In ST KITTS, Bitcoin Cash Is Just BITCOIN - An Incontestable FACT

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The title above is part of a thought by Jeremy , the creator of the Bitcoin Cash Podcast @BitcoinCashPodcast , who was in St Kitts and attended the Electronic Cash Conference held on that Insular Island.

He extracts (10) thoughts concerning the adoption of Bitcoin Cash when exploring the Island.

The first point he analyzes is the fact that at least 50% of merchants who are part of the island's local trade accept the currency in exchange for their products and services they provide. Most places that has the 'Bitcoin Cash accepted here' stickers definitely accept the currency.

However, there are isolated cases in which merchants may claim constraints, such as 'the phone they use to accept the currency has no charge' or another excuse but, in the general sense, they accept Bitcoin Cash.

Another positive factor is that people have a certain knowledge of blockchain technology, it is not something unknown to them so with a little patience and a lot of diplomacy every payment made using Bitcoin Cash can be easily handled.

All participants of the Electronic Cash Conference in ST KITTS enjoyed the privilege of just spending Bitcoin Cash, almost no one used Fiat during the event.

The large expansion and allocation of "Bitcoin Cash accepted Here" stickers according to Jeremy, made it very easy for participants of the Bitcoin Cash Gala and they were able to comfortably spend their money without any kind Of problem.

Jeremy mentions that one of the times he intended to travel by Taxi, he had the privilege to onboard the driver who decided to accept part of his payment in Bitcoin Cash and another in Fiat.

But, in general and even intending to do groceries in an establishment close to the hotel where he was staying, he only paid using Bitcoin Cash in the almost two weeks he was in ST KITTS.

In ST KITTS people know Bitcoin Cash from just BITCOIN - a fact that no one disputes, after all it constitutes reality.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Peer to Peer decentralized money made to facilitate transactions and allow people to freely transfer money domestically or internationally in a simple, dynamic way paying lower fees.

In the Insular territory, everyone knows what Bitcoin Cash is and what the currency is useful for, so there is no need to use 'cash' often when wanting to make payments, just BITCOIN and the merchant already knows what it is!

The adoption is impressive for Bitcoin Cash in ST KITTS, and our caller Jeremy has only heard of another decentralized digital asset just once when someone in the square mentioned that he used it to do market speculation.

Locals are very curious and interested in Bitcoin Cash and no one is hostile to the currency.

Everyone on the island knows BITCOIN CASH. They understand the idea of ​​what Bitcoin Cash is, what it is for and what benefits it brings to the local economy.

For most Bitcoin Cash is just money and those who still don't accept it consider one day accepting the currency after all - it is decentralized digital cash that allows everyone to be part of a decentralized economy from Person to Person in a peer-to-peer system.

The Bitcoin Cash Gala was also an incentive for merchants who still did not accept receiving Bitcoin Cash to consider taking the currency, as the flow of payments during the event was large and most only used the currency to purchase what they wanted.

Another incentive for merchants who accepted the coin during the Bitcoin Cash Conference is the possibility of earning even more from the coin. The event was held in the 'bear' market and for those who have the patience to do the "HODL" they can earn even more during the Bull market.

At the Conference, a kind of "Peer-to-peer DEX" could be noticed, where a group of participants and local people could naturally exchange Bitcoin Cash for FIAT in rare moments when a service provider could not accept Bitcoin Cash, paying in Fiat and getting it back in Bitcoin Cash or vice versa.

Not only that, it was also possible to enjoy direct exchanges in Bitcoin Cash and receive Fiat by the attendants in a smooth process in which no third-party involvement was necessary and completely safe. In ST KITTS there are more than (3) Bitcoin Cash ATMs!

One issue when it comes to using electronic payments that work over the Internet is the quality of the Internet. IN ST KITTS, the Internet is quite good and for those who weren't lucky enough to have a local card, they could connect it using the various WI-FI points that were provided for free by the event organizers or even use the internet provided by someone who also was participating in the event.

It is also interesting to note that the FTX catastrophe, which was one of the largest crypto exchanges, did not affect the Bitcoin Cash Conference in any way, since the vast majority have Bitcoin Cash in their non-custodial wallets and directly control their money to make payments during the gala.

To conclude , Jeremy in the nearly two weeks that he was at ST KITTS, was able to witness widespread and growing adoption of Bitcoin Cash. It is accepted by merchants, vendors, used by the general public, making investments and more in a PEER-TO-PEER system that does not involve third parties.

In ST KITTS Bitcoin Cash is used as it should be, and people who are involved in the Bitcoin Cash economy know the currency and its purpose upon acceptance. The Island is crypto-friendly and BITCOIN CASH is the prominent currency in the territory largely because of the fundamentals that surround it: fast, decentralized digital money, non-custodial, borderless with lower fees.

Obviously, Jeremy might want to go back in 2023 to see how much Bitcoin Cash has evolved in St Kitts and Nevis and with the possibility of Bitcoin Cash becoming LEGAL TENDER to publicize (in the @BitcoinCashPodcast ) the environment in which the community welcomes the currency.

Of course, BITCOIN CASH is Bitcoin and the people of ST KITTS know it.



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Its a great news that St. Kitts starting to adopt BCH, this a huge step for the success of bitcoin cash. I hope in year 2023, all islands in Caribean will adapt BCH as their currency used by merchants, vendors and ordinary people.

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Let's hope the Bill pass on the parliament

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1 year ago