Read.Cash Journey this April

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1 year ago

At some point, scrolling here in read dot cash became part of my daily routine. Even though I am not consistent in publishing an article, leaving a comment or replying to others here, still, I enjoy being part of this growing community.

Who would have thought that I am still be here after the ups and downs here. I can't believe either that I will stay here for almost a year now. I've learned and realized many things without the presence of Rusty or the other sponsors here. So thankful for them!

This is an another episode of monthly looking back what happened in our journey here. I know it is time for us again to summarize the happenings on us in this platform. So, this is my entry haha.


15/30 Published Articles

Like I said earlier, I didn't became consistent in publishing a daily article. Maybe because I was lazy to think unique arricle that someone can relate to or I can't really think one lol. But anyways, 15 articles was not bad after all, atleast I make it to the half of the month.


Rusty visited me in a while but I am not losing my hope. The bot given me small amount for my previous articles but it is okay because the thought that counts lol. The rewards in my articles were extremely low in April. I am hoping for a higher rewards this month!

Here are the lists of some of my articles and its rewards:

That would be all! Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!! xoxo

:April 30, 2023

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1 year ago


Last month, my articles got more upvotes compared today. How I wish Random Rewarder will keep on sharing the blessings to us.

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