The ART Of ONBOARDING - tips AND benefits to Effectively onboard people to BITCOIN CASH ecosystem

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The process of introducing new members to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and providing them with the necessary resources to help them fit in with the community philosophy, familiarizing them with the true fundamentals of what Bitcoin Cash is, is called Onboarding.

When the Onboard process takes place, new members learn the true values, products and services that Bitcoin Cash offers. They immerse themselves in the ecosystem by facilitating friendly relationships with other community members.

When onboarding, both merchants to accept the currency and users to be able to make payments using the currency, everyone need to understand that the first impression is what lasts, and creating an efficient system for onboarding helps to recruit excellent and qualified members to be part of the community.

Next, I'll share some tips and also mention some benefits of efficiently onboarding new members to join the community and get off to a quick productive start:

**tips to onboard mainly merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment.

  1. Introduction to Bitcoin Cash

It is necessary to explain to the new members of Bitcoin Cash community what it is all about, and for that to present the essence of the decentralized digital money that works for the people in a Peer To Peer system:

  • Presentation between the parties to start the onboarding process

  • Present the real intentions for the merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash and what are the advantages [explaining the volatility that the currency offers, after all people like stability and have to realize that the currency has a constant price change] to accept using it anyway

  • Offer pamphlets or brochures with useful information about Bitcoin Cash (website, blogs, and other essential information) to help understand and adopt the currency

  • Explain how it works in a practical way, for this it is necessary to access a mobile phone with online internet to download the wallet, set up an address and make some sending and receiving payments to better understand the process.

This introduction to Bitcoin Cash, which could also be called pre-onboarding, will provide new members of the Bitcoin Cash community with detailed useful information about the true meaning of the coin as well as help to get a new impression, excitement and vision as an active member of Bitcoin Cash community.

  1. Provide a complete guide to Bitcoin Cash

More daring merchants and those looking for detailed information about Bitcoin Cash do not stop at a simple explanation, they will want to dig in to better understand what Bitcoin Cash really is and how they can use the currency, for example, to better improvise their lives.

It is therefore necessary to give them a complete tour about Bitcoin Cash, explaining the creation process, whitepaper, the story that concludes with the need to have money that works decentrally freely for the individual and more.

On the tour, it is also possible to introduce influential people in the community to create empathy, giving them knowledge power, thus accelerating the onboarding process.

Every community has principles and this is where the person who is made onboard must know them.

  1. Set them to meet a Bitcoin Cash community manager

It is important that new members of the community, or merchants who are considering accepting Bitcoin Cash, have information on who is the community manager.

For locations where Bitcoin Cash already has a development path, there are always community managers, they are dedicated to organizing meetups in which they discuss topics related to Bitcoin Cash.

Therefore, knowing who the community manager is helps the new member to feel integrated into the community and helps to be active frequently.

*The community manager can also be an important asset to help in case of doubts of the new members, in case of any difficulty and the Onboarder is not around to help, as well as it can also help to plan their goals.

  1. Provide material to help better conduct their work

This process could be further up, but I decided to put it in the number (4) of items because not everyone who does onboard has the economic capacity to provide material that can allow the merchants to do their job when are fun the onboarding process.

Therefore, having the possibility, they could provide and help them call and set up the software they will use to receive payments (iPad, android phones and other devices) providing assistance to the new onboarded members.

  1. Offer consistent basic support

It is normal after onboarding new users or even merchants to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem for many to suddenly stop using the currency.

This often happens because people feel that they have been abandoned.

The process of learning the culture of Bitcoin Cash takes time, so it is necessary to take into account the following aspects during the first week or month after onboarding:

  • Check-in new members and merchants that have been onboarded

  • Regularly send material to update them about Bitcoin Cash

  • Organize or set a schedule to continue the train and encourage the new members.

  1. Ask for feedback

It is important to communicate regularly with the new member of the community as an Onboarder, so that he will be able to give feedback when asked about the new journey that the member is having in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Communication can be online or even physically if there are conditions created for this, the new member will be moralized and feel that he is a valued member within the Bitcoin Cash community.

  1. Follow their progress on the Bitcoin Cash environment

It is necessary to closely follow the development of new onboarded members and be able to closely monitor their progress in order to get access on their productivity in the Bitcoin Cash community.

Reports help qualify development and review goals that have been set by individual [merchants] in the Bitcoin Cash community.

What are the benefits of doing a good onboarding?

Learning how to onboard people well into the Bitcoin Cash community has several benefits, including:

Productivity increase

An introduction and familiarization of new members to the Bitcoin Cash community within the ecosystem helps those onboarded to feel welcomed and prepared for their new mission.

As a result, onboarded members can increase productivity within the community and with other merchants/members who are part of the network of businesses that accept Bitcoin Cash.

A well-done onboarding means that new members can start interacting or even receive payments immediately.

Improved communication

The introduction stage of an onboarding process is essential for improving communication between new Bitcoin Cash members and existing ones.

It helps in founding long-term relationships among merchants and onboarders, which can improve the way everyone works together. It can also benefit the organizational culture between merchants/members morale.

With a properly executed onboarding strategy, the Bitcoin Cash community can maintain its onboarders (members or merchants) for years. A healthy onboarded retention rate is typically a reflection of the community ecosystem satisfaction.

In short, a good onboarding process and a solid strategy keep the community connected by maintaining friendly relations between onboarders, merchants and the clientele that will pay using Bitcoin Cash.



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