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1 BCH Achieved!

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2 months ago

August 12, 2021

Hello, everyone! Finally, after 1 year of writing on this platform, I finally achieved my 1 BCH. I achieved it yesterday, before the BCH pumps all the way to the $600 mark. It seems the market waited for me before flying to the moon 😂. Just kidding! 

I decided to keep it lowkey yesterday because I don’t want to create any noise while my emotions are at its peak. You know, when we act based on our actions we tend to commit mistakes. So I just let my excited ass to calm down and continue interacting with others like nothing happen 😆. 

After scrolling on my Facebook a year ago, I saw this website that pays for every article you read. As a broke bored teenager, I immediately created my account. I started on this platform with no idea what’s going on. I am not even aware how this website pays, I just sprouted here like a lost child. However, to try this out, I created my first article about the government’s poor handling of COVID-19 here in our country. Thankfully, someone noticed my post and guided me throughout the platform.

I got paid for the first day of staying here. That’s my first Bitcoin Cash! As far as I can remember, that’s $0.30 to $0.50 but for me it's already huge.

Fast forward, I am not responsible for handling my money so everything I earned here is converted into fiat. Everything I earned is spent on online shopping platforms thus making me broke again. 

I was just like that until I saw someone posted their 1 BCH achievement. After that I realized that for almost several months of writing here, I never achieved anything. How boring my journey is. It feels like I am exerting effort but I don't see any fruits of my hard works.

That time, little by little I disciplined myself to be responsible with my finances. I started to track my earnings, uninstall my Shopee app, and meditate when I'm feeling the urge to withdraw my money 😂. Fortunately, released an order to not permit its not verified users to use the crypto features thus restricting me to use my BCH and saving a lot.

Double Digit Day: 8.8 Sale

I changed my attitude. From being a shy and introverted guy, I became talkative and made friends. I used them as my inspiration to grind hard and be better. Shout out to Noiseristificationism fam!

My Tips to Stay Longer & Be Successful on this Platform

And for just 3-4 months of being like that, I finally own a whole number on my BCH. 

Now that I finally reached my 1 BCH, what am I planning to do?

  • Like others do, I will Hold On Dear Life (HODL) my Bitcoin Cash. I will treat this as my savings to my future.

  • Reaching 2 BCH is not my top priority right now. After draining my brain for almost everyday just to think of a topic to write, I think I deserve a rest. 

  • I will focus on giving back to the community. I will spend the portion of my earnings in tipping and sponsoring others. That’s what I planned and promised. 

  • If I have excess money, it will go directly to my personal wallet and expenses. I might also use this to diversify my crypto portfolio. 

  • I will also try to learn more about trading, staking, and other ways to earn passive income. I don’t want to be fully independent on this platform as I believe everything is not permanent. 

  • Guide and motivate the newbies in the community.

Ending remarks...

I want to thanks all of the people who supported me throughout my journey. As I mentioned to my recent articles, I am just a speck of dust without you.

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I will continue to write to the best of my abilities and continue improving my craft.

That's all. Thanks for reading my article. Until next time! bye :))

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Written by   339
2 months ago
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