8 Ways To Earn Litecoin (LTC)

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1 Litecoin (LTC) = $ 72.16 US dollar

Litcoin (LTC) is one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap, with a current market value of over $ 3.2 billion. According to Coinmetric, more than 150,000 Litcoin wallets are active every day.

Truth be told, there are some ways you can make proper money with cryptocurrencies other than the obvious way of trading. So, I decided to explore some proven ways on how to earn litecoin.

What is Litcoin?

Litcoin is a p2p cryptocurrency and open source program released under the MIT / X11 license. The Litecoin transfer and creation is based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is not administered by any central authority. Starting in October 2011 Litcoin was an early bitcoin spinoff or Altcoin.

Let's get started.

1. Mine Litcoin

Litcoin mining is a transactional process in blockchain. Litcoin mining requires solving of algorithm and the first to reach the solution is rewardedby tokens.

There are three options for Litcoin mining:

  • Solo mining

  • mining pool

  • Cloud Mining

(i) Solo mining

If you want to go it alone, you have to purchase specialized hardware designed for mining script-based cryptocurrencies, rather than using your CPU or graphics card for mine Litcoin. These so-called ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) miners are significantly more powerful than CPUs and GPUs, so they have a better chance of winning mining rewards.

Steps for solo mining

  • Create a Litcoin Wallet

  • Choose your hardware

  • Installing the software

  • Start mining

(ii) mining pool

If you think there is safety in numbers, you may want to consider joining the mine pool. These mining collectives allow you to join other miners and integrate your computer power into the work of mining litcoin.

This means LTC rewards are shared among group, so you only get a small amount in LTC Mining, which is more than mining on your own.

Steps for mining pool

  • Create Litcoin Wallet.

  • Choose your mining hardware.

  • Install any required software

  • Select the mining pool.

  • Start mining

(iii) Cloud mining

If you want access to the latest mining hardware, but do not want to deal with the hassle, expensive purchase and maintaining the necessary equipment, you may want to consider a cloud mining company. These providers, such as Genesis Mining and Hashflare, allow Litcoin mining equipment to be leased for a limited period of time.

Leasing computer power is cheaper than setting up your own rig. This also means that you can avoid problems related to equipment maintenance, high heating risks and the use of electricity to operate your own mining operation.

Steps for cloud mining

  • Create Litcoin Wallet

  • Choose your hardware

  • Installing the software.

  • Start mining.

Learn more about mining litecoin here.

Check out the price of mining equipments and legitimate websites here.

2. Free Litcoin Faucet

A simple litecoin Faucet that let you win up to $ 200 worth of litecoin with continuous claiming streak. The table shows the amount of free litcoin you won based on which number you roll. Roll 10000 to hit $ 200 jackpot.


You can increase your wins by playing the multiplier game. There is a 50/50 chance of winning this fair game. In this easy and proven fair game, there is a 50/50 chance to multiply your litcoin. All you have to bet high or low.


Referrals add up 50% of the claims made by users you directed to the platform.


No withdrawal limits. This means you can withdraw any amount of litcoin from the site. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.004 LTC ($ 0.28), network fee is 0.001 LTC ($ 0.06).

8% LTC Interest

The site also says that if you decide to keep your income on the site for one year, you will be paid 8 percent return on interest (ROI).


You can win Litecoin with lottery. You can win with just one ticket. Buying more lottery tickets will Increase the chance of winning a huge amount of litecoin. Lottery rize is based on the total number of tickets purchased during each lottery round. Each Lottery round lasts 7 days. If you win a lottery, that will be added to your account balance.

3. Litcoinads

litecoinads is a PTC platform that pays instantly with Litcoin. This allow you to make money and advertise cheaply to grow your business exponentially.

Methods of earning on this platform

The main way to make money with Litcoinads is to click on the ads. In your membership account, you will see various ads to click on. When you do this, Litoshi will be earned.

Different ads are available, depending on your global location and the advertisers of the day. The be paid immediately and will be available in your account for a withdrawal.

Here are the ways to make money from the Litcoinads platform under the Earnings section.

  • ptc Ads

  • Traffic exchange

  • Transport grid

  • Short Claim

  • Offers4all

  • Paid to view

  • Benefits of upgrade

  • Advertisers!

  • Referrals

  • Direct referrals

  • Referral Tools

  • Revenue share

  • adpacks

  • Profit distribution

  • Pools

4. Walcrypt

Walcrypt is like Faucethub (which does not accept payment from faucets). And the owners says that they are trying to create a wallet like Faucethub. In addition to using the site as a micro wallet, here you will find several ways to earn from faucets, offerwalls, shortlinks, paid to surf etc..

Features of this site

  • Easy to use API

    The API was specifically coded for ease of use. Integration requires a few minutes on your website.

  • Advanced security

    SSL, Cloudflare, Firewall, 2FA and many more security levels to ensure the security of your account and prevent hacking.

  • Alternative support

    Walcrypt will do everything to fix our problems quickly. Reply within 24 hours!

  • Responsive

    The website is designed to be mobile friendly. This way you can check your earnings everywhere.

  • Safe wallet

    Don't worry about losing your cryptocurrencies. Walcrypt store 80% of them in a cold wallet (outside the network) for added security.

  • Live chat

    Chat and share your tips with all crypto-lovers. Get rewards for participating in community life.

5. LightBringer

LightBringer is the first real Litcoin game. You can upgrade RPG characters, trade weapons and equipments with other players and earn real litecoin.

Light Bringer acknowledges the revolutionary potential of blockchain, as in some previous games. It's pure decentralized application (Dapp), the entire game happens on Litcoin blockchain, which has no servers, giving players unprecedented control over the game.

The game is a transaction in Litcoin blockchain that creates value for every move you make. Each and every weapons, armor and even your characters can be traded safely and without limits, thanks to the power of cryptocurrency. Make better decisions than other players and earn money while enjoying the game.

Players in the Light Bringer must send their heroes on quests, defeat enemies and win rewards. There are fighters, thugs and sorcerers. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. You have your own weapons and equipments to upgrade your hero or sell them for Litcoin.

6. Litcoin Investment

Crypto Research Report Group has predicted litecoin will reach $ 83 by 2020, $ 1,200 by 2025 and $ 2,250 by 2030.

It is expected that the bulllish trend will continue, with the LTC trading at $347.7 buy the end of 2024.

If you are a long BTC holder, being a long LTC is a relatively safe bet. Litcoin should be your best bet for the next generation of Android users.

Learn more about investing in litecoin with caution here.

7. Earn up to 12% interest on Nexo

Grow your wealth in Nexo high-income savings account.

Top up your litecoin asset

Choose the litecoin asset to deposit. To avoid any delays make sure you use the most up-to-date wallet address and correct note.

Start earning

Once deposited, the assets in your Nexo account will automatically start earning interest, which will be credited to you daily. You are free to add or withdraw any amount to #ZeroFees at any time.

8. Idle-Empire

All you have to do is sign up for an account Idle-empire, respond to some paid surveys, watch videos or get full offers and quickly redeem your points for litcoin. Idle-Empire will send LTC to your Coinbase account immediately and with zero charges. You can then keep Litecoin in your Coinbase account or send it to your own wallet.

Only 3 simple steps:

  • Register on Idle-empire

  • Start earning points

  • Redeem Litcoin

__________THE END__________


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