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I Earned $1214.99 + in BCH in 10 Months Just by Writing

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3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)

My first cents in Im so happy and I'm thankful. I believe then that it was real. Then I earn $1214.99 in 10 months! And I'm grateful beyond words and it feels unreal.

It feels like yesterday since I joined this amazing platform. We are just back from our holiday in Turkey in September 2020 and the kids will be going to school. So I thought of myself since I have some me-time I want to look for somewhere I can share our travels and make money while being a full-time Mom. Because I missed working. I missed making my own money. And glad I came across an article, where I can blog about anything and make money, of all the different sites the author shared, I sign up to and that's one of the best decisions ever. I wished I knew who posted it or who I'm affiliated with. I would be pleased to know!

It's my 10 months today in and I just can't believe I came this far! 🎉

How it all started?

I started humbly. I started with 0 subscribers just like anyone here and as you can see below after 5 days, I'm blessed with 1 awesome subscriber! And I made a whopping $0.82 in 5 days! No sponsors yet!

And to tell you the truth, what you can earn now in tips from the bot is worth more than we had when I started. I barely make a dollar before And if we receive or give a $.01 tip that's already huge. And we appreciate it. That tips, comments, interactions from another user really a big boost and the main reason I didn't stop even the time I didn't get any huge tips and almost give up. Thank you all.

So those that complain that they get any tip or they get too small, we've been there and I know how frustrating not to receive tips but we didn't stop just because we didn't receive tips. We keep on writing and we keep on learning.

If you want some inspiration read my old article:

Tipping System

  • Points System

When I started, this platform was still using the point system where users must interact to gain more points, the longer the articles and the comments, the higher the points. The higher the points, the bigger you earn.

  • Activity Bonus

I was so thrilled when I first received this notification! And I thought everyone has this and I felt bad that it's really not for everyone and the reason was revealed in

I wasn't earning much in my article and this gave me the opportunity to earn more. Like I can stay awake day and night and work for this. I earned $164.41 in 1 month with this Activity Bonus. And was sad when it ended but grateful that I made huge money from it.

My 10 Months Journey

1st Month ($9.72)

I started 14th of September 2020. And on my first month, I was so excited and so happy that I made $9.72. Believe me or not but the first cents I got I was already jumping out of happiness as if I earned my first million.

I wrote 10 articles in my first month.

2nd Month ($103.38)

I wrote 19 articles.

3rd Month ($109.64)

I wrote 19 articles.

4th Month ($84.37)

I wrote 14 articles.

5th Month ($99.5)

I wrote 14 articles.

6th Month ($37.15)

This is the start that I lose in the track. The school was closed and they started homeschooling. I don't have much time to spare to write an article. I have two kids to teach and to do homework with. It wasn't easy but I glad I didn't stop.

I wrote JUST 6 articles this month.

7th Month ($24.69)

Like 4 articles in this month. I felt really bad at this time. I don't know how to get back on my account.

8th Month ($100.66)

I wrote 8 articles.

9th Month ($179.91)

I wrote 9 articles.

10th Month ($301.56)

17 articles and this time I asked the platform for help and it was amazing the money I raised for my Aunt Rose.


Rusty will get back to your articles. Don't worry if you don't get a tip right after you write an article the bot will come and reward it that's for sure. You may have to wait for months but surely it will be rewarded. Trust me. Just keep writing good quality articles and money will follow.

My Achievements

Total Earnings in 10 Months:

$1214.99 + 🤩🤩🤩

Total Articles Published in 10 months:

120 Articles 📝 📝 📝

I've got 519 subscribers now 🎉

I've got 10 generous sponsors! Thank you to all of you! ❤💚❤

My first ever BCH that keeps on growing. I bought some from my own savings. And hodl part of my earning. I'm a BCH hodler now! Club1BCH is an inspiration!

I'm holding 5BCH. That's my investment for the future.

  • I can send money to my parents from Bitcoin Cash Earnings and still save for them for the coming Christmas. Every month I gave my sister Php1750 so in December I can give Php20,000 to my parents. All from my Bitcoin cash earnings.

  • I shared before about Bitcoin to my family and that they should hold some and after knowing Bitcoin Cash I told them to forget Bitcoin just hold Bitcoin Cash as it has lower fees than Bitcoin.

  • I have 4 Affiliates. I hope I can make it grow in numbers. People who will fall in love with Bitcoin Cash just like me.

  • Because of Bitcoin Cash I able to treat myself a smartwatch!

I'm into Crypto since 2016.

I only knew Bitcoin before knowing the Real Bitcoin. I learned Bitcoin Cash and it change my perception of cryptocurrency. I used to complain about the Bitcoin's high transaction fee. I lost too much money just by paying the fee.

Bitcoin Cash help me greatly as my mode of remittance. I used to go to Post Office and send money to my family in the Philippines with Money Gram and pay £9.90 per transaction. Now I just send Bitcoin Cash to my sister to her account and she can cash out the money instantly and I JUST HAVE TO PAY A SMALL FEE OF .001 BCH! A fraction of a dollar compared to $9.90!

  • No need to queue

  • No I.D to show

  • Almost instant!

How I give back to the platform:

I'm one of the top 200 tippers!

I share what I receive. Not all but I share. And I'm a proud sponsor to 30 users.

Bitcoin Cash is a big help to me! For a full time Mom that earns decent amount of money in my free time. And I'm not the only one!

Imagine I earned $1214.99 + in BCH just by writing and interacting here in! Where else can I make that big money? A 9-5 job? Hello! I'm just a full time mom and earning this extra! Awesome!!!!

Happy 10 Months to Me! 🎉

Thank you all for having you in my journey.

Thank you team and Sir Marc DeMesel!

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Written by   690
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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