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My best sunset sky photos ( for contest)

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2 years ago

Hello everyone, This is @aminul once again.

I don't know if I can win the contest. But I think my photo will win your heart.

Today I gonna share some of my best sunset sky photos. Yesterday, I captured All these Photos from our native village. There has a small river on the corner side of our village. It's a very good place for me to capture sunset sky photos. Every sunny day you can see here different beautiful scenery. I really like to capture sunset photos all the time. Also, I capture flowers, blue sky, cloudy sky, raindrop is my hobby so I like and love to capture photos all the time. It also my passion.

This article I write to participate in a photography contest. Which was organized by our near and dear friends @Intishar and @Kaushik12. Thank you so much to make this photography contest. I like it very much and also I organized too many photography contests. I think I will keep it up.

Dear @Abir123 and @Akash. You are really good at photography I know that. So I hope you can participate in this photography contest.

So it’s time to see some of my best sunset sky photographs. ;-

This is my first photo of this article. It's a beautiful view of the sunset sky. I really like to capture this beautiful scenery all the time. Always I try to capture some good photos using my smartphone. Yesterday, I captured these photos from our native village. I think already I said it. I think It looks too good. Am I right or wrong? You can give me your feedback in the comment section.

Today I share all sunset photos in my article. It’s not a random photos article. So I think I can provide some beautiful sunset scenery in my article. The date trees make these photos more beautiful. Am I right? I think all of you will say yes. You are right. All these photos I captured the same day's but captured from different angles so it provides the same color but you can see different views.

I try to capture these photos from different angles. I think if you compare it with other photos you can see the difference. It also looks so beautiful and attractive too. I really love this scenery which is decorated by mother nature. Photography is my hobby also it’s my passion. So I try my best to do it with my heart.

I also captured these photos from the same place also at the same time. But captured it from another angle. I think if you use a proper angle to capture photos you can get another view of the same objects. I captured these photos from some space of two raintree tresses. I think all of you can see it. I just try my best to provide some good photos in my article.

I think all of you can enjoy my photographs. I feel happy if I can share good photos with all of you. But it’s not easy work for me. Because I am not a professional photographer also I haven’t any digital camera like DSLR. So I using my smartphone to capture my all photos. For that, I cannot take good photos all the time. I need to support of weather and also good light condition.

I know @Telesfor   sir you like sunset /evening sky photos most. So I mention you to get your feedback. I hope you see my article and also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of that sunset sky You are a good photographer I know that. Because you taking too many beautiful photos and also share those photos in your article.

Also, thanks @ErdoganTalk   to encourage me all the time. Not only me but also every author you encourage them so much. So always we thankful to you. Thank you sir to do that. I think you keep it up.

I hope @SofiaCBCH you also can enjoy my mobile photographs.

To capture all these photos I use a smartphone. Which is a minimum configuration smartphone? Not so high.

A device used: Xiaomi redmi note 5 (ai)

Thank you, everyone, for reading my article.

No more today.

Your own @aminul

Stay home stay safe.

God bless you all.


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2 years ago
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