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What if Pig can Fly?

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1 month ago

This is the third I mean the third attempt of writing my article. The first and the second was saved as draft again because of the disturbance this morning that I lost my interest in finishing it. I hate to be disturbed specially if ideas was all over my head. Coz if ideas come like a flash in my head, it will also vanish like the flash in an instant like it never really happened That's why when I thought of a topic I should write it immediately or else I will forget all of it and no matter how hard I dig my brain to think of that idea again I will never remember it anymore, lol. Like it easy come, easy go.

And as I've said on my post, I watch on my phone whenever I'm having my BF, Lunch and Dinner. And in the past few days I've been watching this Anime series "I want to eat your Pancreas" and I just finish watching it this morning. And that movie leave me heartbroken. It's sad and the twist is so....Not right. What do you prefer guysuuu? To die in your illness or die because of accident? Like maybe some crazy guy just stab you and leave you to death? If it's me, I'd rather die with my illness. But then again, dying instantly is what I want coz I won't feel a lot of pain from it so, ah whatever.

Anyways, this is not my topic again. It should be just a short introduction but I made it a long one again gomen. And because I lost my interest on finishing my short story I decided to just try that What If Question that I first read in my Noona @mommykim. She has her own version of this and you can just TAP ME if you want to check it. While you can get the question in this link and you just have to SPANK ME.

Alright, let start right away!

What if you could make money grow from trees in your backyard?

Oh Gosh, my favorite question. It's about money. But I also wish this can happen in real life no if only lol. Well, if this happen I'll be the happiest. Aside from I love money I want to spend it for foods and foods and gadgets. I will enjoy my life using that money and I will also do that long time wish that I really really want to do. And that is to buy a boyfriend, just kidding. What I mean is I want to build an animal shelter for those abandoned animals. And you know maintaining a huge shelter need a lot of funds. And if this happen then money will never be a problem anymore. I can just harvest it from the tree on my backyard. Yay. And also Donate some to those legit charity institute and those Home of the Aged.

What if you had a job that pays you half a million dollars a month for sitting in a pitch-black house for 8 hours a day? Would you take it?

Easy peasy, I actually love dark places. Im used to a place like that. I mean, I even hide my place in the dark corner of our house because I don't know. I just feel comfort from it? And we're talking about half million dollars for a month here so off course I'll take it. You know I can do that for the love of money, lol. You might say I'm a money hunger but yeah, you guess it right, lol. I can use that to buy a land and build my own abode and hire some handsome men as a maid 😈.

What if you could live anywhere in the world for as long as you wanted? Where would you live?

No particular place, I don't really know a good place in this world as I am living only on the four wall of my room but I prefer that. I hate going outside anyway. So if I'll choose a place then that place should be in a secluded part of the world. Just like those places that you could be seen in the movie like Wrong Turn hihi. And I will prank every people who get lost on my land wearing a hideous mask to look like a crazy man who will run after their life with a chainsaw on my hand. But seriously, I want it to be in a place where I can have all of my peace. And the sound I can only hear was the birds singing. It would be amazing if there's a water falls on it. Agh, the perfect life for a naughty but shy person like me.

What if you saw a friend stealing something in your boss’s office? What would you do?

Depends, if she has a hot man of a boyfriend then I will just ask her to lend her boyfriend to me just for a night and I will forget everything that I saw. Like It never happen! Hahahaha. But seriously speaking this is a bit tricky. You know anything can happen in that scenario. What if she make me the bad guy in the end. Then that's not good for me. We can just talk it out first, ask her why she's doing it and after assessing the situation then that's where I will decide on what to do. And if she's my friend then we really need to talk. If she's stealing a money then we have to talk or if she's doing it to sabotage the biggest project in that company then she need a beating.

What if you had three powerful wishes? What would you wish for?

  • I wish to have more than 3 wish

  • I wish to have more than 3 wish

  • I wish to have more than 3 wish

Just kidding haha, well who wouldn't want unlimited wish right? Off course not just me, for sure some of you here too may wish it - or not? Alright, if I have 3 wishes to use then...

  1. I wish to end this pandemic now.

  2. I wish world peace

  3. I wish to be a Billionaire

Seriously, it's hard to think of what to wish din pala. I mean, what if this is real and you only have 24 hrs to decide right?

What if you could choose how and when you were going to die?

Hmm, I want to die in a painless way. Like I will die in my sleep still with a smile on face so that those people I will leave behind will know that I'm happy even in my last breath, it will be more acceptable for them I think. And I want to die while I'm still at my 50s. I don't want to live for too long, that would be too boringffff.

What if you had only 24 hrs to live?

Hmm, then I'll use that remaining time to go to a place that I really want to visit and take my last breath in there. I want it into a beach, sitting in a shore watching the waves of the sea and think of those happy memory I had with my family. While sipping a glass of wine in my right hand and walk down from the memory of my childhood, the people I have met and those happenings in my life that I will brought with me into wherever is my destination. And I've been with my family like forever so I want to go there alone. I want to die alone and I don't want to see one of my family crying over me while I'm slowly closing my eyes. That'll hurt me more if that happen.

What if you were given the rare opportunity to custom make your partner? What would be your specifications?

  • Name: Leonardo McKenzie

  • Model: LMKv.02

  • Brand: Samsung

  • Connectivity: 6G

  • Body Built: with Lean Muscles

  • Dimension: 6ft, 179lbs

  • Size: DAKS

  • Color: Tall, Dark and Handsome

  • Main Cam: Auto Focus to me only

He should be sweet, caring, loving, dominant (ah, yamete), still loving, knowledgeable, can cook, can make me cu - errr nevermind this, can do house chores and lastly - I will set him as the only man in my life and no one can snatch him away from me even if Angelina Jolie use her pamatay na lips.

Yay, done - you can also try your version if you're interested. Just tap those link above and Enjoy.

And about my title haha, don't mind it it's just that I can't think of a Title that would fit in my topic, huehue gomen.

Happy Reading!

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September 11, 2021


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Written by   995
1 month ago
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What if tao na Yung lumilipad HAHAHAHA jk iba na ata yun, Ang saya basahin ng article mopo congratulations po sa inyo! hi po Bago lng po ako dito nagsisikap para sa pangangalaingan.

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1 month ago

Hahahaha, yo' welcome aboard. Gusto mo ba mag join sa gc namin bago pala yo.

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1 month ago

Sure po willing po Ako sumali HSHSHAHAHA

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1 month ago

Same here, I can do anything because of money but not to the extent of losing my integrity or love for God's kingdom. I just wish I can just grow money at my backyard 😅

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1 month ago

Haha, just the easy and things that not require to do bad thinhs off course 💙

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1 month ago

Lol, i like the size n the word daks po, miss ruffa, lol

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1 month ago

Hahahaha, dun tayo sa daks diba madamsss haha

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1 month ago

Opo, msaya n mgnda po pg daks, dba po miss ruffa? Lol

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