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A Month to Remember!!

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2 months ago

Happy Second Day of July!!! June ends to start anew, July PASOK! Oh July, July, July - I hope you'll be good to us. A lot happened on June - from the red Market that makes a lot of people feel devastated. But to us, who view that kind of things as an opportunity - oh yes! Opportunity to accumulate more BCH or whatever coins you want. There's only one thing to do when you see the Red Market - and that is to buy, buy, buy and don't Panic!! This is actually not a curse but a blessings! You can do that in Binance and store it into the safest wallet you have. It should have a "Seed Phrase" as it is very important in securing your funds.

BTC dumps because of "you-know-why" and off course all of the coins was affected. Not sure, but I search on Google the price History ot Bitcoin and I saw that the lowest price of BTC that was hit this month was $29,927.0, Ono. Imagine that, that's a big leap from $63,000+ that we have experience on April. With the FUD's everywhere that those people are making, a lot was affected. Somw lost a lot, or if they a Trader for sure they also took advantage of that, with the kind of volatility that BTC and other coins has for sure - hmm. Bitcoincash may be affected with these but it's okay, it's starting to regain it's track. It's green again amchohappwi.


Alright, so much for the introduction - I don't usually track my monthly earnings because it's such a hassle for me. But I do write a monthly report of my overall earnings here in and from Day 1. And just last month I decided to track my monthly earnings, which is June. I created a wallet for my and earnings to track it easily. And off course, when you create wallet in, you should always write down your Seed Phrase. It's the most important thing to do, as I've said above.

And as you all know, I don't set a goal every month. I'll just go with the flow, write if I have a free time (I always have a free time by the way 😖), grind and grind and whatever I achieve for this month then cool. I'll celebrate it with you all. And if ever I will need a funds for myself and for my Mama then I will just get some on my main wallet. Or if ever I already have funds on then that's what I will use. I don't have to set goals for a things that required a big amount because as of the moment I don't need anything. I'm still motivated pa rin naman even without goals, tehee.

Even though I really want a laptop or if not a smartphone - I can't still force myself to buy it. Because it's really not needed as of the moment. As I've said on my article before, I will only buy what I need, and not what I want. Though sometimes I can't still stop myself from withdrawing some of my funds because I want foods. Foods is the only thing in the world that can make me happy so I will not restrain myself from eating. I will use my Bitcoincash if I want to, lol. And it's a big help to Bitcoincash Community if we do that, Earn, Save, Spend and Replenish.

Month of June is also good to me when it comes to Earnings. But in June I also got rejected and that almost break my sanity, chorrr lol. I confess for the first time, usually before I confess I always make sure that the feeling is mutual but if not, then move on. But to this one, it's just hard to do it. But that heartbreak still did good to me. I was able to write a Story, though not a very good one still. I was able to hurt all of my readers feeling, oh diba may karamay ako, lol. And all I can say is "What a feeling!" June is also the month where we lost 3 pets.

Fist is the disappearance of out Amby last May, and then June. We lost Barney and Barbie - they are siblings by the way. We don't know the exact reason of their death but our guess is they we're poisoned. And then another one is our Cat Macky/Macoy - he's the sweetest and clingy cat that we have and Mom really burst in tears when she learned about the accident. Publish an article about Barney - Thanks for the Memories. And June is also the month of that Messy Thoughts and Messy Heart with Messy Red Market. I was brokenhearted, and then Red Market happened, the Crypto Space knows my feelings that's why nakiramay sya, lol.

And then I also write a Poem, in Tagalog. Though it's very deep they say - a lot commented on it. And I also write an explanation about it - After a Day or Two. I also share this article about Girly Stuffs that other Woman Likes and I don't. And I found out that I have a lot of friends here who's not fond into other girly stuffs. Isn't it great that we found love in a hopeless place, chorrr lol. And you know it's hard to focus on writing article if you have this Annoying Neighbors? Right? We have that before, but because of pandemic, everything was back into their right places - peace of mind! And I'm here to save a lot of money you see, Turning into a Monster - It's all about the Money! Money! Money! But don't take it too much.

I just share the highlights of my June and there it is. I don't know why it become that lengthy, lol. And as for my June earnings, it's awesome guys. Accumulating Bitcoincash in this kind of time where everything is at dip is very awesome! That's why I always say this when Bitcoincash dumps "Don't Panic, Just Hodl!" It's our chance, this is the best time - don't let fears eat your whole system, instead GRIND GRIND GRIND and have a Lumpiang Shanghai later! And because I have a lot of time, I still able to publish 30 Article this June, complete attendance eh. And there it is 👇.


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What a beautiful Journey, I wish that July will also be plentiful to all of us. More article to come mga mars and Jupiter 💪.

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Written by   946
2 months ago
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