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Art Contest

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1 year ago

Hello Monday!! Hello ReadCash!!

It's a great day out there so let's welcome this week positively and let's forget the negative issues from previous days. 😊

I noticed that the usual contest here are about essay and photography, but there are many users here that are good in arts too. That's why I made this contest for our great artist here.

Let you art skills be revealed through this contest. This will also help you practice your writing skills as you need to make an essay about your artwork.

This will run from today until September 10. I'll give you guys enough time to make your artwork or make story about it.


  1. Choose your best artwork (it can be drawing, painting, artcrafts). If you want to make a new one, it would be great old artwork are also accepted.

  2. Take the best shots of your artwork, (Include the materials you used together with your artwork on your last photo as it will serves as evidence that you're the creator of that artwork. Some may just upload artworks from the internet).

  3. Make a story about your artwork, be creative just like your artwork. Of course mention my name and link of this article in your entry. You can also mention the names of other users who are good in art. Use your artwork as lead image of your article.

  4. Submit your entry to this community Art is Cool. I made this community for Art articles by our talented artist here in RC.

  5. Comment the link of your entry below. Every user can submit up to 3 entries.

Criteria for Judging:
• 50% Art Creativity
• 30% Essay
• 20% Readers Votes

@Gracee will help me do the judgement 😊

At the end of submission of entries, I will compile all the artworks and links of the entries then I will make an article about it. The readers will then vote for the best artwork and essay through the comments section. It would be bias if the voting will based on participant's subscribers votes.

Voters who will give feedback about the art and essay will receive tips as well. Further details about voting will be announced on that article.

• 1st Prize: $3
• 2nd Prize: $2
• 3rd Prize: $1.5
• 4th Prize: $1
• $0.10 consolation prizes for non-winners

The prizes are quite good so you guys should join. It might increase if anyone from RC will sponsor this contest. 😊 @MarcDeMesel @Telesfor @scottcbusiness @Koush @ErdoganTalk @wakeupkitty @Omar and more, you might consider sponsoring this contest. 😊😊 your help will be much appreciated.

I would like these artist to join @Hanzell @Jihan @EYERISH687 @Athai @Aella @abir997 and other artist here. If you guys knows a user(s) who are good in art, please mention their names below.

That would be all.

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Written by   1647
1 year ago
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