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Top 8 hot Dapps ( TRX, EOS, ETH & more) - 2021

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Bitcoin was arguably the first Dapp , allowing anyone in the world to join an open source code into a blockchain network and verify transactions using the "mining" algorithm to Reward cryptocurrency.

Running over a blockchain, peer-to-peer (P2P) network operating system, dApps creates an innovative open-source software ecosystem that is secure and flexible. It allows developers to create new online tools, many of which have sparked global business interest markets.

So today, we are going to look at top dapps, so many of these are cutting edge projects. I wrote about what they do and what you should care about them.

What is Dapp?

Decentralised applications or dapps are applications or programs runs on a blockchain or P2P network without any computer and are outside the confines and no control of a single authority.

Let's dive into the list

1. Pancake Swap

Pancakeswap is an automated market maker ("AMM") that allows two tokens to be exchanged on an binance smart chain. It’s fast, cheap, and allows anyone to participate.

Since Eth is saturated with new defi users yields in popular liquidity pools such as those at Uniswap, it is essential to be aware of the lucrative opportunities available elsewhere in the Defi space. One Opportunity is liquidity pools on Pancake Swap, providing liquidity on pancake swap is a strategic way to increase the yield of currencies not available in the Ethereum ecosystem in one area, which is an average of 8 cents per transaction on the Binance Smart Chain. Take a look at the yields investors can earn on currencies such as ADA, BAND, DOT and EOS through the Pancake Swap.

Pancake, syrup, whipped cream.

After breakfast, Pancakeswap aims to be the # 1 liquidity provider in the Binance smart chain and home to the new, innovative gamified farming features which we suspect will be in many other chains and beyond.

2. 1 inch

Oneinch is a decentralized exchange that create liquidity from multiple other exchanges and is capable of splitting a single trade into multiple DEXs. This smart contract technology helps users to improve and customize their trade. Launched in May 2019 by Serge Kunz and CEO Anton Pukov, CTO, 1 Inch has grossed over $ 4.5 billion overall in less than a year. In August 2020, the 1-inch group released Moonswap - an AMM (automated market maker) where LP (liquidity provider) earnings dramatically reduce price fluctuations preventing arbitrage traders from earning 100% swap slippages. 1 Inch already integrates support for the best Top dex, which includes Uniswap, the Kyber Network, Airswap, Oasis, bancor, Balancer, Curve and more.

3. Pool together

Pool Together is a "loss-free saving game" that gives you the chance to win a prize every week.

The idea is very simple: users can purchase tickets with their DAI or USDC (both stable coins). Assets in each pool accumulate interest through the lending ethical compound. Interest is then won by a ticket holder and is picked randomly each week. DAI pools have been launched before, so aiming to become larger in size.

How it is no loss?

The lottery comes not from the deposit, but from the interest generated. So you can withdraw your full deposit at any time.

Pool Together is a secure, audited saving game powered by blockchain technology. Buy a ticket for a chance to win. It doesn't matter if you do or don't win, you will still get your money back!

4. LiteBringer

LightBringer embraces the revolutionary potential of blockchain, as in some previous games. As a truly decentralized application, the entire game takes place on the Litcoin blockchain, which has no servers, giving players unprecedented control over the game.

Perfect your strategy

Upgrade your warrior, rogue or sorcerer in an LiteBringer world, and motivate them to the powerful class. Choose the best equipment for each task and send your heroes on more difficult quests. Let them defeat the mighty bosses for you and collect the epic loot.

Play smart and make money

Every move you make in the game is a transaction in Litcoin blockchain that creates value. Every weapon, item and even your characters can be traded safely and without limits, thanks to the power of cryptocurrency. Make better decisions than other players and earn money while enjoying the game.

Benefit from a real gaming experience

Lightbringer is an exciting multiplayer role-playing game that has been available online since 1997 by the makers of Tibia. Enjoy with a lot of knowledge about complex games, innovative features and keeping a game exciting for decades.

5. Upland

PLAY - EARN - CONNECT IN UPLAND, the EARTH’S METAVERSE where you buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to real-world addresses or Become a digital landlord, flip properties for profit and run a virtual business to earn UPX coins. Join the new economy with the opportunity to make money in the mixed-virtual world: yes, that means you can turn your profits into US dollars!

Connect with fellow uplanders to create one of the largest communities and digital markets. Be the real owner of your digital assets because Upland is powered by blockchain technology.

  • Hunt for treasures.

  • Complete property collection.

  • Make lifelong friends in our community.

  • join one of the most exciting economic trials of our time

  • See you in Upland! Life, liberty and property.

6. Serious dice

Serious dice game made by the player for the player.

Classic Dice Game with 0.75% House Edge and Opportunity to Invest in a Bank roll. Chat, Play, Win Jackpot, Repeat.

Serious Dice runs on Thundercore blockchain, which is 100% completely trust less when it comes to playing, investing, and getting tokens and dividends. Each part of the system is contracted. Nothing is created / calculated on the centralized server.

Fast and very low fees transaction on Thundercore created a completely decentralized trustless environment for the user / player.

7. Tron stake

Tronstake is the first ROI smart contract with capitalization of interest activity based on the Tron blockchain. Tronsstock has no owner and works automatically on blockchain. Once a contract is used in Blockchain, no one can change, modify or delete the contract. The contract code was audited by an independent campaign and secured in secure contract.

8. Crypto Tree

Crypto Tree is a blockchain game developed by Feud Tree (Beijing) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. for the purpose of developing a crypto asset-crypto tree. The total number of crypto trees is 600,000. As a single digital asset, the crypto tree is a joint digital asset that combines sports assets, advertising assets and financial assets. The normally growing crypto tree produces leaves and fruits every day. Its leaves are FF (sports currency, TRC20 assets) and fruits are DX (advertising assets, TRC20 assets).

Crypto Tree Ecology uses a variety of game components and game modes and can also be converted to FF TRX. You need to look at the ads when harvesting DX, and TRX can pay the advertising fees. 90% of the advertising fees will go into the bonus pool and can be used to draw any 8DX can be used to draw trx . Therefore, FF and DX produced by Crypto Tree are valuable. The release of FF and DX depends on the hashrate of the crypto tree, which can be enhanced by the game. Therefore, the biggest characteristic of the crypto tree is that its value is alive and capable of growing, hence it is called value enhancement. Like trees in nature, trees grow year after year and have their own values.

The growth of trees in nature requires sunlight, air, water and nutrients. The value development of the crypto tree requires time, effort, relationship and luck. With regard to existing blockchain pet development games such as Crypto Kitties, Cryptotox and Crypto Rapids, their performance can no longer be changed.

However the crypto tree contains 6 sets of dominant genes and 4 sets of regression genes. The function of all genes can be continuously altered through fusion and mutation. So grow your money.


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Written by   384
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Topics: Dapps, Tips, Free crypto, BTC, Best dapps, ...
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