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There are many free ways to earn bitcoins without investing in the decentralized market of cryptocurrencies. One of the best of those free methods is Bitcoin faucets. They offer free bitcoins to each user in exchange for completing simple tasks. These bitcoin faucets run a number of affiliate programs, lottery games and daily hobbies to help users earn indirectly without buying any tokens.

There are many ways to earn free bitcoins, but all users have to pay different amounts for this purpose and users can withdraw their coins in a way that they can withdraw. Many users have to exchange their Bitcoins for another cryptocurrency or Altcoin and convert them into traditional Fiat currencies such as Dollars and Euros.

Most of the early bitcoins adopters who made a fortune with bitcoin faucets. Faucets are used to send them free bitcoins to play simple games and solve captchas. Today there are many ways for Bitcoin enthusiasts to get some coins for free like Pay, Pounds, Tipping, Referral Programs.

What is

FreeBitcoin is an online Bitcoin faucet founded in 2013 that allows users to earn up to $ 200 per hour with other great contests and prizes. The most popular feature of FreeBitcoin is its proven fair HI-LO dice game, which is an easy way to multiply your bitcoins. offers several features:

Earn Bitcoins Fast With FreeBitcoin

After learning about Bitcoin faucets, you need to understand which Bitcoin faucets is most suitable for you to earn Bitcoins fast. As the number of Bitcoin users around the world is increasing every day, many Bitcoin faucet claim to be the best in the hope of gaining new users.

But, FreeBitcoin is a real bitcoin faucet that gives you free bitcoins every hour without any investment. FreeBitcoin is a great example of a bitcoin faucet that let you earn 4% interest on your balance and offers great reward points and free lottery tickets to users.

You can win up to $ 200 per hour by playing free spins or simple hi-low games using FreeBitcoin and redeem your earnings with normal fees. The detailed features of FreeBitcoin are listed below, you can use it to get free bitcoins without spending a single penny.

Let's get started

Multiply your bitcoins

FreeBitcoin has been paying 100% to its 37 million+ users since 2013. The world’s oldest bitcoin faucet allows you to win up to 17 Satoshis and up to 0.13 BTC per hour. Try your luck by playing a simple dice game, you could win up to $ 200 in Bitcoins every hour with continuous claiming streak.

Multiply your Bitcoin holdings by playing the multiplier BTC game in FreeBitcoin. The “Multiply BTC” game can get you a ton of bitcoins in a few seconds. The process is relatively simple, all you have to do is multiply the BTC for every 1000 satoshi.

After betting, your will get more BTC on free role, but you should take into account the price of BTC on the market at the time of betting. With this bet, you can multiply your bitcoins up to 4,750 times.

Probably a fair high-low game

One of the best casino games for new players around the world. Players can win big Hi-Low Jackpot prizes of up to 1 bitcoin each time they play. The game is surprisingly addictive and the players have a lot of fun playing it.

Hi-Low is the simplest of all casino games around the world. You can increase your Bitcoin revenue by playing a simple HI-LO game on FreeBitcoin. This game is reasonably designed using a combination of math and cryptography. This is a perfectly strategically designed game and players have to decide if the next roll will be more or less the same.

If the player is right then he wins, otherwise he loses. In its presentation it is very simple, but very addictive. The new users in this game have the same chances to win big amounts as experienced players when it comes to winning.

Referral Contest

FreeBitcoin also features a referral contest. Players can play the Hi-Low Dice game with their friends and family and have the opportunity to win $ 10,900 prizes each month.

This referral contest starts on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of the month. To win the prize, players must rank among the top 10 users by the combined wagering volume of their referrals for the month. All prizes will be paid in BTC and deposited directly in the user's FreeBitcoin wallet.

Once the contest ends, the winner will receive an email announcing that a prize has been won by the winner, which will be credited directly to tge winners FreeBitcoin account and can be withdrawn at any time.

So, use the FreeBitcoin's referral Program and bring as many peopleas you can to FreeBitcoin. Rank top 10 with the total wagering of your referrals to win upto $ 10,900.

Wagering contests

Wagers can be earned when betting on the outcome of an external event, such as a sporting event or political event. This is completely free competition and a player does not have to register for it. $ 10,000 prize is distributed daily between the top 30 players, according to the bets created by the players.

FreeBitcoin has daily, weekly and monthly special wageringcontests. Prizes are awarded with BTC and daily prizes are awarded within 24 hours. The player with the highest wage wins the largest portion of the prize.

You only need to bet and wagger on the Hi-Low Dice game or bet on your favorite sports or political events on FreeBitcoin and take the Bitcoins home. If you rank in the top 10 users by increasing the wagering volume, you can win up to $ 21,600 on BTC every month.

Earn interest on your deposits

If you deposit Bitcoins in your FreeBitcoin wallet, they will pay 4.08% annual interest on your balance, which will be earned daily. FreeBitcoin offers you the added benefit of using their wallet.

FreeBitcoin's wallet is not just a wallet; This can earn you a significant number of bitcoins every day as interest on your account balance. All you have to do is keep at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account.

The interest amount will be credited daily to your FreeBitcoin account with compound interest. If your referrerkeep the minimum amount required to earn interest, you can earn a commission of 25% of the interest earned on your referrals.

Free weekly lottery

Play the free Bitcoin lottery and you can win up to $ 4,500 on BTC. You can register at FreeBitcoin and earn or buy lottery tickets online. If you want to be a part of the biggest bitcoin lottery on the internet, FreeBitcoin welcomes you to its brand new lottery land full of free BTC prizes and rewards.

It is very easy to enter the weekly lottery and one or more lottery tickets will qualify you to participate in it. You can get those lucky tickets in many ways, and once you do, the system automatically enters you in the draw.

You can win big prizes with the weekly lottery, and you will get free tickets every time you play the free Bitcoin game after winning the prize. You can also get some free tickets if the person you are referring to has played a free bitcoin game.

Generous referral program

Referral programs generate a commission for the referrer of 50% of any free bitcoin won through the FreeBitcoin faucet. The referrer will receive 0.25% on any bet in the BTC Hi-Low game along with 25% daily interest played by their referral. FreeBitcoin offers an automatic option to share the percentage of referral commissions with referrals. Every new user can automatically share 50% commission revenue with the referrer!

After registering on FreeBitcoin, you can refer your friends to the site and get free lottery tickets every time they play and additionally get 50% of their winnings. This commission is completely free and you can withdraw your bitcoins immediately at any time.

Win a Lamborghini

This is the largest payment on FreeBitcoin; With the Golden Ticket Round 2 competition you can beat the most amazing Lamborghini Hurricane. All you have to do is participate in the Golden Ticket Contest. To do that, you must bet BI on the HI-LO Dice game, bet on your favorite events and collect Golden Tickets.

Then, a fair lottery draw will select a lucky winner who will take home the best of all the prizes on FreeBitcoin a Lamborghini. However, Lamborghini is the most favorite car in the crypto community and the world's oldest bitcoin faucet FreeBitcoin gives you the opportunity to try your luck at their Golden Ticket competition.

With the introduction of the contest to its 37 million+ active users, the popularity of FreeBitcoin has grown rapidly, making it one of the industry's leading Bitcoin gaming sites.

Other Ways to Win Free Bitcoins

On FreeBitcoin, you will find many ways to get free bitcoins apart from the bitcoin lottery competition. Using Bitcoin faucet, you can get a good number of satoshis to perform various actions within the site. Bitcoin faucet around the world are considered to be the new and popular way to make money every hour.

Every bitcoin faucet on earth rewards satoshi (a small portion of bitcoin). In exchange for these bitcoins, users can complete a variety of tasks, such as loading a page full of ads, scrolling, playing online games, or betting. You can go for faucet like this and earn a significant number of bitcoins without buying it.

Affiliate programs, also known as referral programs, are the easiest way to earn free bitcoins. All you have to do is refer a friend or family member to a service.

By promoting multiple services with the help of affiliate links, you can earn a significant number of bitcoins.

Bitcoin games are also used by many online gamblers to earn some online money. Online Bitcoin games offer players the lowest amount of Bitcoin prizes. Players who use these Bitcoin games to earn free coins can multiply their Bitcoin up to four thousand times. If this is why; Gaming sites display certain ads while playing games that players must watch to continue the game.

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I just visited the site and created an account and I would say be wary when using the website. Just use the free roll and don't click any other links available. I tried clicking a tab that said 'free rolls' and the site gave several links, clicked into one of them and led me to a super dodgy website that said my laptop is infected and stuff. Quite disappointing to know that freebitcoin would provide links to these kind of pages.

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3 years ago

A great tip is that you can enable "block ads" on chrome like browser, which will definitely help you to stay on the same page! I understand the situation, it just annoying. Also I always recommend you to stay away from gambling sites.

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3 years ago

You mean a user must gamble in order to win bitcoin? Are there any non gambling form of games?

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3 years ago

Gambling is just one of the way to earn btc.. But You should check out

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3 years ago

I use this site. It's addictive. I've lost 35k on this site in my currency Rupees. Yes, it pays but hard to earn from it as you can get 10-20 losses while betting either high or low on it. This is unpredictable.

About the wheel of fortune, you'll always get 50 satoshis, 50 lottery tickets. That's it. Never 500 satoshis or any other prize. How's it possible that it always 1, 2 options? What about the remaining 10 options? It looks like they control the outcome. It pays but hard to win from it.

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3 years ago

All the gambling sites you see online are completely rigged, thats how they profit. At first they let you win big amount topping the Bitcoin greed into you, they make you think its easy to win a ton of money from this multiplier if you deposit and then when you cross 500 bets you start losing money, you get more lose that win ,no matter which side you place bet.

But there is a strategy to get over this. Once you've doubled your money, withdraw your deposited money , so there is nothing to lose.

It is heart breaking to lose ₹ 35,000 ,thats a big amount. But nobody knows, we all learn from mistakes. Stay strong man! You will become successful one day.

I'm also from India. Feel free to ask anything

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3 years ago

hey @Meta_comic, I already have an account on this site, unfortunately I didn't pay much attention to it not until today as your post is a huge reminder to me. Woots thanks..I think I will do another shout out post eh? hehehe..

I've done betting as well..

Might as well go back to this site and earn more microportion of BTC. yay.... i love your gifs and definitely I am your follower and subscriber... Merry Christmas

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3 years ago

Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you do! I like your style. Let me know once you've done writing the article, I'll link back and get you enough traffic from my article. Feel free to use my article contents!

Merry Christmas! I see you soon!

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3 years ago

I have account in this I thought this isn't legit 😱 I might visit it again. Thanks for the post.

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3 years ago

You're welcome! They are 100% legitimate!!

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3 years ago

I am trying the same challenge on Coinpot with their VIP reward for passive earning. All my support for a achieving your goal.

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3 years ago

I’m sure you’ll do great or the universe will make it happen, my best wishes for you to break the challenge. I will make an article about coinpot one day.

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3 years ago