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I am again publishing a new article after 5 + months. Although in this long time I tried a many times to write something new. But that was not possible for me. One of the main reasons is laziness. yes, You read that right. I am very lazy person and this has always hindered me.

But laziness has not only hindered me in writing articles but also in other areas it has given me a lot of trouble. If I thought I'd spend as much time here as I did, I probably would. But I was not able to do that, because of my laziness.

By now everyone might have assumed I was the king of the idle kingdom. But to be honest, if I am not the king of the idle kingdom, I will surely be a respected citizen in the front row. πŸ˜‚ I can say that for sure. However, many unnecessary words I have already written. So I am sincerely sorry. Now let's get back to the main point.

Although I haven't published any articles here for the past few months and haven't even commented on anyone's articles. But I visit here occasionally and try to check the accumulated notifications. Although there are thousands of notifications accumulated. I know very well that it is not possible to check all of them.

But I used to try to read some articles from there and stay on this platform for some time. But because I don't make comments and publish any articles, many people think that I may have left this platform. Or I opened a new account. Especially those who are old friends of mine might think so because I used to be a super active user here. who used to spend a large part of his time every day here.

Have I created a new read.cash account? no, I don't create any new account. I never even leave this platform. However, I have spent a little more time on the noise. cash site than on this platform over the past few months. But that is much less time than before.

Why did I do that? There were several reasons behind this and many reasons still exist.

1. My laziness:βœ” I have many friends who are as busy as me or even busier than me. who are regularly publishing articles here in addition to their busy routines and are similarly active here and there. But I am truly amazed by their tenacity and dedicated efforts.

2.βœ” This year I completed my graduation. And for that, I had to do a lot of preparation for the exam. Due to corona, our classes were held on online but I think that was not enough for us. So we had to faced some extra trouble to complete the exam preparation.

3.βœ” I had to focus a little more on that to prepare for the exam. One of the reasons I mentioned earlier. It was my last semester so I tried to be free from any extra stress and worry.

4.βœ” My mother is sick for a long time. So apart from my work, I have to help my mom with various tasks and I am trying my best. So I have to spend a lot of time in this case too. And it’s my highest purity.

5.βœ” After completing my graduation, now it has become mandatory for me to try for the job and already I am trying to prepare myself for it. So in this case also I have to spend a lot of time.

6.βœ” I joined a job in a Pvt. Company However, after few days my mind forced me to leave the job. (I will try to write about it in the next article)

7.βœ” Family problems: Every family will have more or fewer problems. I think of this as a common matter. But these common things can stress us in different ways and temporarily destroy our materialistic attitude.That happened to me.

8:βœ” I think writing articles regularly is not an easy task (especially for me) and those who can do it I think have a sharp mind. However, the negligence of the randomreworder and unnecessary dislikes (reports) from some bad users after publishing the article, creates some obstacles in creating interest in writing. Although I don't know if it applies to everyone.

However, apart from the above reasons, there were several other reasons. Which hindered me to some extent in keeping the activity running on this platform as before. But I want to come back to this platform like before.

Although I can say that it will never be completely possible. But I want to make my day time productive by ensuring proper use of my free time.

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It's been a long time since I saw you here. Welcome back πŸ˜‚

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8 months ago

Welcome back Aminul

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8 months ago