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My First Day at Work

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1 month ago

After 5 years of being a full-time Mom, I'm working again. I'm just so happy that I want to share this. Yesterday after meeting the people whom I'm working with, Paul and William, I was told that I can start today so they can teach me what to do.

I'm working in a rug shop inside the shopping centre. They've been there for 8 years and we buy our rugs to them too. What I love about it is they offer me a time that suits me best. I saw their sign wanting a staff and I ask my husband if I can just try it because I want to work. I know it will be challenging with everything because just with the house and the kids is already tough for me. And even my husband say no at first because he always says I don't need to work. He still let me try it given I have to stop if I don't like it. Not if I can't do it because he knows that I can. He knows I've been wanting to work not just for the money alone but it just feels good when you're working. There's satisfaction in it.

I'm only working 4 hours from half 9 to half 1 and only for three days for £9/hour. Isn't that good for a change? Yey! I've got extra income and I have a different surrounding and routine for a change. Four hours is not that long and as long as there are customers, time flies.

Today, Paul is with me as William is getting stock at the warehouse. He teaches me the sizes and patterns of the rugs. And told me that not all customer knows the size they are looking for so it would be easier to show one size and from there they can get an idea if they need a smaller or bigger one. And what I love the most is when he said, I should feel confident when talking to customers. Sell myself in a way they will come back or tell about us to others.

While training we stop from time to time to assists customers. I deal with writing their orders and accepting their payments either cash or by card. Most of the customers pay by card. Almost 80%.

The hard bits are getting down the bigger rugs from the wall and the ones on the rail if there's nothing down. It's so heavy. Rolling and putting tape on when they are happy to take it is something I have to work on. I know, it's just my first day and I will not just be good at it right away. Paul said to give it two weeks and it will all come naturally.

I'll be working again tomorrow with William and he said he will teach me more about other stuff.

They are very nice, I can't say anything bad about them. There's a toilet at the back and coffee/tea whenever I want. I can bring a snack. They told me I can use my phone but, the customer first. Which I won't do. If I'm working I'm working. My time is getting paid so it's not fair if I'm on my phone.

All in all, I had a wonderful time on my first day and I enjoy talking to the customers and am very pleased that I learn a lot today. I think I'm gonna love this job.

After my working hours, I saw this massage chair just outside our shop. Oh, I love the massage chair. This was stopped because of Covid and it was back maybe just this week. So I'm enjoying a massage while waiting for my husband to pick me up. My back and feet are sore so this will help me. I told my husband he will find me here everytime after work.

And as soon as I came home my sweet Mum said she made a vegetable soup and it's ready for me. She knows I'll be hungry as I didn't eat before going to work. She really loves me. She's so sweet and thoughtful!

And yes, tomorrow is another day. I'm ready for it! But most of all I know I have to make sure I take care of everything while doing so. I'm taking time management seriously now.

Thank you all for reading.

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Written by   751
1 month ago
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