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(The Club1BCH Diary) Predicting when Bitcoin Cash will reach $1000

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1 year ago

The Club1BCH Diary - Entry number 6

We had some fun in January, with the quiz and meme competition. The love themed February was great and we had @CryptoSorted sharing the love and giving Crypto Sorted Tokens (CST) to those promoting Bitcoin Cash and BCH awareness. But what does March has in the bag?

Well... let's cut the tension quick and let's start predicting when Bitcoin Cash will reach the $1000 value. Wen sir?

Predict the day and chose 2 hours timeframe for when Bitcoin Cash will reach $1000 and you could win some nice tips from the #Club1BCH treasure chest. Tag at least 2 friends than... wait for the bull run.

"I predict that BCH will reach $1000 on the 3rd of March, between 14:00 and 16:00! @Carabageac94 @Crypto_Politics what's your opinion?"

Be the one who has the correct prediction (day and timeframe) and you will win $20 worth of BCH. We know that this game is hard so we are willing to give a $5 prize for the user guessing the day and being the closest to the $1000 timeframe. In case only few will predict the correct day than a $3 tip will be considered for all of them.

Three users guessed the right day. User A prediction is 14:00 to 16:00, User B prediction is 15:00 to 17:00, while User C prediction is 18:00 to 20:00. Bitcoin Cash will reach the $1000 value at 17:25 and the prize will be won by User B who was 25 minutes close, while user C was 35 minutes close.

Make your prediction and tag your friends until 23:59 UTC on the 28th of February. Any prediction after the above date is void. In case that Bitcoin Cash will reach the value of $1000 before the last minute of February, than only the users with a summitted prediction will be considered for the prize.

Enjoy the competition!

Again ... Thank you to the #Club1BCH family for being awake when I am awake! Will be boring and awkward to be up at 3 AM and have no one to tell I am going to bed!

The #Club1BCH Family: @PVMihalache @Eybyoung  @tired_momma@Crypto_Politics  @CryptoSorted  @Eirolfeam2 @Ryryry143 @Jane @MoreGainStrategies  @H3ruvim78 @Carabageac94  @youngdim1   @sjbuendia  @CryptoWordsmith  @Mynima  @Ruffa  @Laurenceuuu @TheSnarfy @Macronald @bmjc98 @BCH.Serg @Yen @Jeaneth @jekai_88 @bm8ter @Crackers @Snezana28 @RowanSkie  @Anabiya 

Paharap at pataas! Sana all!

We started as a single drop that soon became a river. In this river hope was born. From this hope rose a raging flood. A tidal wave of change.


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Written by   1119
1 year ago
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