Let Me Draw Your Love For Me (Chapter 7)

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I'm going to be late!

I run as fast as I can through the school entrance. Just 5 more minutes and the first-period class will start. I rush my way through the crowd near the locker room and run up through the stairs.

When I arrive, the teacher is still not there. I check my clock if I made it on time. Gladly, I still have 2 more minutes so I take out my book and notes just to prepare for the first-period class.

"I never thought that you are such a study bug, Shizune," she said smiling and leaning her back at her chair.

"What a nice greeting from you, Kako. Good morning, anyway." I greet her, feeling at ease while waiting for the teacher. Oh, it's past 5 minutes already of the time that the class is supposed to start.

"Put your things back. The teacher is not coming today."

"Ah... huh? What?!" That surprised me. So I ran from my home to here for nothing? I just waste my energy. I should just come here more later than now.

"What? Didn't you know?" She asked me curiously.

"Of course, not! I shouldn't have run from home to here if I had just known."

"It's posted on the group chat last night. The Teacher suddenly has an emergency so he can't make it today," she said while raising an eyebrow at me.

"Group chat?!"


"No one added me. Wait, since when it has been created? Why didn't anyone tell me?" I asked in disappointment. Am I really being hated by everyone here, that they couldn't care about me?

"It was created by the Class Representative so suddenly last night. Honestly, I just saw it this morning. Maybe she just missed out on you because of sleepiness or whatever," she said as she takes out her phone.

"Missed out, huh? Missed out, my ass! There's no way I'm gonna be missed out. The Class Representative is Chou. She probably did it on purpose because she hates me," I said as I put back my stuff in my bag.

"Yes, she is. I forgot, haha! Well, whatever, gimme your number and I'll add you to the group," she said smiling. I really envy your cheerfulness, Kako. How can get so enthusiastic all the time?

"Here it is," I showed her my contact number on my phone and she copied it to the group chat. Just a second and I'm in! "Well, thanks. By the way, why are you so early when you knew we didn't have a first-period class?" I'm just curious.

"Well, there's nothing to do at home. Haha!"

"I see." (–_–)


[At Home]

"Well, how do I solve this again?" talking to myself about a math problem.

I flip my notes back again on the page where there is an example for that type of problem, then review. Math is really a pain in the head as well as English. But, if I fail, I wouldn't graduate so I still don't have any choice.

"*Beeps*, *Vibrates*"

Oh, it's my phone.

A text? Hmm, it's from an unknown number. I unlocked my phone to see what is it.

"Good evening! Hey, Chou's back. Don't be alone most of the time, she hates you."

What? What? A warning?

"Good evening, too. I appreciate the concern but who is this?"

I replied and sent.

"Oh, this is Saito! 😁"

"Huh, what? Where did you get my number?"

"In the group chat, of course! You joined this morning, right?"

"I never check if the member's info is displayed. I'll hide it later."

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I forgot, and nearly let my guard down. What if there would be other classmates who will copy my number and send me death threats whenever I get close to this guy?

"You better do it! Anyway, don't be afraid of her. I'm on your side. I'll definitely gonna protect you! πŸ˜‰"

"Protect me? That's nonsense! Stop texting me! Good night."

"Okay, see you tomorrow. Good night."

What's up with this guy? Texting me at this hour? He better stop bugging me. He is always the cause of my troubles. Chou is so scary, who knows what would she do to me again just because she is obsessed with that Saito. I better avoid them with all I might.

Okay, okay, okay! Shizune, get back to reality now. Time to finish this homework and go to bed.

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