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6 months ago

Today I just write, without thinking much about what, without giving my head a thousand turns. I simply write, because I want to write, and sometimes this simple thing becomes complex.


Image source: Unsplash.com (by Kelly Sikkema)

And what do I write about? I wonder... What do you like to write about? What inspires you?

I reflect... Sometimes it is just that, letting yourself be inspired, by anyone, by an image or photo, or by many, and recounting a journey describing places and sensations.
On other occasions we allow ourselves to be inspired by a phrase, forceful words that resonate later in our head and we want to release in a blank space what we think, what we think, what we know or what we feel.
We can also be inspired by the day, the routine, or some event that surprises us when we get out of that routine so often repeated.
And we are inspired by others, someone may ask a question or a challenge to be solved, then the words invade us and our fingers start moving at a frantic speed.

And that's it. Almost without realizing it, we look up and we have many lines of text ready to be posted with a click and thus share them with all those who also click.

It seems easy, right? But… is it always?
No, it is not. Although we like to write, there are days that no matter how much we think, nothing interesting appears in our mind or maybe nothing we think seems interesting to us. Other days we are tired, frustrated or unmotivated, "why write if hardly anyone reads me?"

Image source: Unsplash.com (by Nick Fewings)

An attractive headline, or many impressive photographs. What do we need? Supposedly own content, original, and the more creative the better. Sometimes just write honestly, without too many artifices or complications. A clear message with a lot of truth and more heart.

But it has to arise, it has to be in us first. And being able to verbalize in writing all that that we sometimes have inside in a disorderly or meaningless way. Give it a meaning. Or perhaps also something useful, writing advice or about something we know, with the aim of informing or helping others. More content.

Image source: Unsplash.com (by Patrick Tomasso)

And content of all of us is accumulating, and more content. Nervously we think who will judge or value that content. What is the perfect content for others? Who are the others?

We are publishing texts, different articles, we are nourishing our profile with more and more content. And we make up a great written universe of words and thoughts. Adorned with titles, links, images, beautiful photographs and all our enthusiasm.

Because we are excited that others read us, even that they respond to us, we desire to connect with others as a bridge connects two distant places.

Image source: Unsplash.com (by Ben Kolde)

We want to be successful, reach many others, gain presence and profits, grow, we want to give meaning to what we are doing: writing content. Today I don't know if I have succeeded, I wanted to write freely, nothing more, without many ideas, without knowing why, without knowing what I wanted the content to be that you were waiting to read.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice and inspiring day.

November 5, 2022

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6 months ago


Excellent and very useful thoughts and a very great guide for those they want to find or in search of finding a topic, especially when writing-block has in front of them

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6 months ago

We all have those moments and we can feel blocked and nervous because we want to write but our mind is not working jajaja just relax and flow, always we will have something inside to share.

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6 months ago

Free flowing articles I went to a lot when I first started here. Just start and type away. The details of the day, something special you did, a procedure, and countless others. No planning out really just recalling your own content in your head. I need to re- visit this someday.

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6 months ago

Exactly no planning out, just write and we will see how the text will be in the end... other days we want to do something very specific it's ok too, just we flow in different ways.

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6 months ago

I like free writing the most for one can articulate thoughts more without it being forced. I agree with keeping it simple to get your message across easily. Writing is not easy sometimes when our mind just can't work the way we want it to be. It's probably a signal to pause and take a rest.

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6 months ago

We shouldn't force ourselves, and as you said maybe it's better to take a break, going out and live our life to have later new things and experiences to relate and share!

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6 months ago

The days that 'nothing meaningful to write' happens to me always but I still find ways to write. We just wanna write, write anything...

The things that come easily for me to write are happenings or experiences

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6 months ago

Yes some people can connect better with themselves to find always inside to write, in addition all days are somehow meaningful because we are alive!

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6 months ago

What do I write about? I write about things that interest people and some times when I don't have what to write I think

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6 months ago

Yes we have to reflect, to think and to meditate and sure we will feel ready soon for writing again.

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6 months ago