Let Me Draw Your Love For Me (Chapter 8)

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"So, how was your date with him, hmmm?" Kako is teasing me since someone has told her this afternoon that we are seen at the convenience store yesterday eating together.

"It's not a date, okay?" I said opposing what she had said.

"But he treats you a meal and walks you home! What does that mean, then? Is he hitting on you? Is he trying to court you? Huh, what?" She is asking while chewing gum.

She's blabbering nonsense now.

"That is all. The rest is impossible." I strongly disagree with her.

We are walking home now from the bookstore. The newest volume of my favorite comic book has been released, so we rushed over here after class. She didn't buy anything, though. She just keeps interrogating me about what happened to me with Saito on the way back home.

"Maybe he is hitting on you, otherwise, why would he chase after you yesterday, treats you, and walk you home. Oh, that's cool! Surely, other girls will cry if they know that the prince is claimed." She uttered that while still chewing her gum with a dreamy face.

"No, stop it! Being with him is scary, you know. Don't jump to that idea anymore. You just don't know how many pairs of eyes glared at me every time we get closer," having said that, I feel like I had goosebumps. It feels like I'm being watched by those glares in the dark.

"What? Then, let them glare! They are just envious of you."

"But, what about Chou? She beats me, remember? My head is spinning when she pushed me so hard at the locker."

Remembering that scene is traumatizing. I still don't know what to do if ever I bumped into Chou again. Maybe, I should just avoid her until graduation.

"Well, she's a psycho. You better know how to fight back when she provokes you again."

"Yeah, I learned my lesson. I should have fought back that time," I just regretted. Why am I weak that time? Probably because it was unexpected.

As we turned right, I already see our street. I thanked her for accompanying me and bid goodbye. Luckily, today is Friday. I can read these comics all night and not worry if I wake up late tomorrow.

Here comes home, I rushed through the gate and happily open the door.

"Mom, I'm home!" I shouted.

"Oh, sweetie. Good timing. Wash your hands then eat apples and cookies in the living room. Your friends are waiting for you. Go, come on." My Mom hurriedly leads me to the kitchen to wash my hands. I can't even get the chance to reply. She grabs my bag from me, so I wash my hands then. I walked through the living room after.

So, let's who are that friend is she talking about? As if, I have. Well, Kako now is counted but we part our ways just now.

"Hey, your Mom's cookies are good. Come and eat with us."

Shocks! I almost forgot. Stupid me. Of course, that would be Saito, Mei, and Sora. But, what are they doing here?

I sit beside Mei and grab a slice of apple to eat. I don't know how to talk to them so I just keep myself busy chewing apples.

"We saw your mother on the way carrying groceries so we help," Saito explained. As if he understands the question lies between my actions.

"Huh? Thank you. You guys are kind," surprisingly saying my gratitude. So it turns out like that? I thought they just barge in again looking for me.

"By the way, there's a quiz on Monday. Do you mind having a group study at my place?" Mei asked.

"Okay. I'll tell my Mom for permission," I said hesitating on my mind. Do I have to go? This smells like trouble if someone saw us again.

"Don't worry. She agreed!" Mei said shaking my shoulders in excitement.

It seems like I don't have any choice again.


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