Let Me Draw Your Love For Me [Chapter 2]

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I almost forgot the venue and our schedule of study. In the end, since my mother would be furious if I hang out without telling her in advance, I have no choice but to bring him home. He said he will go home after dinner since his house is just a street away from mine.

"Oh... So this is your house?" He asked instantly as we arrived at the front gates.

"Yes." I open the gates with my keys. "Come in," I added. I knock on the main door. My mother is home for sure. I don't know what will be her reaction to this. Since it comes to this, I couldn't care anymore. At last, she opened it.

"Oh." Just as I thought, she will be surprised.

"I'm home, Mama."

"Good afternoon, Ma'am." He immediately greeted my Mom.

"You bring a friend..." She said with the unconvinced look in her eyes. I can't blame her, though. This is the first time.

"Ah... He is Saito, a classmate. He begs me to tutor him so... I bring him in. He'll leave after dinner." I explained shortly. I don't know what to say, actually.

"I'm sorry for the sudden intrusion into your household, Ma'am. This is just some kind of urgent. Don't worry, though. I'll just be here shortly 'til the exams are over." He clarified.

"Okay, come in then." I let out a sigh as my mother turn her back and walk inside. I can sense some malicious thoughts from her, though. "Guide him to your study room, Shizune. I'll make your snacks." She winked at me as she headed to the kitchen. Just what is winking at me for? I don't like that gesture of her.

"Come here," I instructed. I place my bag on the floor and sit. He followed so we start. I take out my learning materials and so he did.

"Here is some list of pointers in every subject," handing him the paper, "If you focus on those specific topics you will probably pass the exams," I assure him.

"Whoah, how committed of you on studying to have this." He said, flipping his notes.

"Of course, isn't it a student's duty to dedicate themselves to studying? You're just an idiot to think slacking off." This is how I see him now, and well it's somewhat true.

"Ehh... Sorry." He apologized as he raises his arms that is waving peace signs and bowing his head, surrendering.


For three consecutive days, we were just like this. He is a fast learner, though. I can confirm now that he is just slacking off. Tonight is the last night before the exams. He brought a chocolate cake for me and Mom as a sign of gratitude for helping him in his studies. He is a thoughtful one, though. My mom seems to like him since she wishes to have a son. Here we are now, eating the chocolate cake he brought while studying.

"Hey Shizune, look at this."

"What is that?" I asked. He shows me a sheet wherein he sketches something.

"Look. I draw your study room." Yeah, very well drawn. I see.

"I see you are good at drawing. Are you planning to be a graphic designer, an architect, or an animator?" I'm just curious.

"Hmmm, I want to be an animator but my parents don't like it. They want me to be an architect." He frowns slightly.

"So, that's why they higher expectations from you. You got to need much higher grades to enroll with architecture, ya know." I said, analyzing his situation. So, this guy's parents are strict and over-controlling, huh? I pity him for that. My parents are the exact opposite. They are just letting me what I want to do with my studies. The only thing that they are insisting me to do is to make friends, which is my most hated thing to do.

"Yeah, but if I can get much higher grades this year, they said they would let me take up what course I want in a college. And another condition, of course, no hanging out with friends until graduation." He frowns again. This guy is a sociable type, I see.

"You know you're grades are affected when you're with them. Then why are you still hanging with them?"

"Eh, it's kinda awkward and lonely to be alone. I'm not used to it but I'm impressed with you, though. You manage to bear it since middle school. Just how you are doing that?" He asked cheerfully.

"I don't know. I just don't feel like making friends and most of them at school are a bunch of fakes. I'm better off alone." I'm not interested in making friends for real since I was a child.

"What? Not all of them are like that. What are you planning to take on college, by the way?"

"Psychology," I answered.

"Then you should interact more with people. You can't just conclude people's attitudes by silently observing, ya know." Hmmm, he got a point, close enough.

"I'll think about that. For now, let's finish studying so you can go home." I urged.

"Yes, Ma'am." He smiled looking at his notes.


The next day, the exams are finally going to start. While waiting for the Proctor, he sits beside me to review a little bit.

Seriously? Those crowds of confused stares surrounded us. And, just what's up with this guy to sit beside me?

"Shizune! Hey, I think I can pass now. Haha, thanks to you." He chuckled. He seems very lively today.

"Good, because if you fail, I'm going to beat you first before your parents could," I said glaring at him.

"Huh? D-don't talk like that, Shizune. Y-you're making me more nervous." He looks threatened. A gullible type, too. He is annoying, somehow.

"Not my problem, hmmph!" I chuckle, looking away from him, and face the window.

See ya in the next chapter!

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