Let Me Draw Your Love For Me [Chapter 3]

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The teacher just dismissed us after giving us our exam results. Gladly, I passed after all that distraction I have when he's with me. Thank goodness, he wouldn't be disturbing me anymore and I'm going to enjoy some peace again.

"Shizune!" And, there he goes again.

"Look at this, I passed!" He said almost shouting. Ah, my peace is lost again.

"Okay..." I replied, uninterested.

"This is the highest score I got in my whole life. You're amazing, Shizune!"

"Hmm." And, just as I thought that I'm going to enjoy my peace again but then, it's gone again.

"Hey, let's eat lunch together at the rooftop. My treat," he offered to smile at me. Just as he says that I can already feel the room's atmosphere is getting gloomy.

"No, thanks," I replied looking away from him. Those girl's faces at his back are getting creepier while glaring at me. It looks like I'm getting troubled. Just what did they have seen about this guy?

"Heh? But, how can I pay you back?" Oh alright, I remembered. He's still up to that conditions. Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to his words that time. I'm just annoyed so I gave in.

"Hmmm, you don't need to," I said trying to cut the conversation. Those girls are going to eat me later for sure if he doesn't stop talking to me.

"That's unfair, don't you think?" He looks puzzled.

"I don't mind."

"Whoah, that so kind of you, Shizune! But, I'm going to return that favor to you someday, I swear. It's kind of embarrassing to get indebted to a girl, you know." He said, returning to his desk. I let out a sigh then buried my face at my desk. Thank goodness, he's gone already. They look creepy with those looks and it's giving me goosebumps.

We did nothing much this day, so we got dismissed early from the last period this afternoon. I'm going to my locker right now to change my shoes, then go home. Gladly, he doesn't bug me all day so I have enjoyed peace somehow.

Here it is...

I'm here in the locker room already. I change my shoes and put those books that I left there back in my bag. I got to study later.


"Ouch!" I shrieked in pain as someone push me to the locker at my back. I didn't even manage to see who did it. My head bumped so hard that I'm feeling dizzy. The place is swirling around and my eyes are getting blurry.

"That's what flirts get! How dare you get close to him?"

I recognized this voice. Is it Chou?

I think I'm going to fall to the floor slowly. I placed my hands at the locker to get hold of myself but I think I can't manage anymore.

The next happened unexpectedly, someone grabs me and holds me so I wouldn't fall. Then, a girl came running and pushed Chou to the floor. She slapped her. It made me gasp in shock.

"You're an idiot, whore?! How dare you hurt her, huh?! Get lost!" Her voice is trembling in anger. She is defending me? Why?

My senses slowly got back. I almost forgot that I was embraced by someone I didn't notice who it was.

"Are you alright, Shizune?" I face who it is.

"Huh?" It just made me gasp again. "Saito," is all that I muttered next. Being embraced and being this close with him is getting me a strange feeling I had never felt before. I can even feel his warm breath and see his worried looks.

"Don't just stare at me. Please tell me if you're alright."

"Huh? Ah, yeah. I think it's fine now. I just felt dizzy but it's getting fine now. Thank you." I slowly release myself from him. He sensed the awkwardness and released me, too.

"Hey, thank me also, Shizune. I just slapped her for you." She said smiling at me with her both hands at her waist.

"Thanks. But... How do you know me?" I can't help it, I'm curious. She seems familiar to me.

"Here? You should remember your classmates well, you know. I'm Mei."

"I'm sorry. I'm not that sociable so..." It is quite embarrassing that I didn't know my classmates. Saito is the only one I know, honestly.

"Nah, we get it." She waved to show me it doesn't matter to her.

"Shizune, is your head alright? Do you want to go to the clinic?" I almost forgot that he is still here again. It is quite hard to interact if I'm not used to speaking with people.

" It's hurt a little but I think it's fine now. I'll head home. Thanks again." I fix my bag and hang it properly on my shoulders. "See you," I said and start to walk towards the exit.

"Wait!" I stopped as I heard Mei slightly shouting.


"Let's walk home together," she said smiling in excitement.

"That's right. We are going to pass by at your house, anyway," Saito seconded.

"Okay," I agreed. Since they saved me, I think I will show them a little sign of my gratitude.

See you in the next chapter!

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