I became a Baby Sitter of our Dogs

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I know the title seems funny and cute at the same time haha. Yeah, we treat our dogs as part of the family and love they wholeheartedly. I already said to my other articles that we have 5 dogs at home and I always posted them before in noise. But, if you haven't seen them yet, I will indicate pictures later, but for now, let's continue!

Even though they are all adults now and no longer a tiny as pups, we still treat them like a babies. They are so spoiled, picky eaters, and annoying sometimes haha.

The people in our house went to their own errands today and I'm the only one who's left behind. I was planning to go on my friend's house because they will celebrate fiesta in their town and she invited us. If I will leave, there's no one who will left in our house to take care of our dogs, so I just decided not to go.

They sometimes fight like they are a wild dogs lol and I'm afraid that they hurt each other like they did before. Specially, we have a small dog, Maki who also fights back.

Anyways, feel them earlier and walked them outside to poop. House is not that big and whenever they poop the smell are always stinky. So, we just decided to train them in pooping outside but they still poop on the floor haha.

Meet our Doggos!


She's the oldest one and the mother of Jelly and Cotton. My mother bring us home when she was still a puppy and now she's a three year old sweet doggo. Sometimes, she is a picky eater didn't eat the food I prepared for her.

Cotton & Jelly

They are the one who fight with each other and the reasons why I get bitten. The white one is Cotton and the other who has a brown patch on her skin is Jelly. They are best friends before but when the fighting incident happened, they became enemy and whenever they see or smell each other, they bark angrily.

So, we separated them, Cotton placed in my sister's bed room and she just walked outside to poop. She is a fluffy ball and a sweet one, her eyes seems like no emotion haha.

While Jelly is like a spoiled child who is always barking and making us to rub her belly. Sometimes, throw a tantrums haha and get angry for now reason lol. But, she is also cute and lovable.


One of our handsome boy with no balls! Literally no balls because we already bring him to vet for neutering. It's been month since his balls cut off haha.

We are shocked when our father bring him at home because we already have many dogs at home and he was still a tiny baby back then. Our neighbor gave him to my father when still a months old small puppy, he has not opened his eyes or even walking. So, we take care of him and bought a milk formula for dogs because he still drinking milk to his mother when he came to our house.

He is a sweet boy and annoying also because whenever he became hyper, he run around and we can't stop him. Another is that, he always finished the foods of others haha, he is not a picky eater compare to Salty. He will anything you give to him haha.


Last but not the least, this small doggo haha. He's my mother dog in the province and we just bring him with us because no one will take care them there. He is a sweet boy too and he get along with our dogs very well. But sometimes, he seems want to fight with other and has an annoying bark haha.

They are my best friends and the happiness they can give me is priceless and different. Their cuteness and funny things they did already makes me happy hehe. They seems a therapy and happy pill for me, I am not over reacting, that's what I really feel whenever I'm with them.

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That would be all! Thanks for reading this and stay tuned on my next article!

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:January 17, 2023

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The thing is dogs really take to those who care for them. They all look healthy and happy so you must take good care of them. :)

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