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1 EOS = $ 3.06 US dollars

EOS is currently ranked 8th among the top ten crypto assets, with the most favorable long-term outlook and expected growth in the best cryptocurrencies on the market. EOS has brought 244% ROI to EOS investors, prices around $ 3.50 per coin from ICO issuance to current prices.

What is EOS?

EOS is the most strongest infrastructure for decentralized applications, and EOS is a blockchain-based decentralized system that enables the promotion, hosting and implementation of business-wide decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform. EOS got the name Ethereum killer because it has all the features of the Ethereum network in addition to the ridiculously high processing speed. One million transactions per second! It was the transaction speed EOS able to achieve. This high speed is not even possible with the centralized solutions currently out there.

There is no official full form of EOS, and the creators have decided not to define it formally. EOS assist all the key factors that necessary to allow businesses and individuals to create blockchain-based applications, such as granting access and authorization, licensing, data hosting, application management, and communication between dApps. And the Internet.

Now Immerse yourself into the ways of earning EOS:

1. TrustDice

TrustDice is a crypto-casino that works as a Dapp (decentralized application) on the EOS blockchain. Basically, no "man" owns it - this online gambling is autonomous. It has its own currency, instant and automatic withdrawal and no country restrictions. Trust Dice may mark the future of the online casino iGaming industry.

Trustdice is one of the most popular fair bitcoin dice sites online. Trust Dice generates random numbers using the two seed process, which allows users to select their own client seeds, making it impossible to manipulate roll effects. This makes TrustDice one of the most popular Bitcoin dice sites online.

Trust Dice offers several features:


Dice is extremely easy to play and comparable to many simple BTC casino games.

In a dice game, players select a number from 1 to 100 and place a bet on whether a dice roll between the same numbers will roll above or below that number - it's very simple.

Basic steps for playing dice:

1. Choose the number you predict the dice roll will land above or below and place a bet

2. Roll the dice!

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning big in dice:

  • Consider playing with a dice strategy such as Martingale strategy

  • A Slowly increase your betting rate when you're on a winning streak - don't rush too much!

  • A Bank half of your wins to ensure profit while you are on a roll.

  • Consider playing on a platform that offers Bitcoin faucet such as TrustDice.


Crash game is similar to any other games on a crash betting site. The Trustdice crash game works by showing the multiplier increases from 1.00X up until the game "crashes".

If you do not know how to play crash games, it is a good idea to first develop a basic understanding of crash gambling. A casino crash game is relatively straightforward - like other games you will need any crypto to make a bet, but the rest are very simple.

Once you get some coins and deposit it in your gaming wallet, you are ready to play. Select an amount to bet and multiplyand make your wager. The multiplier will increase faster once you bet, but be careful - the longer you wait, the more likely the game will crash! If you cash out on time, you will get your wager back on the multiplier you stopped the game at.

Crash Games is the purest filtering of gaming, making gamers very excited with a simple risk and let them win the reward. If you want to achieve great success with a crash strategy, consider the following options:

  • Bank Your Bonus!

    Playing with base bet and banking your wins is a relaxing way to play crash games with less risk.

  • Consider using a recovery strategy.

    If you're on a lose streak and want to know if you can recover, take your loss and triple it, then aim for a bet similar to 1.33 to get your cash out.

  • Have fun!

    Crash is a simple game - it's possible to win big playing crash.


A casino operates relatively straightforward way. When the wins are withdrawn, the games are played on the bankroll deposited on the platform. The main difference between online casino crypto withdrawals and traditional casino withdrawals is that this casinos allow almost instant withdrawals.

There are a variety of games available through casinos. The transparency of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that plays can benefit from a wide range of casino bonus options and Bitcoin casino free spins.

A major benefit that the casino offers is free spins and other bonuses, which can be withdrawn immediately with bonus. Another interesting advantage of Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos is that the best Bitcoin casinos offer Bitcoin faucets.

Bitcoin Casino faucets offers players a small amount of free bitcoins each day that can be used to win big for free.

If you want to try a bitcoin casino or gain some free cryptocurrency to wager from bitcoin casino faucet, check out the Trustdice Casino Games today!

Live Casino

Live Bitcoin games based on live bitcoin casinos are similar to traditional live casinos. Bitcoin Live Casinos offer a wide variety of live games such as roulette, pocket, poker and blackjack, but use live distributors or “Bitcoin dealers.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when playing live bitcoin casinos

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection!

    Bitcoin Live Casinos depends on video streaming, which means you need a stable, internet connection

  • Don't forget about the pit boss!

    As with many traditional casinos, direct bitcoin casinos often use a pit boss for consulting if your dealer makes a small mistake.

  • Follow Casino Etiquette!

    Like a real casino, you should only occupy a table seat if you plan to play.

Deposit Bonus

Online casinos offer players complex and sometimes confusing various deposit bonuses for freebies and incentives. This bonus can give new players a boost, which will help them get acquainted with Bitcoin casino games, as well as allow players to dramatically increase their wins.

Claiming Your Trust Dice Deposit Bonus is easy - sign up for an account with Trust Dice and make a deposit and you will automatically receive a 100% Deposit Bonus!

First Deposit Bonus - The player receives a bonus of 100% of their deposit. The maximum deposit for this first bonus is 1 BTC, 50 ETH, or 10,000 USDT - 1 BTC deposit, for example, you will receive an additional 1 BTC deposit bonus for playing!

Steps to claim the first deposit bonus:

1. Register on TrustDice and create your account

2. Make a deposit. To qualify for the first deposit bonus, you must deposit a minimum of 0.001 BTC, 0.05 ETH or 10 USDT

3. Check the bonus on the bonus page - you will see your deposit bonus there!

In addition to increasing your initial deposit, Trustdice first deposit includes 25 free spins on the first deposit bonus slot spins.

Second Deposit Bonus - Trust Dice Deposit does not stop at the first deposit. When you make your first deposit, you will benefit from a second deposit bonus equal to 75% of your second deposit.

Claiming your second deposit bonus is straightforward - when you are ready to make your second deposit. Imagineyou made a deposit of 1 Ethereum, you will receive +0.75 Ethereum as bonus. The result is 1.75 Ethereum you play. In cases like this, it is an opportunity to make a profit.

Third Deposit Bonus - TrustDice third deposit bonus offers an additional 50 percent bonus to returning players for the current game time. In Trust Dice, players come first and, therefore, the player receives a bonus. Here is the case: The player makes a deposits of 0.1 bitcoin deposit and receives a + 0.5 bitcoin prize (50% bonus).

However, Bitcoin Casino Trust Dice offers players more bonuses than they can imagine: welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, up to 20% cashback, hourly bitcoin faucet, affiliateprograms, VIP and many more.


Cashback points can be claimed when placing a real cash bet (JPY / EUR / BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT only), not with bonus money or free spins. Players can claim their cashback points whenever they want. Cashback points never expire.

When a player exchange cashback points to cash, the money is credited to the player's actual wallet and transfer needs. The exchange rate of cashback points and USDT is 1: 1. Players can also choose asset to convert for other equivalent currency: JPY / EUR / BTC / ETH / EOS. Cashback Points Players can earn a single bet = bet amount (in US dollars) ×Gamehouse Edge × player cashback gameplay percentage.

Game house margin: dice 1.5%, crash 1.5%, slots sports average 3%. The player's cashback bonus increases with the player's level. Satoshi level players can get 20% cashback. Dice, Crash, All Slot Games are the games to claim cashback.

TrustDice faucet

Trustees offers a wide variety of benefits to players, which can dramatically increase wins. Features such as TrustDice forums or game chat allow players to send tips and win strategies, while TrustDice innovative TXT stacking options allow them to directly participate in platform profits.

One of the most useful features for new players, however, is the trusting faucet. TrustDice faucet offers players absolutely free cryptocurrency every day, which can be used to play a wide spectrum of different games and win big ones.

The Trustdice faucet is very simple. Players must create an account and visit the TrustDice faucet page to begin claiming the bitcoin. TrustDice faucet offers the following cryptocurrencies for free:

  • BTC

  • EOS

  • ETH

  • USDT

  • TXT

  • VITA

  • UUU

Task Center

TrustDice affiliate program

The affiliate program is a partnership between you and Trustdice. You refer your players, visitors or subscribers to Trustdice and trustDice pays you monthly commissions on the total net income generated by all the players you invited.

Multi-level affiliates

In addition to up to 60% of net income from Level 1 referrals, you can earn an additional revenue share from Level 2 and Level 3 referrals.

Quick payment

TrustDice pay commissions to it's users at the beginning of each month, with no minimum withdrawal limit.

TXT Token Economy

A designed innovative mechanism (Play to Mine DXT) to reward players and allow them to share the profits of the site.

Retention programs

TrustDice offer players programs and campaigns (Satoshi Club, Deposit Bonus, Monthly Cashback, Wagering Tournaments, etc.) which not only provide a great gambling experience but also contribute to increase your overall sub-commission revenue.

Share up to 60%

TrustDice generous payment system allows you to earn up to 60% commission.

2. Crypto dynasty

CryptoDynasty is a cryptocurrency-related player vs player (PvP) and role-playing game (RPG) that works with EOS and ETH blockchain. Players can buy domestic mounts to gain experience and materials, build equipment, upgrade their heroes, and deliver the best weapons, armor, and equipment. Collect and own your favorite dynasty! After you buy it. The price will increase automatically. If someone buys your item, you will be rewarded with that amount which can be sent to your wallet.

Crypto Dynasty Features:

TKT token

Tiger Rune is a versatile game token that is required for various actions such as summoning mounts. This can be purchased through cryptocurrency. The Three Kingdoms Token (TKD) is the new cryptocurrency native token of the EOS dynasty game created in the EOS blockchain, with a total of 1 billion tokens in circulation and most of the cryptocurrency coins distributed throughout the game. Players can receive TKT cryptocurrency tokens as rewards.

Tremendous equipment

The crypto dynasty has many diverse equipment system. There are over 200 incredible tools in 8 categories to create players, and the equipment is divided into 6 classes including Generic / Rare / Master / Epic / Legend / Super God. The crypto dynasty will continue to add new equipment to enrich players experience in the future.

Summon the Powerful Mounts

A total of 6 classes of crypto dynasty mounts to be summoned. They have different characteristics. Players can upgrade their strength by riding the mounts. Mounts can be explored and traveled individually to get rewarded

Arena —— Oncine PVP System

The on-chain strategic PVP system is based on current blockchain technology that players will enjoy different decisions, based on the skills, equipment and design they choose, give them the opportunity to succeed on a daily and weekly rewards from the ranking table. (Weekly rewards are 5% of game revenue.

Smart contract marketplace

Market on blockchain

There are many built-in marketplaces in the game. Players use cryptocurrency to trade directly on blockchain based on smart contract. Sellers can get cryptocurrency safely for every transaction quickly, while buyers can get their products or equipment they want.

How to earn TKT on crypto dynasty

  • Players can buy game assets in the market to earn TKT.

  • Players can gain reputation every time they march and kill enemies.

  • The game distributes a certain number of TKT each day according to your reputation.

  • Players spend EOS to buy heroes, tiger runes and more to earn TKT.

  • Every 1 EOS equivalent cryptocurrency of value in the transaction will generate a reward of 1000 TKT, which will be phased out upon release.

  • Quest Reward Crypto Dynasty offers a special quest, in which players earn TKT by completing them.

  • Arena Reward Join the PVP Arena to get TKD from defeating other players.

  • BOSS reward by fighting against BOSS to earn TKT.

Military Ranking Bonus


BETDICE is a blockchain-based, decentralized social gaming platform that provides a safe, reliable and infinite ecosystem for online gaming and many more with profit sharing.

BetDice aims to provide our users with a great gaming experience, giving other developers the opportunity to easily use their own games on Dice platform, and share their applications with growing user base.

As a welcome gift you will receive 1000 dice directly after signing in with BetDice. 1000 free dice coins is a bit volatile, and in a few minutes it worth 20USD,you can increase it to 4146.937 Dice coins which can be redeemed with EOS coins or exchanged to your assets.

There are many ways to distribute dice tokens on the platform, including luck and gambling.

Bet Dice also has a loyalty plan type, which can lead to a bonus% increase for you claiming up to 12% of the challenge to get the highest EOS (there are 12 totals in total, go up to level 1 when getting paid above 1000 EOS)

Features different games such as Blackjack, Packard, Dice, Roulette, Lottery and Chicco

And there is a free EOS tube that you can use every hour.

4. Plum

PUML is an application that motivates you to be active by rewarding you with PUML coins as you enter our fitness challenges. Coins can be exchanged for fitness products, gift cards, or crypto-currency, or donated to charity.

How do you join Puml?

First, download the app and register. Next, under the Challenges tab, click the challenge you want to enter and click the Enter button. You will be asked to connect with Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, Apple Watch or Garmin to track your steps. Once you have chosen how to track your steps, you will enter the challenge!

Tasks and challenge offers:


Scan the QR code and connect to a sponsor or enter the challenge. Attach your Fitbit, Apple Watch or wearable and start tracking your steps.

Challenge & compete

Push yourself up with monthly challenges and compete with others on the steps, gym checks, live stream video challenges and workouts.

Walking challenges

Record and track the steps and hit challenging goals like 10,000 steps a day

Team step challenges

Work together as a team to achieve the overall step challenge goal, and you will put together the highest rewards you will receive within the team.

Distance Challenges

Compete to see who can complete the long distance challenge like 10km, half marathon, full marathon or ultra 100km running events.

Share and Leaderboards

Invite friends to compete in the challenges and share your position on the leaderboards with the world.

Earn rewards

Healthy challenges and earn rewards. Redeem them to health and fitness products and services on the go. Rewards include fitness products, services, gift cards and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and EOS.

5. HireVibes

HireVibes is a Web3 hiring and freelancing platform built for the global talent community. It is powered by its own digital currency, HireVibes Tokens (HVT), utility tokens based on the EOS blockchain. HVT holds more than 200,000 accounts and can use the shares to join the community, pay for hires, send P2P, and warn passive rewards.

HireVibes allows you to apply for technology and start-up jobs, make referrals, and collaborate on projects - each time a job is filled, you receive crypto rewards from the HireVibes community and charities.

Recruitment optimized

Hirewipes is a low cost recruitment tool that enhances applications and referrals for vacancies.

Post jobs for free and set a reward (minimum 6% salary). When a hire is made, HireVibes will send an invoice, which will be converted into a reward and distributed as follows:

  • 50% for successful candidate

    (If referred 25% to the candidate and 25% to the referrer)

  • 25% off HireVibes DAC account for community voting

  • 17% partner Charity

  • 8% to HireVibes Services Limited.

Earn passive income

Get paid to match opportunity with skill. Share links on social media and earn everytime someone clicks on your link. Everyone has something to offer, Everyone likes passive income!

6. Captain Black Bill

Captain Black Bill is a diamond treasure hunting game in the real world, where the goal is to find the hidden diamond.

The game is played continuously, but each time the user finds the lost diamond and robbed by a user enters the secret code and then reset & start a new fold.

There are two, or sometimes three winners from each lap.

  • The one who finds the exact secret code of the treasure and enters.

  • The person who made the treasure at the place where the diamond was found.

  • The current winner of the diamond-discovered treasure (if the treasure is won by someone).

Characters in the game

A player can play one or more roles in a game depending on how they play and how they are interested in.

Treasure Hunter: Always brave and constantly looking for new exciting treasures and challenges.

Treasure Maker: Hard working and wants to explore new territories that no one else has.

Treasure Winner: A strategist who knows by statistics that lost diamonds are found in great treasures made by the best treasure makers with great reliability.

Hiker: Not interested in real treasure hunting.

Investor: Purchases shares of ownership in lost diamonds to benefit from the 25% quota available to diamond owners who lose a game lap.

Businesses: Businesses can purchase advertisements for the products or services they sell by adding an advertised product gift to the treasure.

Hacker: It has always been believed that there is an error or way to guess, distort or misinterpret encrypted secret treasure codes stored in the public blockchain.

Learn more about the game in here.

7. Joule

JOULE is a decentralized platform built on EOS blockchain to determine real-time global popularity index. In science, Joule ("J") is the unit of measurement of energy. On the platform, Joule is the measure of an item popularity (e.g. a political leader). For instance, the popular index of any item (tracked by the latest market price) price range from 0J to 100J with an interval of 0.1J.

The Joule site is a way to engage with the world on global issues of common interest. It also offers opportunities to earn cryptocurrency.

The actions of public figures often affect the whole world. The mainstream media usually only monitors the views of their own local citizens. Joule fills this gap by presenting a global feedback channel in real time.

Jules EOS Mainnet is built on public blockchain. On the "Account" page, users can use the Wallet "to receive crypto from others", "Pay", "Withdraw" and "Buy Joule" wallets.

Receive - Tips can be received via your Joule account name (10-character) or send QR code to others to send tokens to your account. From another user's Joule account, "Pay" to your Joule account name.

Pay - Send tokens to another user (free) or merchant (with fee and commission).

WITHDRAW - Send tokens to an external wallet address on EOS Mainnet.

Buy Joule - Buy more Joule tokens by PayPal or credit card.

Referral Commission - trading Joule Index

A portion of the transaction fee is credited to the Referrer’s account as a reward. Currently, the Referrer commission is set at 0.01J per transaction unit per month. This is a recurring reward each month. If a Referrer’s own transaction volume in a particular month is less than the average of his / her Referrer’s, the actual earnable commission will be reduced proportionally by this discount factor:

(Referrer’s own volume) / (Average volume of all direct referrals)

Referrer’s Commission - Spending Joule Tokens

The merchant will contribute a 2% merchandise fee on the Joule tokens spent by users, of which one-fifth will be awarded for each eligible referral. This is a recurring reward each month.

8. Emanate

Emanate platform is built on EOS blockchain that immediately rewards artists and music lovers for their creative expression and dedication to music.

It is a network marketplace built for music enthusiasts and creators, driven by instant payments and automation. Emanate connects and rewards users throughout their entire journey of music creation, distribution, promotion and monetization.

9. Lend EOS

It works in a very simple way: token holders lend their liquid or staked EOS, while dApp developers borrow to ensure they have enough resources to work for their application. As a result EOS holders earn income without doing anything and top developers get almost free access to unlimited resources.

How to lend?

How To Lend / Unlock EOS Using Blocks.io/REX

(i) Sign in using the wallet of your choice.

Compatible wallets with Blocks.io - Choose your favorite.

(ii) Click EOS for REX ,You're done!

Enter the size of the EOS manually or use the buttons to fill in automatically

It will be automatically filled with 100% EOS in your account, but you are free to enter the amount you want, or use the buttons below to easily select the percentage that belongs to your EOS.

(iii) See the amount you paid for REX and the date you can join.

Overall Information - Total Loans Processing, Amount and Date (Unpackable)

Borrowed EOS takes about 4 days to process.

Lending risk

10. Participate in the EOS BUG Bounty

Bug bounty hunters need to continuously use their skills to excel in their field of knowledge and earn more money. According to the BBC, ethical hackers can earn more than $50,000 to $350,000 a year. Bug bounty program award an average of $ 50,000 a month, some are $1,000,000 a year.

This bug bounty project will utilize the joint intelligence and capabilities of the BlackOne engineering team and leading security researchers through Hackerone's user-friendly interface.

The U.S. Department of Defense has served hundreds of customers in many industries and sectors, including Google, Microsoft, Starbucks and GM, and the HackerOne platform for this project and its customers have paid over $ 65 million to resolve more than 65,000 vulnerabilities.

11. Idle-Empire

Earn your free EOS, all you have to do is sign up for an account in Idle-Empire, respond to some paid surveys, watch videos or complete offers and quickly redeem your points for EOS. Idle-Empire will send EOS to your Coinbase account immediately and with zero charges. You can keep EOD in your Coinbase account or send it to your own wallet.

How does it work?

1. Register on Idle-Empire

2. Start Earning Points

3. Redeem EOS



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