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4 months ago

Hello Read Cash Community? Hope you all doing fine specially there's a typhoon that will come to the Philippine Area of responsibility this weekend or weekdays. Stay safe everyone!


In today's article, the tittle popped into my mind because it's been a week since my internship finished anddent I don't what will happen to my future. But,I only knew that God's knows what my future holds and I want trust His plans. I believed that His plans is more great than ours.

I don't why I cried in the middle of the night l when we I finished our internship. Maybe, the reason was because I felt mixed emotion. I was so sad because I will leaved the employees there, who became part of my internship more memorable and bearable or I was worried about my life after graduation or OJT.

I don't where I will go after my internship and graduation. I felt sad knowing that my two sisters had their work after they graduated and here I am figuring out what I really want in life and where this future holds me. Hoping that I can do it on my own, find a job that I really want, and save for my family's future.

I also miss the employees in the office that became my friends who brings happiness, encouragement, laughter in my life. They made my internship more memorable with full of love and friendship, they also became my family that i can rely on.

That would be all, Thanks for reading and have a nice day! xoxo

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