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Girly Stuffs that other Woman Likes and I don't

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3 months ago

Watching a short clip in facebook can really help me think of a topic to publish here, I just wish will have these feature soon uWu. So, I was browsing on facebook and I saw some clips where they are showing how they putting their make up on their faces. I love watching these kind of video, I don't know - maybe because I also want to learn how to put on a make up? Not really sure, but I find them entertaining. Especially when it's on the brow part and the eyeliner.

I can't really tell if I want to put a make up on my face because if I really want I can learn it naman. But, I also find it a hassle - I mean, they also show a minutes of video on showing how to put an eyebrow in their brow but I think It's hard to draw it. Especially if you have a very makalat na kilay, lol. I can also you know, just clean it using an eyebrow tweezer but I am afraid to do it. Or I can just trim it but It needs a lot of work so nevermind, lol.

You know me as a lazy gal and even taking a pee is hard for me to do. Especially if I already settled in one place slouching on my favorite spot. And can you believe that I search the right term that everyone is using in doing their make ups. I have to make sure coz I'm not really familiar with it. And, I noticed that the powder that they are putting on their faces is really a lot as in. Parang ako ang napapagod sa kanilang ginagawa lol.

But anyway, here are some girly things that other girls and woman love to do, that I don't like. Well, I know that woman has different like and it's their life, so whatever's they do - it's their own decision and I don't have a say on it. At wala naman talaga akong pinaglalaban, seriously, lol.


Alright, number on the list is make-up kit. I know a lot of people, some of them are my friends who can't live without their make-up kit. Some has a big make up kit while others has a pouch for their make ups. Well, it's understandable because some has work and it is required to them. I also experience that when I work for 1 day in Robinson as promodizer where your looks matters. Because duhh, you will face a lot of people so we should look like a human being, lalo na ako lol.

But seriously, ever since highschool the only "kolorete" I put in my face was a powder just to make it look smooth. Some of my classmate that time used Foundation already, well that's their thing so, yeah. Then a lip gloss for my lips but I don't use that often because I have a dry lips. So I'd rather "lick" my lips that put a lipgloss uWu. Same in College, I only use powder, liquid eyeliner and that's it. Still no lipstick, I'm not very fond on lipstick - nakakain ko lang yan kaka basa ng lips ko, lol.

I still remember a story my Mom told me when she give me a necklace when I was just a kid. She gave it to me because it was given by my Mommy M. She gave it to me to wear it but what I did was - I dig the ground on our yard and put that necklace on it, good thing she still found it, lol. And there is another one, it's a ring - that's the one I lost na hindi na nakita kelanman, lol. So, from these story you can tell that I'm not very fond on Jewelry, lol.

Even now, I like earrings because it's more cooler when you have a lot of holes on your ears but other things like necklace or bracelet? Nahh, I feel like it's too girly. While on earrings I can just find a very simple design that I think will fit on the image that I portrait, ay charowttt hahaha. I mean, to be honest having a lot of earrings are more cooler and I want to be cool, but I don't want a cold treatment from him 😒, just kidding. Aside from the pony tail on my wrist that I put while my hair is still wet, you won't see anything in my body but just my sexiness. No Jewelry.

Another girly stuff that I don't want to put on my Cabinet. I will never replace my backpack for a Hermes or Chanel bags. Oh well, if ever someone give me an expensive bags (which is impossible) - I will still accept it at ipapa auction ko, lol. But owning it like using it everyday, nahh. I still like a backpack. Or a sling bag I also like that. Also, I'm uncomfortable wearing a bag on my shoulder, I feel like it will fall anytime just like when I fall to you easily and without the effort, chorr.

Oh No! You can't never make me wear a Dress. I'll go with a shirt and a pants, no skirt also, and just like the reason I gave above - it's to girly sorry. Don't get me wrong, but I'm a girl mula ulo hanggang paa. It's just that, I hate wearing dresses because I feel like it will not good look on me. And to be honest I also want to wear a dress it's just that I'm not confidence with my body and I don't know if I can wear it with you know, lol. I can wear it every year but not everyday, I still don't like a dress, haha. And guys, the last time I wear a dress was in College. On our Graduation Day, lol.

You might be wondering why these one is included here when I already share to you that I love high heeled shoes/sandals. Well, yeah I love it - I love to see it on a cabinet with a different design and color. I love to have it as a collection but not as I will wear it everyday. I love their heels specially if it's 5'inch above. Love to see their pointed shoes, but if I wear it? I might die instantly because of their deadly pointed heels lol.

I tried before the 5'inch high heeled shoes and if you saw me wearing it while walking. I look like a Monkey na kulang nalang ipatong ko yong kamay ko sa ulo ko, lol. High heeled shoes are lovely only if you know how to carry it with confidence. You know like sway your hips to your left and right like you are in the catwalk, exhibiting your beauty and your high heels. Not like na para kang basang sisiw while wearing it, lol.


Girls how about you, aside from make up kit and dresses, what other girly stuff do you have? Or love to have? You know girly things that you can't lived without? As for me, I don't own a lot. I only have my slippers, shorts, t-shirts and earrings. I don't have those girly things I mention above and I don't think I will ever wish to have it as for daily use. But if it's for a Collections then I'm cool with it. Especially high heels 🤤.

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Written by   1006
3 months ago
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