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5 months ago

Yes it's a random post because I don't really know what it's about, that is. Well in Spanish there would be a word for this kind of text: "batiburrillo" jaja (it's a cute way at least for me, to just say: "a little bit of everything").

Well, I could start by saying that today here again seems like Sunday because it's a holiday. There is little left for the Christmas holidays to arrive and here we have two extra holidays this week, today December 6th is the Constitution Day.

Screenshot (Twitter @ElEborense)

Yes, it is a small booklet where all our rights are supposed to be proclaimed forever, as a protection, and where the current configuration of our state is defined. But in reality there is nothing to celebrate since we have always seen that some, that is, politicians, do what they want. And in the last two and three years they have directly violated fundamental principles and inalienable rights of citizens, and nothing has happened here and in any other place. Any of us who violated something of the Constitution would go directly to jail, but we know that there are always some "people" with privileges. Nothing has changed.

On Twitter there is a hashtag today #FelizNoConstitucion (it's like "HappyNoConstitution day")

Screenshot (Twitter @JDemocraticaES)

And the insult and attack on our individual rights and liberties continues... negotiating with a gang of terrorists (now they say they are "politicians") that killed many people on our streets in the 80's 90's and 00's. I remember when I was young seeing news like this every day, even seeing police devices on the street and also unfortunately to comment that in the largest shopping center in my city there was a bomb warning and "fortunately" this time only one person was injured, also about 10 or 15 minutes away where I lived a famous Law professor from the university was assassinated (Manuel Broseta). Now all that garbage is part of a political party to which they give everything because "government" needs some support... and they would sell even their mothers to get it. And not to mention negotiations with others, those who want to become independent from the country, getting richer and richer at our expense.

Everything is broken, a country that its day was so strong and worthy. Now everyone is silent, everything is corrupted and still celebrate. Celebrate what? Excuse all this, sorry, but it is the perfect day to be outraged.

But let's change topic randomly ok?

  • And to think about other things later, for example, as I already mentioned, yesterday I was finally able to create my account in Noise App (here my link) and almost without doing anything in one day I have already found some of my old friends, what a joy! Let's hope to feel as good Noise again as during 2021, specially then everything was great, those were the best times. I still need to find some and I see that they are not all, I miss some of them, I hope they also appear in Noise App. Are you there?

    Screenshot (Noise App) - My profile
  • On the other hand we have Cashrain. In these two or three days I have joined different communities, some created by friends here at, such as @LeonaReed, @Pantera or @Unity, but today I see that nothing has changed since yesterday, a day in which I hardly received anything. Does it happen to you too?

  • Where I don't receive anything is here in from TheRandomRewarder, so I'm going to call him by his name, because Rusty is being really random, maybe too much, it's already been 5 days without knowing anything. Does it happen to you too?

  • And in Hive, I'm still there, sometimes it's not easy, and immediately it goes anonymous or totally ignored that suddenly you win the Gold Mark! in a community. I am happy about it, and that motivates me, it has also been thanks to one of the posts that I am publishing about Chicago, a wonderful and impressive city and since I have so much to share because that city has a lot to see and enjoy, I do it in parts… Here I leave the winning post in case you are curious. It is about the place that could be called the heart of the city with its most iconic element. Do you know what it is?

    Here: Chicago: Millennium Park and The Bean (IV)

Screenshot (Hive/Ecency) - Architecture+Design community post

Finally Thoughts, also random...

Well, I think I'll leave it here, the fact is that I was going to answer some questions!!! that I've seen from another friendly user here, but I've gotten mixed up with everything… haha, next time.

It's a holiday here as I was saying but I want to do some things and the Christmas decorations will arrive this crazy week with two holidays in between!!!

Whether it's a holiday or not, where you are, have a good day, whether it's random or not.

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice and random day.

December 6, 2022

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5 months ago


Sorry about the bad stuff. Politicians are the same all over. Nothing new and it seems to get worse.

Anyway, congrats in your Hive! I haven't been that busy there. Whenever I wanted to visit others, I'm always distracted lol! So most of the time I just post and go.

I also noticed how slow it is here. I think most are in noise/cashrain now although nothing much is happening in cashrain lately.

I like how batiburrillo rolls in your mouth when you say it :D

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5 months ago

Yeah it's a nice word... batiburrillo (those a bit old fashioned but still used and I like those ones) Well I won't spend so much time here unfortunately not only due to the lack of activity (you're right people are more in noise or cashrain now) but also the lack of visits of Rusty, a week with any one, so I'm really demotivated, I'm just logging to answer comments these last days. But I want to use that time to do the same on Hive where I don't comment much. So maybe just to focus more there, also Noise always steals some of my time, it's like a vice or a daily habit!

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5 months ago

I am also on hive but not posting as i don't have enough money there

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5 months ago

Oh I see, well probably after a week you will have enough resources for at least the first post, but don't vote or comment otherwise you will spend the little resources or power you have, just focus first on publish, if many more days are needed let me know if I could help then...

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5 months ago

İyi geceler Anayasa Günün kutlu olsun

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5 months ago

Çok teşekkürler ahh bu kelimeyi bılmedım... ama kolay: anayasa (hala öğreniyorum)!!!

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5 months ago

Rica ederim.. Harika Öğrenmeye devam...

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5 months ago

I checked out your Chicago post on Hive via your link provided here. Thanks for that. Amazing shots and like all your travel blogs you describe it so well.

So much about cashrain going around. I remain reluctant to join. I rain enough here 😂

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5 months ago

Thanks always, I will try to put links here when I post, again more post about Chicago coming ufff many too many, will I break the record of 12 parts?! jaja😂😂 About Cashrain, all people seem enthusiastic but in my opinion it's not a real rain of BCH, maybe those who signed in the first days got some BCH, I could get something the first two days but nothing today, I think it has been like a claim or hook to attract people but now I think the rain is over, and many will remain thirsty with the umbrella ready... Maybe I'm wrong (hope jaja)

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5 months ago

Cash rain I'd have to create a phony social media account. All mine are me with some real people. I'm not big on social media anyways. Instagram and Twitter is all I have.

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5 months ago

Yeah I understand that I was thinking too but in the end just for some retweet it's enough... the thing is I had in the past to open a Twitch and Discord for other reasons and as I don't use them it's ok). Actually I removed my Facebook some time ago after 14 year, and I just really use Twitter and all these where we are talking and sharing content.

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5 months ago

I did the same thing with Facebook. I had it for many years and a few years back I removed it. I can say I don't miss scrolling the feed

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5 months ago