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1 year ago

Hello readers!

I had some moment and I just wanted to share a reflection of mine, that was posted previously on Hive but it could be also fit here, and I can say "hello again" to you.

I think, reflect and share a thought that comes to my head right now, just like that, simply observing everything that is happening, everything I see around and in front of the screen.

Because we are glued to the screens for a long time, more and more, each in their own way. Many of us decided to dive into the crypto world more or less deeply, and some of us discovered some platforms where we could earn some of these tokens. Another type of money, and suddenly our routine changed.

It changed because we decided to dedicate a bit of our time to this, to these platforms, to be present, to write posts, to add many photos and also to read what others wrote. Giving votes has become a small daily task, as well as commenting and reading the comments on what we share.

Some small online tasks that require a certain time, that requires commitment and perseverance. It is not so easy if we want to share something of quality with others. And for that we need what we usually need the most, time. The time that is not given or returned, we use as best we can. And it's not always easy.

Image source: (by Andrea De Santis)

It is not easy sometimes to combine all really. Out there is real life and it is the one that we first have to pay more attention to, dedicate our attention and energy to it. And I realize that life is still there, and it's not here or on other social decentralized platforms.

I say this a bit out of sadness or rather out of a certain disappointment that I can feel today. And I sum it up in one sentence: we can't make a living from this, we can't make a living from writing here. (At least I see that I can't). Have I lost the illusion? Nope, not exactly.
Well, maybe some do, maybe there are very talented and popular users, maybe there are users who with little earned in their respective countries do contribute a lot, but forget if you are from Europe or the United States. It gives you almost nothing. But here we continue.

We continue because we like it, and for some other reason, perhaps more emotional than rational. And we see that lately some platforms have fallen, or that they are no longer what they were, there are no longer any profits or rewards. There are few left, the most reliable, those that stay longer in time or those that some other virtual friend recommends. But we continue writing even knowing that it is possible that this is not read by anyone or only read by a few, friends.

Now I have more things to do, in my real life, after quite some time, and I think that now I have less time, if I want to enjoy also free time under the sun and with people around. So as many of you I organize my priorities because the crypto world is very good, many are excited by the new opportunities that are opening up. But putting our feet on the ground in the present, it is necessary to continue working because life is still real life, even if we combine it with the screens and with all of you who are behind there.

Image source: (by Antonio Gabola)

So all this becomes complementary and voluntary experience and an interesting learning, a part of our entertainment, something that can be almost like a therapy expressing so many thoughts, or a part of our routine in which we communicate with others like us who live for a part of their day in this other virtual environment.

But it is just that, a small part of something of our real lives that we have chosen that helps us to carry on with our day, but that does not become our life or save us from it, but rather serves us for many things if we want to, if we know how to use it. As we like it the most, and without many expectations, just enjoying as much as we can, for example, by sharing our reflections of this day or some experiences through many nice photos or some kind comments, etc... But we must also continue living off the screen, because this is not real life.

Image source: (by George Pagan III)

Thanks for reading! Have a living and motivating day.

February 2, 2023

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1 year ago


Los sitios como read, no son seguros, en cualquier momento pueden desaparecer, como lo hizo sttorybox hace años (donde escribía poesía, la diferencia era que allí nadie ganaba dinero, solo escribíamos por pasión). Y tienes mucha razón, nos e puede pasar todo el día frente a la pc. Eso, no es vida. La vida esta afuera, en nuestras familias, amigos, y en todo.

Creo que es genial este tipo de plataformas, pero deben usarse de forma moderada, de lo contrario, seremos zombies de la tecnología.

¡Saludos! Y, ya tengo internet en casa :D

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1 year ago

¡Hola! Te acabo de leer, últimamente apenas entro o paso tiempo aquí, al final como dices en cualquier momento pasa algo y todo o todo el mundo desaparece de un sitio. Por un lado una pena, pero bueno me hizo reflexionar sobre la vida y las prioridades y los que están todo el día pegados a la pantalla... Por el momento así me centro sólo en Hive que parece más segura, aunque nunca se sabe y poco más me parece. Una cosa es estar todo el día en Internet y otra no tener, así que estoy contenta de poder comunicarnos de nuevo. Feliz viernes amiga.

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1 year ago

This place has a good place in our lives. Even if we don't win, we can't leave here

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1 year ago

All changes we need to adapt to that.

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1 year ago

Definitely dear

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1 year ago