Road To Earning 10 BTC at DuckDice - 2021 Reviews.

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DuckDice is a legitimate dice site established in late 2016. This is a traditional bitcoin dice site, which means it only contains some games with very basic graphical content. Anyway the game is very fast and easy to understand for the first time.

You can play with 12 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Doc Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Tether, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Star and Squash.

Duck Dice offers a variety of promotions and bonuses such as the Duck Hunt Interactive Game (and more later), Lucky bet Bonus and many more fast matches.


Duck Dice Dice Game

This dice game is similar to TrustDice, but the game works faster. The idea of playing dice is easy to understand when playing for the first time because of better tutorial.

There are three betting modes:

  • Manual - Each roll must be placed manually with hotkeys or mouse.

  • Auto - This mode automatically rolls and you can set different strategies.

  • Flash - Keep in mind that you can place many bets as you want instantly, and at the same time, you can only check the stats after the game.

Sniper race

Sniper Race is a regular bonus game where you can gamble against your teammates to win prizes. Each Games last few hours, which is why we call them races.

Anyone can participate in Sniper race at any time, before or during the race. Find scheduled races or check chat notifications for upcoming races by clicking on the sniper race icon next to the chat icon.


The Faucet is a feature that offers free coins to try out the game.

You must enter Faucet mode to claim free cryptocurrency from the faucet. You can see the Mode Switcher in the top left corner of the game switch.

In order to claim the Faucet, you should not lose tic-tac-toe game against a computer or a real player. You will have three attempts.

The Faucet amount depends on your level:

If you win sufficient amount in the faucet mode , you can exchange them to the main mode balance, you can bet more from the main mode balance, exchange for other currency, send other players a tip, claim deposit bonus, win the jackpot, catch the lucky bet and other bonuses or send it to your wallets etc. .

Duck Dice Lottery

The lottery draw consist of 5 numbers from 36 possible and 1 jackpot ball from 10 possible and will always be a total of 6 numbers. When purchasing tickets you can manually select 5 standard numbers and 1 jackpot ball or purchase tickets with randomly selected numbers.

You can buy tickets using any cryptocurrency or win tickets on a lottery bonus. For everyone's convenience the jackpot will be displayed in US dollars. Jackpot is always $ 100,000 but credited in BTC.

Deposit bonus

You can multiply your game play with the leverage provided with the Deposit Bonus. DuckDice have analyzed various bonuses from the online gaming and trading worlds to design the transparent bonus, which will give you the best opportunity.

Bet Refund bonus

Regardless of the win or loss, there is a chance to get your bet back - or even more with bet Refund bonus.

Lucky Bet Bonus

Lucky Bet Bonuses are held from time to time to earn some extra coins from the bet racing. Winners will be selected according to the race numbers displayed above the playing field.

How to take part in Lucky Bet bonus:

  • Place a bet equal to or greater than that specified in the opening notice.

  • You will receive a bonus if your betting number is equal to the randomly selected number.

  • You will not receive a bonus if your bet number is equal to the set number, but if the bet amount is less than required.

Duck Dice Birthday Bonus

Duck Dice Birthday Bonus Introduced In 2018 To Let The Ducklings Celebrate the Beautiful day!

  • Search for a decorated egg;

  • Click on it;

  • You will get the bonus fund added to the game balance!

Christmas bonus

The Christmas Bonus is held from December 24-25 and January 6-7 to celebrate holiday!

An amount of Christmas bonus prizes depends on the duckling's level: bigger level - bigger prizes:

  • 0 level bonus - 0.000001 BTC

  • 1 level bonus - 0.000015 BTC

  • 2 level bonus - 0.00003 BTC

  • 3 level bonus - 0.00006 BTC

  • 4 level bonus - 0.00007 BTC

  • 5 level bonus - 0.00008 BTC

Easter bonus

This is one of our occasional bonuses dedicated to Easter. Therefore, it is available for two days each year.

It is an evolving Easter egg with some special effects that can vary.

How to get your bonus?

It's simple, Find the Easter Egg! To do that you need to buy lottery tickets or place a best. It makes sense to play hard and try everything, because the Easter eggs roughly exposed when the ducklings perform any action. More games = better chance!

Duck hunting

The duck will fly in a chat at random directions and at random times. Duck appears only to users with open chat. A player must click on the duck to win free coins.

The prize for a shot duck is 0.00000263 BTC.

New Year bonus

Duck Dice have some features to earn extra money with a special bonus every New Year’s holiday.

In order to get the bonus, you need to roll 2021 on the dice bet.

You receive 0.0001 BTC per bet, if you hit 2021 and there are no limits to roll 2021, you earn continuously, if you hit 2021 anytime!

Yeah! There no hidden rules or anything else! Just bet 1 Satoshi or more and get 2021 on the eggs.

Wagering competition

All participants compete with each other in their race. All you have to do is roll more and more to win!

Daily wage competition held every 24h

15 high-wagered ducklings get rewarded.

Dice progressive jackpot

Roll 7777 for a race that ends with 77 and hits the jackpot!

The percentage of the Jackpot is calculated by the formula: (bet_amount * 100) / coefficient

A percent of the Jackpot will be won according to the bet amount:

Affiliate program

Bring your friend and get a share from Duck Dice!

Duck Dice offers players a portion of the House Edge due to the affiliate plan. This means that you will get 1% of the casino benefit from the bets made by your referrals.

Affiliate commission is divided into three tiers:

  • 1st deck is the user's direct referrals. The commission formula is the amount of wagered bets * 1% * variable percent.

  • 2nd deck is users who have signed under the 1-deck referral link are 2-deck. The commission formula is the winning bet * 1% * 3%.

  • 3rd deck means users who have signed under the 2-deck referral link. The commission formula is the winning bet * 1% * 2%.


Receive coins from other players or send coins with respect.


Rain is a chat feature that allows a member to send multiple coins to multiple members at a time. This is usually done as a courtesy after a good win, or to cheer up those in the chat.

In winter, rain is renamed as snow.

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