Let Me Draw Your Love For Me [Chapter 1]

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"Saito, I like you."

" I'm sorry, Chou. I have a girlfriend."

This the 10th time I am seeing this scene and hearing these lines from different girls from different sections. He never gets tired of it. Here I am, sitting on the other side of the rooftop enjoying my peaceful break time and there they are flirting.

Chou just standing there speechless in front of him. Maybe, she's still trying to be tough, not showing him her weak side. Poor girl, get yourself together and leave that fool. Why are they so attracted to him? I can't see any special with that guy, though.

I sighed as she finally left him.

"You're enjoying the scene, aren't you?" He said turning in my direction. Heh? He's talking to me?

"Honestly, I don't care about your sh*t." I smiled, showing him that I'm not interested. Well, that's true but I can't help to watch, though. They're always confessing here in my favorite place.

"Really, huh?" He glares at the right side of where I'm standing. His face is half annoyed. Well, to whom? To me or Chou?

"This is my favorite place, dude. I'm always here. Then, you always bring those girls to confess to you here. What do you want me to do? I don't want to go anywhere else. Next time, find another place." What an idiot. He's pissing me off.

"Fine, sorry. I'm a just little annoyed with those girls. Just how many times do I have to tell them I'm taken before they can leave me alone?" He blurted as he scratches his head and making an annoyed face.

"It's obvious that you don't really have, that's why," I replied, coldly in almost in a monotonous tone. Why am I talking to him, anyway? For the first time in my two years of high school here, I'm finally having a conversation.

"I don't want to have one until summer. I have to make up for my grades." He is nothing special, as I thought. Those girls are dying for him but he is dying to get high grades.

"Then, why can't you be honest with them?"

"Huh? They will come at me more. They won't leave me alone here at school. Then, what's next? I can't concentrate on my studies. If my grades will be lower than the last semester, my parents will probably go to beat me. You just don't know how scary my parents are." Well, he looks troubled, as if picturing scenes of what will actually happen to him. By that, I can easily tell that he is telling the truth.

I let out a sigh.

"Not my problem. Bye!" I raised my right hand as I walk through him. I only have five minutes until the next class so I hurried up. I leave him alone there, not asking him to come along though we are in the same class. What for? We are not friends, either and to be honest, I don't have friends. Why would I bother to be friends with those bunch of fakes? I'm better off alone.

When the class started, we have a quiz on General Mathematics. I don't have any problem with my studies so I answered it easily. As usual, I got high scores. Well not highest but maybe I'm in third place or so. That's enough for me, though. I don't really want to stand out. I'll just get to be the center of their attention and I don't like that. I just want to be here in a corner, enjoying peace and chilling.

"Whoah, you got 95%?! You're amazing, Shizune!" I almost drop my books. Yes, I'm Shizune but who's that? I turned to my left to see.

"Heh?... Oh, you again." And yes, that Mr. Heartbreaker with no brains again –Saito.

"Shizune, it's just three days left before our exam." He said looking at me, slightly frowning.

"Then?" I replied as I put my books and stuff in my bag. The class is dismissed so it's time to go home. Besides, I have to study as well, just as he said, we have upcoming exams.

"Please, help me with my studies. I failed again this time." He said, almost crying as he raises his test results to show me.

Man, I'm speechless. Seriously?

Just 40%?! Wow.

"Not my problem. Deal with it yourself." I grab my bag and walk through him.

"Wait, Shizune!"

I can hear him grab his bag and rush towards me. I doubled my step as I reached the stairs.

"Shizune, I think you're the only one who can help me now. My parents will probably beat me if I fail the exams." He said, following me.

"I don't care. That's your fault for slacking off with your studies when you got the time. Where are your friends? Why not study with them?" Still walking and not stopping by to talk to him directly.

"My parents are mad at them right now. They are blaming them for my poor grades. They don't want to see me with them."

"If that's the case, just study by yourself, then." I'm finally out of school premises but he still following me. This guy is persistent.

"That's the problem, I can't understand anything I read in my notes."

"Not my problem and stop following me." My house is just three streets away from the school so I just walk it for 15 minutes every day.

"Please. See this!" He places a paper in front of my face so I have no choice but to stop walking.

What's this?

A comic strip?

Oh, I see. So, he's fond of drawing that's why he slacks off with his studies. I don't know what to say looking at his works.

"My parents will stop me from drawing if I fail. This is my most favorite thing to do, that's why... I'll do whatever it takes to pursue it." He's totally frowning right now. I still don't know what to say so I keep silent.

"Please, help me, Shizune. Please... I'll buy you tickets to the movies if you want. I buy your meals and snacks at school. I'll help you with your household chores. Just tell me whatever you want. So, please, please, please..."

"Heh! Fine." I sighed in defeat.

"Yes! Thank you, Shizune!" He's totally overjoyed right now. He's like an idiot that is jumping there. I'm supposed to step but this guy...

He just hugs me.

I really don't know about this guy but something's off about me. This is the first time I'm being hugged by a stranger, though. I can't understand how I'm feeling but it is like I'm indulging it.

See you in the next chapter!

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