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10 months ago

Hello Read Cash Community! Hope you all doing fine!

I haven't here in a few days because I became busy preparing the requirements for our internship. The first thing I did was to print the forms that i filled up, it includes my parent consent, on the job or OJT form, letter of intent, and resume. After, I went to a lawyer's office to notarized my papers and our MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) is still on process, so we will just give it to the company when it is ready.

My friends already went to their dorm but me, I just decided not to get one because it will costs me so much. The dorm they found was costs 1,200 pesos per month and the water and electricity bill are already included. When I computed it, the total expenses I might get are around 15k - 16k if I will get a dorm, and eat 3 times a day there. So, I would rather go there and went home everyday. I know, it will be tiring but that's how my life is haha.

I am feeling a mixed of emotions right now because we will start our internship tomorrow. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. Also, I'm excited to explore new things by myself and entering a new environment where i can expand my skills or gain some knowledge. I'm nervous because what if I make mistakes during our first day or while I'm working on them haha. But, I think, mistakes and failure always present whenever we do things haha.

Another, I am also happy for myself and my sister as we can be independent. She already left and went to her dorm in Manila as their internship will also start tomorrow. My relatives keeps comparing me to her but I just don't mind them. I am glad that she will get some work experience and getting out of her comfort zone. Earlier, we had a video call and we are laughing because she seems like don't know what to do haha and she fixed her things in their dorm.

Hoping our internship went well and finished it without any hindrance or obstacles!✨

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That would be all! Thanks for reading this and stay tuned on my next article!

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:January 29, 2023

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