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No LOVE, No JOY? Let's Go To The BEACH!

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October 25, 2021

I woke up in the wrong bed feeling back pain and a heavy head. Pain, sorrow, and hatred were still floating in my head. How could my life be as terrible as this? To be spared by LOVE and be deprived to experience JOY. All I did in my entire life was to give my all to him. But he just dumped me in a black pit of misery.

I turned into an empty fragile shell that could break into pieces once I stumbled upon a stone and might hit rock bottom. What kind of spell on earth did he cast on me that I became addicted to him. But he rug pulled and left me on the MISTBar, shedding tears, looking miserable that alcohol almost drowned me. And it was a miracle that I managed to drive back home and hit the sack safe and sound.

As I channeled to get off of the bed, a pang of pain hit my head and I felt like the world ORBited around me and I almost hit the hard floor. I held the edge of the bed and grabbed the chair next to my study table. As I made myself steady, a soulful face appeared in the A4-sized mirror on the table and I barely recognize myself anymore.

Dark eye bags with melted eyeliners spread on my face, unkempt hair, and smudged lipstick around my lips, as if I suck blood from the neck of my victim last night. The colors of smudged makeup on my face made me look like a ZOMBIE or a dreadful clown at a Halloween party."This isn't me!" I told myself.

I stood up and headed to the lavatory, washed off my mess, and dressed up prettily. I won't let any man give me a dismal life, so I built a wall as strong as the LAW of God that even a LIGHTNING strike can't break. But I swear, I want to screw and bury the man with the name of God of Love under the ground. Perhaps, I just need to leave it in the past and move forward.

While combing my hair in front of the mirror, the cover photo of the BPAD magazine caught me.

The place in the photo was beautiful and inviting. And thinking about unwinding and recovering my broken heart, I opted to set off to make a sweet escape without a MAZE and hesitation.

I took my small luggage and stepped out of the house confidently. The sweet scent of MIST perfume lingered on my nose as the wind blew past me. Bright and sunny weather welcomed my day and it was just so perfect for a short run away. With my headset on, I played soft acoustic music and hummed harmoniously, and started my stroll heading out of the village as I opted to travel by bus going to my ideal destination. Traveling in my car won't help me enjoy the journey and I wasn't in the mood to drive.

On my way, I spotted my neighbor @Laurenceuuu feeling sad beside his SHIBA dog lying on the bench in his garden. He's caressing the fur of the newly born puppy EBEN, and it looked weak and sick, while Lau's face looked blank.

"What's wrong with him Lau?"

He was startled by the unexpected voice that brought his senses back and greeted me weakly.

"Hi ate. My Shiba dog isn't lactating and Eben is starving. I don't want to lose him. I'm feeding him with HAM but he doesn't like it."

"Don't you have dog food for fur babies? He might like it."

"We are out of stock and I only have MILK. I don't have spare money to buy dog food."

Unreluctantly, I FLEXCoin to him, enough to buy things and food he needed.

"Use that amount of FlexUSD I gave you to buy everything he needed. I don't want to lose him too."

"Thank you so much ate."

Lau happily picked up Eben and his Shiba dog and headed inside his home. I bid goodbye to him as I will be gone for days.

In the next house was @carisdaneym2 cheerfully playing with her CATS while the KITTENs were playing in the garden, rolling and hugging their BCH cushions.

Stickers credit to Cari (background photo from Sisters Antiques)

"Hi ate, how's your heart?" Asked Car.

"Still broken and in the process of fixing it. Your cats are adorable."

"Thank you. Seems like you'll have a quite long vacay by looking at your luggage."

"Yup. The salty breeze and dancing waves of the South are inviting me."

"Enjoy your vacation. Don't forget to form some CHEESE on your lips. Smile 😁."

"Yes, I will. Thank you. I'll go ahead now. Bye."

I continued to stroll down the compound until I reached the art wall. The youngsters were painting VANDALS on the wall and the ALPHA was making a mural of a CANDYMAN.

I stopped to take a snap and tossed sBUSD coins on them as a form of appreciation and continued to stroll down after posting the photo on noisecash. The kid saw it and waved at me.

As I reached the quay, I lined up and waited for the bus to come. The journey would be an hour, but with music on, I won't get bored. A man in a green shirt with MGOT (Money Grows On Trees) acronym on it, inserted in the line hastily without queueing properly.

"Excuse me. Could you mind lining up behind the last man in line?" I told him politely.

But the man just smirked at me sarcastically and ruined my mood shortly. For my own sake, I just HODLed my temper and kept myself calm, and shrugged the man off my mind. People around looked at us curiously and whispers were thrown in the air.

The sVNT bus arrived shortly after the quick commotion and I hopped in when it was my turn. Gladly I found a vacant seat next to the window and so I could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. I was looking out of the window and capturing the greenery when I felt someone sit next to me. But I didn't mind and continued taking shots until I was contented.


A manly voice startled me and he was referring to the photos on my phone. But as I glance at him, his face just made my blood boil.

"ARG!!" I bitterly told him.

But the guy just smiled and asked.

"What does it mean if you don't mind?"

"Arrogant Rude Guy! Could you please look for other seats? I don't want to ruin my day because of you."

"Ouch! Sorry, no more available seats. Look around then." And he smirked.

"D*mn. You are so gentleman!"

"Thanks." He replied arrogantly while smirking.

"I should have traveled through WRS (West Rail Station). Amphh" I whispered to myself and blew the hair strands lying on my face.

I put my hoodie on so I couldn't see his face and played the music loudly. But from my peripheral vision, I saw his phone and he's playing Axie Infinity and just received his AXIEBCH payout. I wonder what team is he on. Maybe Eybyoung and MJ knows him.

But my mind told me not to care about him. With arms crossing below my chest, I closed my eyes and just thought about the blue water waiting for me at the end of the station and didn't mind the man sitting next to me.

After an hour's journey, finally, I spotted my ideal destination. The paradise where I will be staying for a week, KTH Beach Resort.

Excitedly, I dragged my luggage out of the bus without minding the ARG and headed to the reception area. The resort was located in a secluded part of the South where trees, flowers, and the sea are its neighborhood.

"The BEACH! Finally!" I exclaimed in excitement and joy and headed out to look for my villa.

My own photo

Just a few distances from the pool was where my villa was located. Since it was past 1 in the afternoon, I headed out to look for a restaurant after unpacking my stuff. And there I found a cafe next to the pool.

I should be eating lunch but I opted to have a cup of coffee with some sweets with it. As I entered the place, a warm scent of tea and the sweet aroma of coffee greeted me along with the soft acoustic music in the air. A perfect place where all my preferences were catered. The cafe has a quality ambiance where I could sit back and relax for a few hours. And it was a good decision to bring my laptop with me so I could check the crypto and SmartBCH stats while connecting to the wifi.

While waiting for my order, I was checking my pools on BenSwap, MistSwap, and MuesliSwap. And added LP tokens on the newly launched BeachSwap. These four DEXs are giving me passive income while I'm off from work.

A few minutes later the staff arrived with a tray of a cup of cappuccino, strawberry cake, and CELERY salad on it.

"Enjoy your coffee ma'am."

"Thank you. By the way, are you accepting Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment? I learned from your site that you are accepting crypto."

"Yes mam. You can check the QR code next to the counter later."

"Thanks. But what's your receiving wallet for BCH?"

"Metamask ma'am." She answered.

"That's great. I'll send the payment through then."

"Sure. We're using that too. Permit me to leave, so you could enjoy your coffee." She smiled as she left the spot and get back to her work.

The staff was very cordial and I like how she entertained the customers, so I thought of giving her a check later that day so I could teach her how to claim it on

The cappuccino in a cup with the UatX logo on it was enticing and so I made my first sip. From the distance, I saw lovey-dovey birds making some PDA at the patio of the cafe and I got irritated by the view from my spot.

I calmed myself and checked the TG group instead and I saw a response from one of the members of the Club1BCH.

From all the sufferings and pain I had in the past, loving myself was something I forgot. I must owe the man who broke my heart as it was a blessing in disguise. Now, I could love myself again.

As I looked at the sweet couple one more time, a figure of a man covered the view and he placed a plate of roasted goose on the table with some SPICEs and his glass of mango shake.

"I'm doing you a favor." He sarcastically said.

"Did I ask?"

"You should be eating a meal for lunch, not a piece of cake, with celery and coffee? Seriously? You have a weird combo."

Looking at the goose on his plate, I could imagine how the goslings HONKed when their mother was roasted. And I pitied them.

"Who cares? You PUNK, why are you here again? You're supposed to be listed on BlockNG."

Seemed like the arrogant rude guy is following me everywhere I go.

"What are you talking about? You're alone. Want some company?"

"No thanks. Now, get lost. Your view is more irritating than the couple at the patio."

"Do I look like a punk to you?"

"Yeah. You look like LawPunk #3 JustinF**kingSun that was sold for 33 BCH. I wish I could sell your face for 100 BCH."

"CiZi easy. You are insane. What's your name lady?"

"See? You even know the name of LawPunk #4 CiZi, don't you know him?"

"None of my business lady. Now tell me your name."

"Why would I?"

"Because I won't stop asking until you tell me."

"Punk! It's KONRA. get lost now please."

"Cool. Don't you want to know mine?"

"No thanks."

But I remember he's an Axie player and Eyb and MJ might know him. So I opted to ask his name.

"K fine. What's your name and what are you up to?"

"I'm EROS X. AGON from The Ever Up company."

"You fraud! So you are tailing me so you could convince me to invest in your scam company? I already buried the man with the name of God of Love under the earth after he rug pulled and went to hell. So don't ever show your face in front of me again if you don't want me to summon the Barobots and PoolSide Puffers, and order them to drag you to the bottom of the MistyLake until you are out of breath."

He was left dumbfounded and looked ignorant of the words I have spat at him. I picked my laptop up and stood to leave the place. But he uttered something.

"Me fraud?I thought you needed some love?"

Coincidentally, my phone beeped and I checked the new notif. I just received a new token from @Mr_Trenzs.

"No, I don't need your love or whatsoever. Because I have millions of love. If you go near me again, I'll break those balls of your STO!"

"And what the hell is STO?"

"That Slouching Tremendous Organ below your belt, cowardly hiding underneath your POTA lingerie. Get it?"

And his face turned red and he shut his mouth. Imagining his Pota lingerie made me laugh in my mind.

Ever since that encounter, the ARG never go near me again but I saw him flirting with different bitches at the beach. Birds with the same feathers flock together indeed.

Meanwhile, I just enjoyed my 1-week vacay by roaming around the beach vicinity, taking photographs, watching night events, trying banana boat riding, surfing, hiking, and camping, and visiting the nearby villages with beautiful scenery.

After the one-week vacation, I noticed some changes in myself and I could tell that I'm back for good. Indeed, what we all need is self love before we could love others. Thanks Mr . Trenzs for the free MIST and I love the message.

That's all folks. You might be laughing while reading this nonsensical content 🤣. And you might say that I am a SmartBCH addict at its finest! Well, it all started from a convo with the club members about these LOVE and JOY tokens. And when Laurence mentioned MILK and EBEN, Car mentioned BEACHes, and Mr. Trenzs mentioned loving myself, a funny story formed in my mind 🤣🤣.

And this is it. Haha. I hope you enjoyed it.

This story has no intention to murder the names of the sBCH tokens 🙈. This was just written for fun and so I provided new acronyms for some.

This would be a writing challenge for you.

  • Write any story using the SmartBCH tokens symbols and projects' name as prompts. A funny story is better 😁.

  • Tag my name @Jane

  • Put your SmartBCH address at the bottom of your article.

  • And you'll receive some LOVE as my gift of appreciation 😁💚💚

Happy writing and have fun.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   1659
1 month ago (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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