Changes, reflections and priorities

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5 months ago

Hello again dear readers!

I'm back! A few days ago I commented here that I was going to take a break for a few days, basically because I was going to be away and therefore busier and so I could also disconnect a bit from this online world (although never really completely) but from in a few days especially in which it seemed that everything was fading away...

It wasn't fading away, I actually stopped getting tips from Rusty for almost two weeks without knowing why, and just one day after my little hiatus, I found out the news. Thanks to @Unity who posted on about the article RandomRewarder had written about “his latest tip” from him (you all know that article already, right?). That's where the social upheaval began. But I was far away, on vacation (Merry Christmas to all!) and without realizing the situation.

Shortly after I read the article, but I have still been busy and not fully focused, but I have had a bit of time to reflect on this issue and specifically also to read your opinions and positions.

And my opinion? Well, it is normal for there to be changes, there are changes in all aspects of life and the world of cryptocurrencies is even faster, more volatile and ever changing. We could all expect it in some way. So the surprise has not been great, perhaps more the moment.

It has been at a crucial time for me to some extent, it has not only coincided with my hiatus, but also with a new little job! That's good news I wanted to share with all of you in a post but it appeared just one day before I went on vacation and just one day before I took that break here on

So it all seems like a coincidence, although coincidences don't exist, or so I think… And I've had to think and reflect during those days away, and also now about what to do in the following times.

And what am I going to do? I suppose that many readers will leave the platform, instead I have seen that others commit to it and continue to publish articles. Sharing BCH among everyone may make the site maintain itself, although it does not seem easy, because precisely those who have earned BCH did not always share, although not all users have been like this, there are great generous and great friends here, and they continue to be there.

I thank because I did win something, although more at the beginning, despite having entered here late, in three weeks it will be my first year on this site, and I must say that @Gemstone convinced me because I was not very sure . And yes, everything was pretty good at first, but crypto winter came or Rusty wasn't so visible anymore and he didn't visit me as much, less and less, some other users became very supportive @Coolmidwestguy @Unity @Jelena @Gemstone @fantagira @ARTicLEE and some others…! THANK YOU!

Then I decided that taking a break might be a good idea and come back with renewed strength and hope to see more of Rusty for my articles, not knowing that one day later everything was going to change. has changed, and it wouldn't matter so much, if I had the same time, but just one day before the announcement of the platform, I received the announcement of a new job, which, although flexible, will require some extra hours to dedicate and that I have to choose and remove from other matters. It is a matter of priorities. (by Ch-pski)

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It is difficult, but sometimes there are priorities, and I must confess that when it comes to platforms, HIVE is my main priority and I want to continue publishing there. At the moment, these days of vacations, updating, personal tasks in life and the new job, I realize that I will not be able to handle everything.

It is not easy (it is almost impossible) to share frequently or daily own quality content in different platforms and comment or answer other comments and read other posts as well, if I will have less time from now on...

So this coincidence is not such a coincidence but a sign perhaps, something that leads me to think that I should stop some of the things I do, and the income to live is more important than what is now rather a nice hobby, writing and read. And inspire and be inspired.

I will continue doing it but I must learn to manage my time better, to make selections and know how to choose, because we all have priorities. My personal life, work and then yes, other sites like Hive will be my priorities, so now is the right time to leave (by Brett Jordan)

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It's sad, it's been a year in which I've met new friends that I hope to continue seeing not only on Hive, whoever it is, but also on Noise App (I'll stay there although I see that the activity is not what it was before in the old version, but it is a practical way to maintain contact more directly).

Because the bad thing about these changes is that virtual friends are lost along the way, although after some way we find ourselves in other places. And maybe again in the same place, because it doesn't mean I'll never post anything again… I really don't know. So maybe this could be the last article of this year 2022 or the last forever... It depends on many things, it depends on time, it depends on changes and it depends on life. (by Markus Spiske)

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I thank you all, just in case, for your attention, for your words and nice comments, for your wonderful texts and your motivating challenges. And I thank Rusty for promoting this cryptocurrency BCH that we love so much and that we hope will go very high. Well, who knows, maybe some day there will be a surprising change and everything will be better, here or on new projects, because everything changes and we have to know how to adapt, in life and in the cryptocurrencies. And if it's with good friends, even better.

I wish you much success, here at and wherever we continue to read each other. My best wishes!

See you and read you more out there...

Thanks for reading! Have a great and successful day.

December 28, 2022

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5 months ago


Hey sis! It’s been a pleasure to meet you here, in This platform is my first crypto love and it will stay this way for as long as it exists. I might not have many tips to share around, as my wallet has dried up, but I think I still have a dollar or two on my browser at work 😂

I’ve never been very persistent with regular writing and I don’t suppose this will change much, but every now and again I’ll pop in an article to keep whoever is here updated on my adventures.

Luckily we’re connected on other platforms too, so I’ll see you around 💙

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5 months ago

Thanks dear!!! No time for all the sites really... and yes we are connected on others too, so it is ok. Well I understand you, the first site, mine was Publish0x and although nowadays it is a waste of time there, time to time I post something, a copy from other posts of mine, mainly I just give votes (because a part goes to the voter), it is an emotional act not logical jaja See you around!!!🤗🤗

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5 months ago

I found Publish.ox a bit odd. Editing posts was very difficult and had to do it on my laptop always. I login every few weeks, when I remember to upvote too 😉

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5 months ago

Well if this indeed your last published article I will miss you here. It was surely my pleasure meeting you. I'll certainly be looking for you in noise. Who knows if the doors shut here maybe I'll start over at Hive. I believe I seen you open up here a bit from when I first meant you. I still remember telling you to pack me in your suitcase so I could experience your next travel location, haha. Hands down your travel blogs are breath taking. I enjoyed everything you wrote :) Thank you for everything Duvinca. You will forever be one of my favorite "ber" authors.

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5 months ago

Thanks a lot always for your big support. I'd like to manage both platforms or three but I feel a bit stressed these days, and all this cannot be an obligation. So it has been difficult but I have to choose, maybe if I feel free someday with extra time, I will see if still continues... Otherwise we will see you around. Keep being like this, with cool initiatives amigo.

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5 months ago


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5 months ago

All I know is (and welcome back by the way) is that it will be interesting to see what happens next as Rusty's departure digs in. I hope more people will stay than go and make a personal contribution to the site and fellow members. But that's to be seen. Like you said, there were a good many people who only took tips but did not give them, and surely those people won't likely change their colors and stay...

That may actually be a good thing.

Either way, like I said, it will be interesting. And at the same time, I guess we will see how long it lasts. IF it lasts. There are a very small number of people active right here right now from what I can tell.

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5 months ago

Yeah I think there are many people still here so that is a good new, but despite this we do not know how long it lasts... as you said. Probably I won't be much here unfortunately (that is a personal new situation) as I have many things to do from now but I hope when I will be free and I will see how all this is going on, I will find the site working well with many people sharing good posts and BCH among the community.

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5 months ago