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Sometimes we are like cryptos

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2 months ago

What does it mean that we are like cryptos? That's today's thought, now as I think about what I'm writing... I think it means that many times we behave in the same way, with ups and downs and in unexpected ways. We can be volatile, unpredictable or on the contrary very predictable, and sometimes up and sometimes down, like a roller coaster. (by Gabriel Valdez)

Image source: (by Gabriel Valdez)

Those of us who have entered the world of cryptocurrencies even superficially look at the graphs that change rapidly almost every day. Sometimes they follow trends that we expect but other times without us having imagined it, everything falls apart.
Well, our life on some occasions could be reflected in one of those graphs, days in green and days in red. There is everything, right? (by Nick Chong)

Image source: (by Nick Chong)

There are times when everything is going well, like our earnings, everything seems to be going up, everything is green, there is hope and even euphoria. In those moments we feel rich and lucky, everything we have now is worth more, we think so. It makes us want to make more, more plans, or more investments, that winning feeling corners prudence that seems not to count for much, although we should keep our feet on the ground. But we're up there on the roller coaster, and we still want to keep going up. The bullish moment. (by Andre Hunter)

Image source: (by Andre Hunter)

And in life it can happen too. We can receive good and prosperous news in any field, for example, a new job and a better salary. And immediately we think about what things we can buy, invest in a house, buy a car, plan a trip or give some gifts, you have to treat well yourself. We feel happier, richer and winners. The euphoria continues in green. (by Alexander Grey)

Image source: (by Alexander Grey)

But suddenly, the crash. Everything turns red, the bearish moment arrives. And now that? Panic can come if we have not been prudent, but sometimes we are not able to control everything, or to know everything, or we are not in a position to take advantage of that moment to buy at the best price when it comes. We go on some social platforms and we also earn less, there are less tips or less promotions and airdrops. We have to wait. (by Tonik)

Image source: (by Tonik)

And in life it can happen too. We can receive some bad news that makes everything fall apart, in the market the news also influences the behaviors and those graphs we were talking about. Sometimes we don't even need news, we just wake up unmotivated, with a strange feeling, as if everything ceased to have the same value as before, as if something was no longer worth it. Our spirits plummet, what happened? (by Tom Pumford)

Image source: (by Tom Pumford)

There is more talk now about mental health, it is a subject that covers a lot, but just as now we are careful if the cold arrives and we take care of ourselves and wrap up us more, we should also take into account our emotions and feelings. Really it is not easy, as in crypto, we do not always have all the information or training that we would need to understand everything, and sometimes we can only react to external stimuli, to the crazy evolution of those ups and downs. (by Marcel Strauss)

Image source: (by Marcel Strauss)

But what about internal stimuli? It is not necessary whenever some event occurs, sometimes everyday life is enough. Apparently everything is fine, objectively we think that everything seems to be fine, in fact we tell ourselves that we are happy or that we should be. But there are days when we aren't, we disagree with ourselves... something is wrong. (by Milada Vigerova)

Image source: (by Milada Vigerova)

We just have to keep calm, that always, and hope that the fall is not too deep this time, that it is perhaps one of those silly days, it can happen. Breathe, do nothing if we don't know what to do, try not to judge ourselves and let ourselves go without worrying anymore. Think positive and wait for the line on our graph to glow green again, to rise again and to fervently excite us again to remind us that sometimes our lives, and also the crypto market, are like a roller coaster. (by Viktor Forgacs)

Image source: (by Viktor Forgacs)

Thanks for reading! Have a nice and calm day.

And also thanks to my sponsors!♥

November 26, 2022

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Written by   85
2 months ago
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Cryptocurrency continues to fluctuate. All things have ups and downs. Crypto is also going through bad times. We also hope that crypto will be fixed soon and to our satisfaction.

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2 months ago

Yes I'm agree! Sometimes there are many fluctuations... but we hope the best!

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2 months ago

Haha much similarities. I like how you compared good think up :) The only difference is death. The good die young sometimes with crypto only the bad dies young.

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2 months ago

Jaja that's true too! Good comparison as well ;) THANKS!

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2 months ago

Rusty has returned for some I'm so surprised he hasn't went crazy in this write up. This is right up his alley

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2 months ago

I haven't seen him for about four days...

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2 months ago