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How to Earn Free Bonus Coins through Libra Referral Program (Step-by-Step Process with Screenshots)

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The Libra Ecosystem Referral program is a special bonus rewards program for new and existing users of the Libra platform. this campaign allow you earn free bonus coins (LC) by using your social media friends. Here’s how you can earn free Libra Coin by simply referring people or friends to join Libra Ecosystem campaign.

What is the Libra Ecosystem?

Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain based system that includes many sophisticated solutions & services to help resolve the various challenges of the e-commerce industry. It also has a blockchain payment system backed by Libra, which can be used by e-commerce merchants and customers to send / receive money securely and globally.

In addition to the digital payment currency, the Libra coin can be used as your own currency for various transactions and services within the Libra ecosystem.

Libra Ecosystem Referral Program – Step-by-step Process to Earn Free Coins

Bonus 1 – 25% bonus coins for new registration using a referral code.

If you have a referral code/link of an existing Libra user, you can sign up using that link and get 25% bonus coins on your first wallet load of 100 LC or more.

Step 1: Register on the Libra Ecosystem website.

Visit libraecosystem and click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button at the top to create your account.

Enter your name, email, select your country, Enter the referral code "K3R8B8" and Password Sign Up page. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button to proceed.

An email with the verification link will be sent to your email id. Go to your email and click on the verification link in the email you received. Upon successful email verification, you can log in to the website.

Step 2: Sign in Your Libra Account

To sign in, go to libraecosystem and click on the ‘SIGN IN’ button at the top.

Enter your Libra account email/username and password to sign in. Upon successful sign in, you’ll be directed to your website dashboard.

Step 3: Copy and Share Your Referral Link

Click ‘Referrals’ link at the top, go to the referrals section and find your unique referral link. Now copy the referral link and start sharing it with your friends.

On the same page, you will be given an option to directly share the link with your folowes/friends on a number of social platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,Twitter,Whatsapp, Email, and more.

You can also promote your link on your website, blog, etc. to get more people to sign up on the Libra Ecosystem website through it.

Step 4: Referral Signup

When someone signed up using your referral link or code creates an account on the Libra Ecosystem website, you’ll receive bonus tokens on their first wallet load of 100 LC or more. Here’s how it works.

When someone clicks on your referral link, it brings them to the libra Sign Up page. As you can see in the image, your referral code is auto-applied on the page.

Now, the person can complete the registration and then verify the email link to successfully create an account.

Now, remember, in order for you to receive bonus coins, your referral must buy a minimum of 100 Libra Coins after signing up. Otherwise, neither of you get any reward coins.

Step 5: Buy Libra Coin

To buy Libra coins, the user must first load his/her Libra wallet with ETH or any other cryptocurrency of his choice. To do that, go to the dashboard and choose the type of crypto you wish to add. Now, enter the amount and click the ‘ADD’ button to continue.

On the next page, the user will get a unique QR code along with a wallet address. Either they can scan the QR code from their mobile to transfer funds or send the amount directly to the wallet address mentioned on the page. Upon successful transaction, the amount will immediately reflect in the wallet. Refresh the page to check.

Now, the user can proceed to buy the Libra Coin.

Enter the amount/number of Libra to purchase (Minimum 100 LC in order to receive the bonus coins) and click the ‘Next Step’ button to continue.

Congratulations! Your friend has successfully completed their first wallet load. It may take a few seconds for the blockchain to verify and process the transaction.

The purchased coins will be immediately credited to the user’s Libra wallet along with 25% bonus coins (for sign up through referral link and purchasing min 100 LC).

At the same time, you’ll get 15% Libra Coin (of their purchased amount) as the Referral bonus in your Libra wallet. To check the referral bonus, go to your dashboard and click on Reward Points.

The Libra Referral program is a truly unlimited lifetime rewards program, which rewards you every time someone in your network refers to a new account on the Libra Ecosystem website. For direct referrals, you get a 15% bonus. Also, you get 10% bonus coins for second-level referrals and 5% bonus coins for third-level referrals.

Join the campaign or find out more at Libraecosystem.


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