I'm Feeling Unwell Because of Tonsillitis

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March 23, 2022

This morning I woke up at 6 AM and I felt something strange about my body. I'm feeling pain all over my body, especially in my lower back part. I thought that it was the effect of the workout that I did in the previous days that's why I just ignored it. I got up and prepare for our breakfast then feed the chicken of my partner.

After our breakfast, I take time to visit my online earning applications. I posted one piece of content in noise.cash, replied to some comments on my published article last night then visit the Twitter and Appics app. But in Appics I didn't post, just upvote some post and then leave.

Later, I did the laundry since it's been four days that I haven't touched the unwashed clothes which means, the pile of unwashed clothes is quite a lot already. I was able to wash 3/4 of the clothes but needed to stop since the pain that I'm feeling got worsened.

Swallowing my saliva was so painful that I really cried and the kids were asking me what happened. I told them what happened and they were all worried especially Adam who used to see me active and will always cuddle him but today is different. I stayed away from him because I'm afraid that he might get sick too. He said he wanted to kiss me but I refused since I feel like I'm having a fever already.

My eldest boiled the water for me to gargle lukewarm water with salt as my partner suggested. Since there was no electricity that time, he just boiled using firewood. He then prepared the lukewarm water with salt and I instantly gargled because I badly wanted to be okay. But after, I was feeling intense chilling, so Xander has to cover me with my thick blanket and I told them to behave and don't make some noise because I wanted to sleep.

I sleep at around noon and woke up at 2 PM. Adam approached me and asked if I'm feeling okay but I said that I'm still feeling cold. I got one paracetamol and take it. After how many minutes, sweats are coming out of my body. I changed my clothes and then prepared food for our dinner since I'm feeling slightly okay.

I did finish cooking and eating dinner but when 6 pm hit, I'm feeling cold again. Swallowing saliva is again painful and experiencing it again, made me remember the time that I have an intense fever when I was in grade school because of tonsillitis. But the case this time is different because I am alone with my kids. No one to take care of other house chores except me, unlike before grandma was there taking care of me. Oh, how I missed my grandma so much.

What's the cause of Tonsillitis?

Based on my experience, one reason why we got tonsillitis is because of the sudden change of weather.

Yesterday, we went to the wet market. It was so hot at that time but when almost evening came, the rain suddenly poured in our area and that made the atmosphere so cold. It's exactly the opposite when we went out.

Many times before when my partner experienced tonsillitis too because of the sudden change of the weather and just the other day my eldest also got tonsillitis. He just gargled lukewarm water with salt then drink paracetamol, after a day he was okay already.

Right now, after resting for how many hours, I'm feeling a little bit okay and hope it will continue because I have so many things that wait for me to be accomplish.

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Topics: Unwell, Tonsilitis
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