Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

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5 months ago

Hello readers!

I come back right now because I wanted to share my thoughts here too, so yes, this article has been also posted by me on Hive very similar although not the same, but these are my thoughts. And I think that these days, it is just that emotion, that feeling and that attitude, of gratitude, that we must share with everyone.

So here I am, posting, before leaving (I mean, next week I will travel so that's why I have decided that Christmas time is the best time to take a break here, for different reasons, some of them also explained in my previous posts).

Because now they are special days, days to smile, to be happy and also to be thankful. But it is not only an action that we must do, give thanks, it is also a feeling, a sensation and an attitude.

Many times we take everything for granted and we don't think anymore. But what better time to reflect than now at the end of the year? Is it about balancing?

It's not just analyzing everything we've achieved this time, it's giving them the value that even little things actually have. We don't have to wait for bad times, or scarcity to then yearn for that lost abundance. Nor is it about complaining about everything we do not have, about everything we have not achieved, about everything we longed for and it seems that it never comes. Nope.

It is about removing those endless and constant frustrations or desires, which are increasing at the same rate that we are getting more and more. Insatiable desires that plunge us into a provoked and sometimes senseless unhappiness.

Let's rebalance everything, reconfigure our ideas and our desires. And let's focus on everything we have instead of all that we lack, because complaining will only bring us more complaints. And on the other hand, gratitude will make us feel more complete, happier, which is what it is all about, and perhaps with that better attitude, in the long run we will achieve much more.

We have to focus on the good and be thankful, because if we look around we have many things to be thankful for. There are those who are aware and give thanks for every tasty meal, the kind that we sometimes like to share on the internet, for every nice shirt we wear, for being able to turn on the tap and let water come out, for turning on the light and being able to read at night or to connect to the Internet and then to connect with all of you, etc. Without forgetting those people who are always there when we need them, and who give us that hug that we appreciate so much.

Because beautiful days come, in which we remember all this more. We feel happier and more optimistic, our dreams and hopes grow, we toast more, celebrate more, congratulate more and give thanks more. (by Donald Giannatti)

Image source: (by Donald Giannatti)

But they are not just words, but as I said before, it is about appreciating everything in a more intense and honest way, more thoughtful and reflected. It's the feeling of feeling good, happy, blessed and very lucky, because we really are. It is a feeling of gratitude that cannot be explained with a single word like “thanks”. It is a deep and true inner peace that makes us understand better what all this we are living is about.

And gratitude then becomes a habit and almost a therapy, which gives us a fuller and deeper happiness, and which, from there, allows us to look at the world with other, purer eyes, full of gratitude, and so on. see everything more beautiful and bright. See life with a new attitude, with an attitude of gratitude.

So I thank life.
And thanks to all of you for reading me and for inspiring me many times.

Merry Christmas! (by Courtney Hedger)

Image source: (by Courtney Hedger)

Thanks for reading! Have a grateful day full of blessings.

December 17, 2022

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5 months ago


That's so very nice thought of you , a feeling of gratitude, which can't be expressed in words.

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5 months ago

Yes not easy to write about a feeling that is so difficult to be explained but I tried somehow... thanks.

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5 months ago

It is indeed the attitude we should all have. Believe it or not sometimes the expenses of the holidays can knock people off of that Attitude. We must not over spend and just be content and happy where we're currently at. We should look at the holidays as a break not a chore.

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5 months ago

Exactly these days are also days full of expenses and frustrations too... it shouldn't because if we analyze deep all we have, we really have a lot, we should be happy that we have some days for being relaxed and happy with family and enjoying walking around while we see all the lights and decorations.

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5 months ago

Your future is in your present attitude. - Rev. Ike

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5 months ago

Yeah ;)

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5 months ago