Let Me Draw Your Love For Me (Chapter 4)

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"Movie! Movie! Movie! Movie! Movie!..."

Mei is singing excitedly with all the lyrics full of the word "Movie". We are entering the mall to watch a movie right now. I can't help it to refuse since they come over to my place to invite me –Mei, Saito, and this guy named Sora, which is also their friend.

At first, I refused and make excuses that I have to do some household chores, and then, my Mom heard it. She happily offered to take my chores and push me to my room commanding me to get changed. She even gives them cookies in the living room as a token for waiting for me and coming over.

I just wear a white shirt with a small kitten printed in black on it, then tucked it in a black skirt that is above my knee. I put on my black hoodie and just leave it open in front, just in case I suddenly feel cold at the mall's air conditioner. I just ponytailed my hair and fix my bangs to the side. I spray some perfumes and wear my black slip-on shoes. I grab my purse with my phone and wallet then dash to the living room. My mother gives me extra pocket money before we leave, just in case I might get short with it.

Back to where we are...

Currently, Saito and Sora are at the ticket stand to buy us movie tickets. I asked him how much but he just smiled and said;

"It's on me."

I don't get it but Mei is looking at us lovingly that I can imagine those sparkling aura around her. What does she mean by that? All I can think is that Saito is trying to get it even with me since he thought he is indebted.

They also bought Popcorns before we can get inside the theater. As we sit, I instantly regret why did I ever come here. Just what they are thinking about choosing a horror movie? I can't do this, I swear.

"Are you alright?" Saito asked since he the one who sits next to me and Mei sits with Sora. She is leaning on Sora's shoulder already.

Eh? Are they dating?

"I'm fine." I lied, still trying to be tough. "But, hey...Are they dating?" I whispered to Saito, just being curious.

"Ah, sort of."

"I see."

The movie just got started. It's a kind of suspense, ghost stories, and the sound effects are too creepy. Saito seems to be focused on watching as well as those two lovey-dovey. I just eat my popcorn to avert my senses from being a scaredy-cat.

"HUWAAAH!!" I screamed unexpectedly and cling to the person on my side. Just when I look back, it suddenly pops out. That surprises me, dammit.

"HAHAHA! Didn't you just say that you'll be fine with this?"

"Ehhh?!" Just when I realized it, I am clinging to his arms and almost shrinking in them. There he is, enjoying my situation. "Stop laughing at me, you idiot!" I immediately released him and fix my pose. That is embarrassing. I can feel the heat that is rising on my cheeks right now. I just stiffened my pose and try my best to watch but that damn movie is making me obvious.

I feel like drowning in my heartbeats right now. What's up with us, huh? So, this is the mixed feeling of being scared and getting embarrassed. How pathetic.

"Here," offering his hand to me.

"What?" I'm confused.

"Eh? Hahaha." I raised an eyebrow, looking at him confusedly and slightly irritated. Am I a laughingstock now? He grabs my hand and holds it firmly.

"What's up with that?" I'm eyeing him with no idea.

"Hmm... You are very scared that much that your hand gets too cold," he answered with a teasing smile.

"Are you making fun of me?" I asked him with slight irritation.

"Kind of. I'm just trying to divert your senses. Hehe, see? You're not scared anymore, right?"

"Okay, thanks but why do you need to hold my hand?"

"Because you're trembling. You're that scared, huh?"

"I'm not. I just feel cold." I'm lying, obviously.

"You wear a hoodie." He countered.

"It's not enough."

"That's what you're saying but your blushing cheeks can tell that it's a lie," he laughingly replied.

"I'm blushing? Eh?... Stop teasing me, you idiot!" I just looked away in embarrassment. I badly want to go home right now.

"Don't worry, you look cuter with that red cheeks." He is indeed making me a laughingstock here.

"Stop making fun of me!" I forcefully take my hand in him but he wouldn't let it go. He just stares at me with that irritating smile while I'm struggling with embarrassment here. "Let it go, please."

"No." He sits straight while still holding my hand, then resumes watching.

With an evil grin on my face, since he wouldn't let it go, I hardly squeezed his hand whenever I'm scared or surprised while watching the rest of the movie. I don't mind even if he shrieks in pain. I just pretend to not hear anything if he complains.

That's payback, you idiot.


Sorry for the late upload. This author slacked off again and got carried away on reading manga and watching anime. 'Til next time again, when I'm in the mood to write.

See ya!

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