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Road To Earning 35 BCH per day at WinDice - 2021 reviews

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WinDice is a collection of unique games based on cryptocurrencies Casino Opportunity-Game is built to chase luck if you are a crypto lover. Random (complex pseudo-random algorithm) generator generates numbers and a player bets against the dice game outcome or bets against the multiplier expected in the crash game.

It looks at first glance as a lottery guess, however with the very best probability of winning, the most exciting game, and the best design and seamless game combined. Customer satisfaction, transparent game outcome and terrific gaming experience all combine to give you fun and successful prospects.


Dice Game

The game generates a random number in a range from 0 to 9999 and compares it to the range or numbers you set. The game features a comparison of game results and betting range. The player chooses the betting number. The player can then choose the range of digits from 0 to 9999 (e.g. 100-150) and the internal or external betting range. As for the exterior, it counts all the numbers except the selected numbers.


The game generates a random payment coefficient from 0.99x (zero) to 9900x and compares with the payout you set. This game compares the game results and the amount determined by the player. Then player chooses payments ranging from 1.01x to 9900x.


When a player presses the drop / start button, the game generates the direction of the ball, based on a probability fair algorithm (example: left, right, right, left, left, right, right)

The ball moves accordingly and falls into a slot with payouts.


Players purchase a random ticket with a random number. Each cost $ 0.01, players can buy tickets in any currency.

A maximum of 10000 tickets can be purchasedby a singleplayer and the amount of money a player can bet is $ 100 normal.

Each game round lasts 30 seconds.

A random number from 0 to 1 (0 and 1 excluded) is generated at the beginning of each round, and this number is multiplied by the total number of tickets participating.

The resulting number (rounded) +1 is the winning ticket number. The winner takes the bank minus 2% of the edge of the house.

Slots, Casino, Live, Games

WinDice offers many popular third-party slots and casino games from some of the best licensed providers in the world.

Some games are inaccessible from your country, in which case the "No game available in your region" notification will be displayed.

The house edge, the supported currencies and the currency display, the min/ max bet will vary depending on which provider or game you play.

Please check the rules of the game and the payment tables when loading the specific slot or live game.

Wincoins wagering contest

Wincoin Daily Contest will start every day at 06:30 GMT+05:30 and will end the next day at 06:30 GMT+05:30.


The game offers free wincoins or cryptocurrency depending on your VIP status and level. The faucet is only available when the player has no funds in the account.

Faucet is claimed with classic Minesweeper game. The player's task is to open the fields with crystals, for which the player will receive a guaranteed amount of selected cryptocurrency.

If the player hits a bomb, the game ends and he receives coins for each crystal opened.

The game is available every three minutes. There is also a limit on the number of games per day.

Each cryptocurrency faucet claim will deduct 200 xp from your total experience pool.

The charges per crystal and the number of games per day depend on your VIP status and level and can be found here:

Chat Rain

To take advantage of the dice rain you need to chat and play. Join the chat and get a chance to win prizes. The higher your presence in the chat, the higher the probability of winning prizes. The chat shows payouts to the chat user depends on the chat usage frequency and the approximate number of chat show bonus amounts.

Possible win

The maximum allowable win for a bet is 0.5 BTC or the equivalent in another currency.

Minimum win chance



You can only win the jackpot in the dice game.

If a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot amount is set at the base 0.25 BTC (or equivalent).

The jackpot wins when the roll hits 7777, and the ID bet must be equal to the last symbol 7, i.e. XXXXXX7.

VIP System and Levels

There are six different VIP levels: copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Players receive levels according to their wage, 1 XP point equals $ 1 wage.

VIP Benefits

  • Rackback

    The rack back is a VIP benefit where players receive a portion of their wagerrefunded back to their account.

  • Cashback

    Cashback or lossback is a VIP benefit where players receive a percentage of the losses they incur as they bet.

  • Store discount

    Store discounts are a VIP benefit where players receive a percentage off the store price.

  • Increase in rain

    Rain increase is a VIP benefit where players get a bonus for their amount of rain.

  • Faucet increase

    The Faucet increase is a VIP benefit where players receive a bonus for their tube claims.

  • Tokens for level ups

    When a player reaches a new level, he will receive bonus tokens


Players for Wincoins can purchase items, boost wins or change nicknames.

Store item prices may change. Make sure you visit the store often to see if any promotions / offers are taking place.

Accepted cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin cash

  • Ethereum

  • Litecoin

  • Dogecoin

  • Ripplecoin

Daily bonus: 7 day streak

Players receive daily bonuses for their performance. Sign in every day of the week to receive bonuses on Wincoins and XP points.

The bonus counter is reset after one week or if a player fails to log in within 24 hours after his last arrival.

Affiliate Program

WinDice offer a three level plan for partners.

Affiliate payments received after the deposited funds, all the challenges placed by your referrals, payments will get you upto 40% commission.

1st level: 20%-40% of the house edge of all of the bets made by your affiliate, regardless win or lose

2nd level: 3% of the house edge of all of the bets made by your affiliate, regardless win or lose

3rd level: 2% of the house edge of all of the bets made by your affiliate, regardless of win or lose.

Image credits: WinDice

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