Social Teachings of The Church

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In this piece, I wanted to focus on what I learned from the church's social teachings. Maybe some do not take it seriously, but since I am taking a Religion subject this semester, it made me reflect and realize the church's instructions. Also, I will explain some of them using my own words because I wanted to share these ideas with everyone, so my readers could think about them.

Peace and Active Non-Violence

Some actions can have no violence. According to the teachings from the church, there are solutions to the problem that will not start physical violence towards others. Religious groups believe that we must act according to what the bible says. For example, here in the Philippines, rallies are everywhere. You can see the youth or everyone raising their concerns. It is because they wanted to change the administration or government.

And in some cases, rallies tend to start physical violence from the people and armed officers. On behalf of the church, priests and other religious groups can rally without any violence. It is their way to say their opinion and demand peace without hurting anyone. It is the reason why Peace and Active Non-Violence became social teaching from the church.

Global Solidarity

We should be united. That is the meaning of Global Solidarity that everyone must know. It is about union among countries or the society itself. And when this happens, people can survive in every better possible way. The evolution and innovation will spread across the globe. Some departments or agencies that work on the unification of every country can see the goal and objective of this social teaching. If this is happening, it can start a better relationship with everyone.

On the other hand, we can also build larger societies and great nations. This social teaching is about being united for coming together and enjoying the improvements in a global economy. It would be best to consider this and see the bigger picture. Start changing the mindset for a better understanding of Global Solidarity.

Dignity of Work

People who are working hard are aware of the dignity of work. It is social teaching from the church because it helps people understand the sense of equality. It is part of the philosophy when it comes to labor. Jobs should be equal, and the workplace should be a place for respect and unity as well. There should be no discrimination among those unemployed or in the lower position.

Set aside the occupation or status of everyone and think about the respect that people must get. According to the church, we are sharing with God our activities. It is the reason why it belongs to the social teachings. The value of humans is not measured by his kind of work as long as it is not from evil. Everyone must be proud of their complex jobs and have dignity in having them.

Community of Common Good

People must not focus on individualism, and we must fulfill our obligations by contributing a common good to our community. Love and justice must be the priority in dealing with every situation. Also, helping each other in any way possible is a good thing to promote and do. It belongs to social teaching because it requires an understanding of moral values and relating to everyone.

The words from the bible and the instructions tell us that we must be aware of the values. It would be best to consider the respect, interest of others, and sympathy of everyone in the community. However, in this teaching, we build a foundation by having better relationships and connections to people in your community. It would be best to start watching over what's happening and the current issues that concern everyone's sake and safety. It should create within us.

Stewardship of Creation

We must watch over our actions. When we talk about Stewardship of Creation, it is about moral behavior and advancement. It is like a sacrifice of being a better individual. Also, this change or improvement of being a creation will contribute to modernization and innovation. We are the stewards of God's creation. It means that we must look after every side of the environment.

We have the destiny to take care of and make sure that treatments are fair. We must guide everybody about the things that we need to do. It would be a good idea to be aware of the obligations we have to fulfill on Earth. We, humankind, are the solution and answer to the ongoing problems in the community. The motive that people must be doing is for the improvement of the environment.

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Date Published: November 5, 2021
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2 years ago


I can draw conclusions from your explanation, it is true that the role of the church is very important in the life of mankind based on the commandments in the Bible. there is a verse that says that we must love God and also we must be neighbors. Actually, from these two commands, we have formulated our life, we must love each other in the sense that we do not destroy each other as fellow human beings.

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2 years ago

It is wise to listen to the church teachings for they are giving us positivity in this time of trials.

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2 years ago

The church does uphold a lot of morals that need to be copied by the society at large and it requires you and I to spread these good traits all around for all to see and emulate.

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2 years ago

Thanks for this educational article sis and I greatly appreciate it that you have been upvoting my write-ups ever since. God bless you!

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2 years ago

I am an environmentalist by training and I know better than anyone that if we do not start at least not to harm nature, then our children will have nothing to breathe on this planet. And who does violence-God sees everything!!!! And they will get everything they deserve, maybe not in this life, but in the next one for sure?

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2 years ago