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The Bitcoin Cash Conference in ST KITTS not only disclosed that the government plans to make the currency LEGAL TENDER in March 2023, but also promoted one of the oldest programs in the region that guarantees foreign citizens to obtain a second citizenship.

The project for acquiring a second citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis is under the government's purview and began in the distant year of 1984.

It is called CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT or economic Citizenship - a process that guarantees the acquisition of citizenship through an economic contribution made within St Kitts and Nevis.

To this end, the government works with approved local partners from Real State, which allows those interested in obtaining second citizenship to make investments by buying houses with the option to pay in Bitcoin Cash, obeying rules defined for this purpose.

Obtaining citizenship by investment in St Kitts and Nevis comes with an enticing set of benefits:

  • Allows applicants to access more than 150 countries with Visa-Free travel

  • The citizen has dual citizenship

  • It is irrevocable

  • Allows investors to live in a stable economic, social and political environment

  • Allows children benefits

  • Right to abode and more.

The government of St Kitts and Nevis undertakes not to disclose information about people who apply for citizenship, thus increasing demand for this type of Investment in the territory.

Having started in 1984, the project is solid and with the partnerships created with local economic companies (real state agencies) the citizenship request process is accompanied by experts in the field who help people who intend to have the second citizenship.

The project has been gaining popularity lately, mainly in the space of crypto investors, as it allows them to use Bitcoin Cash to invest and own a comfortable House in the paradise island of St Kitts. Also, it allows people greater freedom of movement, alternative means of taxation, greater security for families and has many benefits for children.

The CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT program is open to almost all countries, only having a rule that started in 2011 that penalizes citizens of Iranian nationality residing in Iran from obtaining second citizenship in St Kitts.

It is a quick process because within sixty (60) days after completing the application, citizens can obtain citizenship if all documents are in order.

The applicant does not need to live in St Kitts to obtain dual citizenship and does not need to travel to the country while applying for a second citizenship. To this end, there are professionals who are appointed to resolve each dual citizenship application situation who facilitate the process for the applicant.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Cash Conference held between the 12th and 13th of November in St Kitts, welcomed people from more than 30 countries where panelists discussed the present and future of Bitcoin Cash as well as having the privilege of accompanying the local explanation of how to get a citizenship by investing Bitcoin Cash in the territory.

Bitcoin Cash 2022 was a complete success and took place in a period when the market was in crisis with the collapse of the FTX, but the Bitcoin Cash community did not let itself be shaken, showing once again why it is considered the future of decentralized digital money, made from the people to the people.

Those interested in acquiring a second citizenship here are two of the websites that may have more information on the subject and, who knows how to help those who are entitled to obtain a second home:

  1. Passports For Crypto

  2. Global Link International

By the way, the two websites were also one of the sponsors of the Bitcoin Cash Conference 2022 held last week in St Kitts.


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