Let Me Draw Your Love For Me (Chapter 6)

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My stomach is growling for an hour now. Geez, I'm so hungry right now. As I thought, sandwiches and juice wouldn't be enough. I need to eat fried rice when I get home.

"Okay, Class dismissed!"

Yay, at last! I'm going to stop at a convenience store nearby before going home. I think I'm going to faint halfway through our home if I don't. I got to hurry, I can't take it anymore.

"See ya tomorrow, Shizune!" She's waving in high spirits. We have the same lunch earlier but how come she is still that energetic. Ugh, I'm going to die here if I don't hurry.

"Yeah, see ya," I replied like admitting a defeat. I really don't have energy left. I stuffed back my books and hurried to exit.

As I reached the gates, I was exhausted. I never knew missing a proper meal can be this much of a pain. I'll never forget my lunch box again!

So, one step closer, just two more blocks before the convenience store.

"Shizune!" Oh, him again. Of all the time, why now? I don't have any energy to entertain a pestering bug.

"What?" I asked almost in a whisper. I don't have any energy to talk right now and here he is bugging me again.

"I'll walk you home 'cause you don't look fine,"

My heartbeats become irregular the moment he said that. It becomes faster. Damnit, am I really having an Arrhythmia?

"Huh? You don't need to. I'm stopping at the convenience store before home so you'll just waste your time with me. So, bye-bye!" I doubled my steps so that I can arrive there faster. Okay, I can do it, just one more block. I'm almost there, hang on my weakling self!

"Ahh! Finally here!" My heartbeats also doubled as I doubled my steps. Missing a proper meal is really exhausting.

I put my bag on the vacant chair and sit there. I'm going to rest and cool down for a while. Just a little break to my dying self here.

"Here. Drink this, you look dehydrated," handling the bottle of water to my face.

"Huh? Why are you still here?" Crap. He is so persistent.

"I can't leave you alone in that state?"

"Huh? The hell you care?" I'm in a rage. My hunger must have doubled my irritation. Also, this arrhythmia would not leave me and I'm too exhausted. This is too much! Am I being tortured?

"Just drink it for now. You're hungry, aren't you? Now, don't waste your energy arguing with me when you can barely move. Wait here, I'll buy you a burger." He left without asking me if I want it or which one I like.

Well, whatever. Anything that goes is fine, I'm hungry anyway so I shouldn't be picky.

"Here you go." After 10 minutes he's back and I have consumed all the water he gave me, though. Well, I feel better now but I'm still hungry so I didn't hesitate to accept that burger.

"Thanks." I started to eat right away.

Whoah, it's still hot and the smell is nice. I can taste the cucumber, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese very well in every bite. Usually, I left behind the cucumbers because I don't like them but now I don't even mind eating them. I finished eating it at such a speed and now gulping the iced tea to half. So, this is my eating power when I'm hungry, huh. I never did this before but I don't want this to happen, either.

"Wow. You're definitely that hungry. Hahaha!" He still has half of the burger in his hands.

"Don't make fun of a hungry lady. You might never know how their mood swings go." Seriously, I'm not irritated somehow, might be that I'm stuffed now, perhaps.

"Oh, sorry about that. Do you want to go home now? Wait! Please, gimme a minute." He talks while eating.

"It's rude when you talk while eating, you know. Just take your time." I said gulping the remaining Iced Tea. He gave me a thumbs up while eating his burger as fast as he can.

As soon as he finished, we clean the table and return the trays to the counter. Then, left the convenience store. It's getting dark so I have to hurry.

"Oh, I almost forgot. How much was it?" I asked as I take out my wallet.

"Forget it," he says while showing me an unhappy face.

"No. I don't like having debts," I insist.

"Don't mind it," he opposed again then putting his right hand on his hips.

"What? I can't do that," I insisted once again.

"I said you don't have to. Anyway, let's go. It's getting dark," he said then grabbing my left wrist and start walking quietly.

"Fine, but you don't have to walk me home." This is embarrassing. What if someone sees us in a situation like this. They might start a rumor, then I'll be in trouble again.

"I insist, it's dangerous to walk alone at night more likely for girls," he said not letting go of my wrist. He's persistent and it seems like I can't have any other choice

"Fine, then," I replied, coaxed.

Somehow, my heartbeats are normal but stronger. It's like I'm going to drown with the beatings. I have been experiencing this irregular heartbeat recently. This might be Arrhythmia for real. I'll see a doctor if this goes on.

See ya in the next chapter!

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