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Let Everything Flow

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3 weeks ago

September 26, 2021

Time of writing: 3 pm 09/25/21

Saturday has a bright and sunny morning. The sun shone so high and white fluffy clouds drifted across the azure blue sky. Unlike the previous days that the rain was on and off, covering the blue sky with thick dark clouds.


What would you feel when you step out of your house on a sunny morning but on your way, the rain suddenly falls like cats and dogs? Pretty annoying right? Especially for those who forgot to bring their umbrella with them. I used to ignore the rain, although, in the past, I do have memorable experiences in the pouring rain that remained indelible and still vividly clear up to date.

But the other day when the rain surprised me on the road, another memory has been added to my treasure chest. Or should I add it? Maybe yes, maybe no. But what if I talked to him nicely? Will it change my fate? Due to this unexpected encounter, the spot where it took place always reminds me of that day every time I pass by there on a rainy day.

Should I hate the rain then? I don't hate the rain though, maybe @bmjc98 did based on her latest article The Rain And I. That was, however, in the past. And as she said, she preferred the sun over the rain. Who likes walking on a muddy street with drenched clothes and shoes anyway? And to a person walking around with an axillary crutch, the rain would surely ruin their day.

So instead of hating the rain, be brave like a raindrop. Don't stop your journey amid the heavy rain, rather, keep on going until the rain recedes and the sun appears again.


Back on track, the weather this Saturday was so great, yet hot, that makes anyone thirsty and crave cold drinks. A glass of cold lemon soda, you like? I got this drink last Sunday though for free. But I won't order the same drink even if the weather is boiling. Like seriously? Who likes adding more acid to acidic drinks and acidic tummies? You're like adding more fuel to the fire. Do you want to get burnt?

An acidic person like me would definitely choose water over any cold sodas, and I won't choose most especially sodas with lemon in it. Some would say that drinking soda with lemon would neutralize the acid level in our stomach. And that, perhaps, is the reason why some restaurants are serving that kind of drink.

There are many diet advice escalating online and one of them is about alkalizing diet and consumers would claim that it can thrive the cancer cells in a highly acidic environment. Which I doubt is true based on what I have learned from Caregiving subjects regarding health. If my memory serves right, our stomach is naturally very acidic for proper digestion. And it is impossible to alter the cell environment for a less acidic one in our bodies.

And there's no medical proof that we could alter the PH levels in our bodies through consuming enough alkaline foods. However, high alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients that could impact our health.

It is really absurd believing in those diet advice online with no medical proof and could only create more complications if consumed in the wrong way. Take the Chinese girl at home as an example. She was admitted to the hospital due to drinking soda water with apple cider vinegar for months, advised by her quack-doctor-be-like mother. Because of this wrong diet, she has undergone a blood transfusion as her blood lowered after drinking too acidic drinks.

We rather eat fresh fruits and vegetables than make experimental diets that could possibly deteriorate our health conditions. And worse if that diet would lead to death.


Death? This reminds me of the news I watched on the train while on my way home last month. The news was about a taxi that shoved into a group of people on a pedestrian where one died on the spot and nine were hurt. The video showed injured citizens lying in a bloodbath on the road. The blood scattered on the road sent shivers down my spine but the driver made my blood boil.

A four-year-old child and a pregnant woman were among those injured victims. What makes the driver reckless when he can drive safely? Is he in the race field? Despite taking precautions on the road, accidents still happen due to these imprudent drivers who only think of themselves and drive as if they are in a racing field and chasing for the finish line.

HK is among the countries with high cases of traffic incidents. And my boss often reminds me to always put my eyes on the road while walking, and look to the left and right before crossing the pedestrian, not on my phone, lol.

The death cases in this pandemic era are escalating so fast and many more lives are in critical conditions not just because of covid but also because of different accidents caused by reckless drivers and careless pedestrians too.


Speaking of covid, I came across worldometers and saw the covid cases in the Philippines. At the time of writing, the covid cases are more than 2 million with more than 37 thousand death cases, and it says that 2.2 million has been recovered.

Click the image to see the whole data

This shows that more than 200 thousand are still unrecovered but based on the covid situation in the Philippines, I don't think the information is reliable. Are they really giving the exact data?

I also came across this post of @Serge on, where he mentioned about the dead bodies of covid-19 patients in the hospital where he is working, were poorly addressed due to lack of equipment such as freezers and crematorium. He also lamented about the lack of manpower in the hospital as almost 80 nurses have resigned since the beginning of the year.

This made me think about the next presidential election in our country. People should think wisely before voting and should choose someone capable enough to solve all the main issues in our countries such as addressing the covid situation, as well as underemployment, inflation rate, low minimum wage, lack of facilities, crimes, corruptions, and debt.


Debt that keeps on growing every year and something that won't be eradicated by any administration, most especially in my country. And based on @Meyzee post on noisecash, our country's debt increased by 17.2% this year. Will this be solved by the future president? I don't think so. Unless the president is willing to spend his fortune to pay the country's debt, lol. Something impossible to happen.

But looking at the presidential candidates, I couldn't see someone as smart as Duterte and Marcos that could mitigate the crisis in our country. These two brave presidents didn't even solve the problems, how much more is the next one on the list?

This freedom to vote, freedom of speech, freedom to choose someone to put on the throne should be used well, only if the majority would think for the country's sake, not just for the cash-for-votes. But knowing my co-Filipino qualities, this would possibly transpire again and again, and our country would only sink deeper, and its debt and crisis would grow bigger and bigger that would be passed down to the next generation.


Due to this pandemic, the freedom that we knew has truly been affected just like what @FarmGirl said. The intangible monster doesn't only rob millions of lives but also takes away millions of freedom. The life we once had isn't the same anymore and we're like animals that have been caged. The path we once walked has been restricted and we forbid passing.

Until when will we wait to get the freedom we lost?

The only strong weapon we have right now to kill the invisible monster is prayer. Let's just let the time flow full of strength and faith, and trust everything to Him.


You might be wondering why I came up with this topic. I just let my thoughts and imagination flow like what @Eunoia said. This has been my technique as well when the writer's block takes over my mind. Let the thoughts flow, then the fingers would do the rest.

You can do this too. Create prompts then relate them to the articles you have read inside and outside readcash.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading.

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Written by   1536
3 weeks ago
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Second article that I read about you. How do I tell you that you are special? That every word, every sentence, every paragraph you write is much better than the last? About the covid I tell you that at least what I can see in my environment nobody cares. Much irresponsibility. And how contagious the virus is means that it only takes a second to infect us. Regarding the elections in your country, I hope that the best candidate comes out and that the situation improves, always for the better. A huge hug.

Ps: I love your photos.

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3 weeks ago

Most of my posts lately are just random lol!

Anyway, the weather here is unpredictable so we got used to that rain and sun game. So sad to know about the death/covid situations these days. We have had too much that it's becoming a common thing we are numbed by it.

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3 weeks ago

Kelan kya matatapus to.. Sana next year okay na

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3 weeks ago

Prayer is an essential weapon to communicate with the supreme being which is God. We just have to allow faith to work together with prayer

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