100,000,000 WikiBit Token Airdrop - 2021

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WikiBit establishes a real and reliable credit database system with broad security by combining various credit data in series based on big-data multi-dimensional risk assessment and blockchain technology. Credit data was shared by the blockchain alliance to create a smart digital credit platform. Meanwhile, the Wikibit project team promises to convert repurchase currencies globally to make WikiBits the preferred currency of the world.

WikiBit sends a total of 100,000,000 WikiBits tokens to Air Drop participants. Visit the Airdrop page and submit your ETH address and mobile number to get 100 WikiBits. You can invite Upto 20 peoples and 50 WikiBits for each or and if you've successfully invited 20 users you will get an additional 500 wikibits. The prizes will be distributed on February 28, 2021.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the WikiBit Air Drop page.

  • Submit your ETH address and click "Receive 100 WikiBits for Free"

  • Then verify your mobile number.

  • You will get 100 wikibits.

  • Invite Up 20 referrals and 50 wikibits for each and if you referred 20 users you will get an additional 500 wikibits.

  • The prizes will be distributed on February 28, 2021.


  • Token volume: 100,000,000 WikiBits

  • Schedule: February 28, 2021

  • Participate in the airdrop: You get 100 wikibit points.

  • Successful invites: The referrer gets 50 wikibit points for each.

  • If the number of referrals reaches 20: An additional 500 wikibits will be provided.

  • maximum referrals: upto 20 people.

  • Only one ETH address can be used: per user campaign

  • Enter your ETH address and participate in the campaign.

  • Share your referral link and get more WikiBits

  • Organizer will send WikiBits to participants' ETH addresses on February 28, 2021.

  • "Machine learning will be used for fraud detection. WikiBits reserves the right to disqualify participants who are considered cheaters."

Distribution Plan

Total: 300 million, the amount of which remains unchanged.


  • 33% will be given to investors for marketing as a reward

  • 40% will be given away in mining

  • 20% will be reserved for future development

The rest, namely 7%, will be distributed to the project team

How token be used: Tokens can be gotten by investors as they invite their friends to participate in or they do field survey or give their comments. Besides, the act of data query will cost one token, part of which will be kept by the platform. The token will not be released until two years later, which makes up part of its currency to keep the platform function well.

WikiBit goal and vision

The blockchain has been included in the development plans of various countries and governments, making it a new outlet. With more and more resources invested, the value of blockchain assets has been increasingly recognized. WikiBit is committed to providing a new display platform for blockchain technology, incubating and boosting the development of new technologies, and providing certain support for the large-scale commercial use of blockchain. If the blockchain technology can empower all walks of life, WikiBit will empower the blockchain and bring a fairer and more transparent credit ecological environment.

WikiBit will supervise and regulate the rights and responsibilities of the blockchain project subject in many respects such as qualification license, network security, investor protection, etc. With regard to projects involving blockchain asset sales, transactions, circulation, consultation, etc, WikiBit will supervise indiscriminately, conduct thorough analysis, and review the form and substance of the project, and then determine the nature of the business and take measures in accordance with the law to trace, investigate and deal with illegal projects. WikiBit will reveal risks in various forms, and provide investors with risk warnings and publicity education. WikiBit will promote international cooperation and regulatory coordination, and jointly respond to regulatory challenges. WikiBit hopes to bring more mutual trust, freedom, order, and justice to the society, and help construct and develop a trustworthy society, so that everyone can see the world fairly.

Digital Archive

The digital archive system is an important part of trusted identity. The identity can be confirmed by the QR code of the wallet. WikiBit will establish an immutable digital file for each user, and establish a complete credit rating system based on the trusted data of blockchain technology. The data of digital archive must be authorized to view by the user’s private key. All users’ data on the blockchain will be recorded into the digital archive.

WikiBit will also introduce deep learning to automatically grab relevant data in the network for users reference. We will accurately recommend various digital assets and financial services suitable for users’ needs by analyzing their basic information, asset information, investment behavior, consumption behavior and other big data models, and calculating their risk tolerance based on their investment planning, investment experience and awareness level, risk sensitivity and risk preference.

______________THE END_______________


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