embraces Bitcoin Cash and accepts new money to be part of their economy, increasing the massification of the gross domestic product by accepting modern means of payment.

People like BCHSUNNY or even ROGER VER (who also obtained citizenship) play an important role in the onboard, explanation and investments allowing a greater number of people to participate in the decentralized Bitcoin Cash economy.

Today, this connection between the various Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts in St Kitts will certainly open doors to partnerships that will bring in the future great projects that will enrich the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Apps will be built, more merchants will enter the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and much more!

While other currencies live more under speculation, Bitcoin Cash stands out because it is betting on the global adoption of decentralized digital money that has its own maintenance network based on merchants and vendors spread around the world.

Resuming, Bitcoin Cash is the blazing trail with low fee, permissionless, non-custodial spending & merchant adoption, it should be celebrated and thanked for opening the doors for all crypto enthusiasts and the community in particular.


*Here's is the YouTube video with the best Questions and answers made to the panelists on the BITCOINCASH2022 CONFERENCE ON IT, can be find important figures from the community that build the BCH ecosystem:

  • John Nieri aka @emergent_reasons -President from General Protocols

  • Roger Ver@RogerVer - Founder Of the Company, entrepreneur, early Bitcoin investor "Bitcoin Jesus" Huge Bitcoin Cash supporter

  • BCHSUNNY "Sunny Gehani" - main merchant onboarder on St Kitts and Nevis, India and more

  • BitcoinJason - Australia 'big Guy' to onboard business on the Bitcoin Cash City

  • @majamalu - Huge Supporter of Bitcoin Cash in Argentina, Merchant Onboard, Founder Of elbitcoin website & more

  • John swingle and more... Hope you Enjoy.

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